Thursday, December 15, 2005


okkk.. so i DIDNT fail my exams.. WHEEEE :D I'm practically an undergrad.. except for that one stupid unit i have left to complete.. still deciding if i should go back in summer or during the normal term.. decisions decisions decisions.. many stress.

Summer break's been aite so far.. missin Perth.. but its bearable..

Dun realli feel lyk bloggin much these days.. i miss him. Moo.

Monday, November 28, 2005

i am going to fail my examsssssssss

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Come Back

he's gone n i dunno when im gonna c him again.. everytime i walk past his block i look up at his window n the white light that's usually turned on is now off and all i c is the darkness and i can feel the emptiness of his room from where i stand and i know that emptiness too well. Who's to judge who u can have feelings for.. if its your best friend or if its a complete stranger. It catches u unprepared, this feeling, you don't know till its too much, too deep.. too late. U dont know why.. u dont know how.. but u just know. And u know u'll never be the same again. You can't believe a complete stranger has such an effect on u.. someone u've never spoken too but feels lyk u've know them forever. Why do we have to say good bye.. I hate this. Hate not knowing. Hate not seeing. Hate being far away..

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Should i stay or should i go

How did it get to this, to be so smitten and feel pure bliss
A smile that's all it took, since then i wait for u to turn and look
Waitin for u to open ur eyes and see, this undeniable effect u have on me
How is it possible to know every inch of your face
Im tryna remember how i got here in the first place
Eventhough there have been others in between, others that make me wanna convince the person within
Others, that in comparison, seem so right for me after so long
But for once in my life i'm not choosing right over wrong
There have been moments, when im convinced this feeling will go away
And think all i need is a distraction, another toy to play
So i surround myself with people, hoping to be free
But by doing so i only get more tangled up in this web of emotions, unable to breathe
So i close my eyes and suddenly everything becomes clear again
As everyone else falls away, there you still remain.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Deepavali nite at Annalakshmi :)

Deepavali nite at Annalakshmi :)
Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

Me in my supposedly "jang" saree.. but i don't care.. its pink! :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

-Not if i can help it-

Was snoopin arnd my darlin os's blog n there was quiz on "How will u Die?" n i took it. Results as follows :

You scored as Bomb. Your death will be by bombing. You will probably be an innocent bystander, not doing anything wrong and not a person who was targeted at, just in the wrong place at the wrong time.













Natural Causes




Cut Throat










How Will You Die??
created with

Excuse meee?? Anyone who knows me well knows that im absolutely terrified abt all the terrorist attacks that have been going around.. And last month wit the whole bomb scare in Perth City.. i almost din leave my room. I refuse to die from a bombing!! I REFUSE!!! Im not going down that way man nah-uhhh!! Stupid terrorists! GROW UP! Im getting hysterical juz thinking abt it.. OMG.. i realli cant die this way.. :(

Happy Deepavaliiiiiii!!! :)

Heyyyy.. deepavali vaazhthukal! haha mannn this is when i miss home. I juz wanna go back for one day for deepavali n come back.. Miss the movie marathon on central the night b4.. wit some lame ass local variety show to usher in the festival.. miss prayers in the morning where my dad does the whole oil thing.. i miss the things that i do for deepavali every yr when i was back home. Heh it realli sucks being away at this time of the year. But i hafta admit my day turned out pretty ok. Went to Annalakshmi for dinner ( decked in some "jang" saree) n chilled for a bit.. i know it doesn't sound like much but it was pretty cool. Better than nothing i guess. Anyways im not realli in the mood to celebrate.. stressed abt upcoming exams.. hafta get back to studying now. 3 more wks.. i cant believe its come down to 3 more wks.. it still amazes me how time passes by so damn quickly over here. N for the millionth time im acknowledging that im prob in a state of denial.. i hate thinking abt leaving Currie.. i realli do love it here.. minus the food bit. Oh well.. its all part of growing up i guess. Speakin of growing up.. guess which of ya favourite girl's bdae's comin up reallllll sooonnnn :D hahah

K..gonna get back to da books n ilectures. Thank God for ilectures man.. they shud b compulsory for all units.

Im outtie.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Awesome Threesome

My Awesome Threesome
Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

my three darlingz.. wish ya'll were here


its been a long time since ive posted updates on my life. Maybe its cuz nothing's been happening.. nothing interesting anyways. Its been a weird past couple of days.. depressing.. this weird annoying nagging feeling in me is not going away. I miss my friends. I miss my besties. I miss sho.. so much.. i need her right now.. right now when i feel like i'm losing so much.. and i need someone to talk too.. someone to turn too.. she's the only one who knows all the right things to say. Homesickness is the worst feeling ever.. cuz there's no cure. I wish i cud juz fly back now and see my girlz.. I think i'd be lost without them. The ones that r always there for me.. kaart - the nicest person in the whole world and an absolute sweetheart that i m so fond off.. malibu - my darling niece that surprises me with her affection at the most unexpected times.. sho- my total essential.. the one that i can pms on and mood swing with and she'd still be there for me at the end of it all backing me up. I dun think i realli ever tell em enough how much i love them.. how much i look up to them and admire them.. my inspirations. The ones that have saved me a countless times. The ones that make time for me n meet me no matter what they're doing when im depressed n need to talk to someone. I miss them lyk hell right now. Being alone realli is the worst feeling in the world. I guess my one consolation is that they're just a phone call away.. a phone call and three weeks away. I know that if they were here.. i'd b having one of the best birthdays ever..i remember my 20th birthday.. i had a quiet one watchin a movie n hangin wit sho in town.. n goin swensons for supper.. it was so low key.. but still so much fun.. juz me n ma shnowmie. I knoe i can always count on her for anything n everything. Shola.. ure amazing la.. ure always patiently hearing me whine abt paiyan.. and totally supportive.. i luff u. I cant wait to come back n chill laaa.. i juz wish ya'll were here.. i hate crappy birthdays.. i know its selfish but i on my bdae i want to be all abt me.. naturally. I make the plans .. n everyone else goes along with it. Isnt that the way it shud be? I wish ya'll were here for me to bully ya'll into doing something ridiculous for my bdae. I think im juz depressed cuz i know im gonna haf a crappy bdae.. its ok.. ya'll can make it up to me when i get back. I want a party.. ok.. juz da four of us.. Missin ya'll to itsy bits :(

Thursday, October 27, 2005

yummy lingerie for saleeeee

Guyysss.. my darlin hot ofness(private joke) Miss Kitten is sellin some pretty cool lingerie.. so pls visit this site and BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005


OMG!!! AUSTRALIA!!! WAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLEEEEEE!?!?!?! I cannot believe that Anne got voted off aussie idol.. wat the hell!?!?!? WAT THE HELL!!!!!??? This is a bloody joke mate! It was bad enuff last wk with Emily in the bottom 3.. and now this?!? And Lee's performance last nite was sooooooo BLEHHH! He should haf been in the bottom 3 in stead of Anne!! And Daniel obviously had to go! Yea he sang well last night but his performance in the previous wks was just average. Anne's a star! She's a hottie who's got so much attitude n such a great voice and personality AND THIS IS CRAP!!!!!!!! I cant believe this... its bullshit.

fav song of the moment.. Don't Stop by M.J

Lovely Is The Feelin' Now Fever,
Temperatures Risin' Now
Power (Ah Power) Is The Force The Vow
That Makes It Happen It Asks No Questions Why
(Ooh) So Get Closer (Closer Now) To My Body Now
Just Love Me 'Til You Don't Know How (Ooh)
Keep On With The Force Don't Stop Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Keep On With The Force Don't Stop Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Keep On With The Force Don't Stop Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Keep On With The Force Don't Stop Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Touch Me And I Feel On Fire
Ain't Nothin' Like A Love Desire (Ooh)
I'm Melting (I'm Melting) Like Hot Candle Wax
Sensation (Ah Sensation) Lovely Where We're At (Ooh)
So Let Love Take Us Through The Hours
I Won't Be Complanin' 'Cause This Is Love Power (Ooh)
Keep On With The Force Don't Stop Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Keep On With The Force Don't Stop Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Keep On With The Force Don't Stop Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Keep On With The Force Don't Stop Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Ooh)

Heartbreak Enemy Despise
Eternal (Ah Eternal) Love Shines In My Eyes (Ooh)
So Let Love Take Us Through The Hours
I Won't Be Complanin' (No No) '
Cause Your Love Is Alright, Alright

Monday, October 10, 2005

fabulous four

fabulous four
Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

Almost all my favourite girlz.. missing one..


Current time : 5.08pm
Currently listenin too: Hypnotic by syleena n fabolous( i lurvee this song)

My body clock is majorly screwed up.. been trying to get to sleep at a decent hour for the longest time but it's just not working out. I can't seem to fall asleep b4 6am.. and then i end up oversleeping n missin my classes.. i need to get my clock back on track! Right now i'm so stoned cuz i slept at 8am n woke up at 2pm(n missed half a lecture and a tute) which is quite reasonable cuz that's abt 6 hrs of sleep..but for some reason i'm juz havin the worst headache.. i think its the stress. Its almost end of semester so all projects n presentations are due soon .. n as usual the last minute queen is rushin through her last minute stuff.

My newest dvd addiction is "Nip/Tuck".. just started watchin it last wk on dvd and im kinda hooked. The show really grows on you.. I personally don't think its as good as my other favourites like Sex and the City or O.C .. im more into the less intense kinda dramas but i have to admite Nip/Tuck is super addictive. Im done wit the first season n waitin to get the second season from Video Ezy. That is after im done wit all my assignments.. don't need anymore distraction than i already have..

Ohh how could i forgot.. it's my dad's birthday todae .. Happy Birthday Daddddyyy! I feel lyk such a useless daughter cuz i havent mailed his pressie yet.. will do it soon i promise!

Time is passin by too slowly today.. its only 5.15.. i still got an hour b4 i go down for dinner n im very tempted to take a nap but i know i mite quite possibly juz knock out.. wish there were interestin shows on T.V.. it seems like juz when i get a T.V in my room they stopped showin all the nice programs. I remember my first yr in Perth.. they used to have Sex and the City.. and Queer Eye.. and then last semester was the O.C and Desperate Housewives.. this semester when i get a T.V.. NOTHING. At first they used to air Friends at 5p.m but then they stopped.. Aussie T.V sucks la.. i miss cable!! I miss my HBO n Starworld.. n Sun T.V!!! Sho n I used to stay over at my place n watch Sun T.V at like 3 in the mornin n make fun of the "jinkachaz" and their saris n their "dance moves".. ok mebe thats a bit evil n traitorfied to our culture but im sorry.. some of the stuff is whack. But still.. good entertainment man.

Ah.. 5.20 pm.. after all that typing n only 5 mins have passed.. this is useless. M gonna go lie down n if i konk out then TOO BAD. M grumpy as usual.. my mood swings r scary. Need sleep. Need food. Need holiday.


Monday, October 03, 2005

What's going on..

Tsunamis.. hurricanes.. n the recent Bali bombings.. wats happenin to the world today. It really scares me.. everyday on the news there's something bad happening around the world. My prayers r with all those suffering in one way or another.. and hopefully everyone else is doing the same. Its real tragic guys...wats happenin around us.. Really tragic n really scary..

Back to Uni

Spring Break.. its almost over. Two wks flashed by juz like that.. This whole year's been a real blur.. i can't believe its almost ending and 2006 is near. The last two wks were great.. i was back in Singapore for ten days.. and it was awesome. I ate allll the yummy food.. prata, kayatoast, coffee club.. SWENSONS! Ohh yum swensons!! Call me an ulu bird but i had never tried the fish and chips from swensons until i went back this time.. n shared it wit Malibu.. and YUMMMYYY.. its seriously the yummiest. Argh i wish they had a swensons here in Perth. I also went for the Black Eyed Peas concert wit mal at the Indoor Stadium.. was pretty good though our seats were quite far back.. n i kept comparing it to the Sean Paul concert that i went for last April in perth. The Sean Paul concert was the bomb.. we were RIGHT in the front and there werent any seats so everyone was standing n dancing n screamin their lungs out. And we had the most amazing view of the hottie himself. Him and his pelvic thrusts.. *grrrr* ;)

Im seriously craving the fish n chips man.. plus alot of other snackish crap.. Im in this most major peckish mood. Craving chocolate.. and pancakes.. and fried rice.. and this yummy kachang that bhav n I have been cravin since friday. Argh im gettin all depressed juz thinking abt the yummy junk that i cant have right now. Gonna go n finish up my tute.. its back to school.. 4 more wks and then its over.. exam time. My exam timetable SUCKSSSSSSS.. exams r from 5th-18th novemeber.. n my dates are 14,16,17,18.. three days in a row.. im gonna dieee! i had a three day in a row experience in my first semester.. n i almost wanted to kill myself. I hate my time table!!! Why couldnt i have gotten at least two papers in the first wk of exams.. its all crammed into the last wk.. ugh I cant go to Margeaux wit everyone else cuz ill be studying.. but i guess the one good thing is at least i'll have my birthday untouched by the exams. Birthday's on 3/11 (hint hint) so can still afford to spend a day and enjoy b4 i get back to slogging. M sooo not lookin forward to exam time this sem.. its so different not havin Karen around to go down for hot breakfast with.. hot brekkie was kinda the highlight of exam study break n exam wk.. i miss u Karen Chu!!

Weather's still been crappy.. its supposed to be raining almost of whole next wk.. where the hell is Spring man..

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Currie Ball
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C-Set peepz at Currie Ball

Da C-Set peepz
Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

This is a verse from one of my favourite songs "Baby" by Ashanti.. m totally lovin this song

Baby, I can't see my worth
living here on God's green earth,
you don't know what you've done to me,
I never thought I'd need you desperately,
it's kind of sick how I'm stuck on you
but I don't care cause I'm needing you
and how I feel will remain the same
cause your're my baby
and when the world starts to stress me out
(where i run) it's to you boy withouta doubt
(you're the one) who keeps me sane and I can't complain
you're like a drug you relieve my pain
you're like the blood flowing through my vain,
keeps me alive and feeding my brain
now this is how another human life
could have the power to take over mine
cause you're my baby

DeNiaL.. It ain't just a river in egypt (sorry i stole ya nick Bhav :D)

Currie Ball was a blast! I didn't think i was gonna have fun and was kinda skeptical about the whole night but i am so glad i went. Ok food was kinda crappy cuz i had the vegetarian dish and it was some crumbly bread thingy wit some gravy and ya.. bottom line is it was bad la.. though the tandoori chicken wit rice looked really good. Desert was not too bad.. choice of cheescake or mudcake.. i had a bit of both.. was quite yummy. Things were moving quite slowly until they opened the dance floor.. at first they were playing crappy aussie-fied songs so i wuz jus sittin down lookin all bored.. then finally they started playing r&B.. good r&b.. and everyone at my table was on the dance floor. It's been a long time since i hung out wit da currie peeps so i was really havin a blast.. n not to mention the highlight of my night.. lets just say the eye candy factor was top notch ;)

It was a perfect night more or less.. i wouldn't have changed anything about it.. except maybe i wish i had the courage to juz go up n talk to my cutie.. but i'm a wuss.. i wuz juz really glad he was there. To say that it was a pleasant surprise is a definate understatement.. i really hadn't thought twice about him going.. i had just automatically written off the possibility of him being there. It was so nice seeing him there all dressed up n lookin yummy.. havin fun wit his friends. I didn't think there was anything more he could possibly do to make me like him even more.. i thought i had reached my peak of "payian"-ness.. but i was so wrong.

Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end sooner or later and b4 i knew it .. it was time to leave.. but i was really satisfied with how the night turned out. This was my first n last Currie Ball.. n to think i almost didn't go in the first place. I can't believe this is possibly my last semester in Currie.. i don't even want to think about it.. i'm kinda like in denial. Im trying to block out the fact that i've got only two months more here. I guess ive gotten really attached to this place.. and he's definately part of the reason. Four semesters of seeing him almost everyday.. im addicted. I dont even wanna start thinkin about leaving. I'm not ready to face up to that reality just as yet.

For now.. i'm jus gonna go wit da flow n have my fun and make the most of my remaining months. I'm gonna do my best to make it a semester to remember.. in every sense of the word.

Friday, September 09, 2005

**I'm a PriNcEsS**

wooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I bought my dress!! I finally bought my dressss.. the dress that i've been eyeing since june that cost lyk close to $200.. and it was on sale! And it was the very last piece! Its e most gorgeous dress.. I felt lyk a mermaid fairy princess.. if that makes sense.. im sure there are mermaid fairies rite..? K wateva.. I BOUGHT MY DRESSSSSSSSSSS! :D Now i juz hafta wait for the perfect occasion to show it off at..

K i'm done celebrating..

I had much better luck dress hunting today.. got a nice black dress at a decent price from Miss Shop.. Now im actually looking forward to the Ball tomorrow.. i just wish i didn't have Uni at ten.. stupid make-up tute..
I'm hoping that i have fun at the Ball.. i just wish i had my digicam wit me.. it's possibly my last Ball n i wanna take heaps of photos.

I am so sleepy.. Went to margeaux last nite.. was fun.. ran into a few ppl i haven't seen in a while.. Was trying to be a social butterfly.. it was nice to be in a non anti-social mood for once.. im usually very anti. I'm a grumpy biatch especially when im sleepy or hungry. Like right nowww... i juz wanna sleep but nooo i have to do my stupid tute.. i'm a grumpy "last minute queen" biatch.
Oh but now since i have my dress i'm a grumpy "last minute queen" fairy mermaid princess biatch.
Apart from bein grumpy from lack of sleep.. i also tend to blabber.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Searchin for the perfect LBD

Im in the most foul mood.. my laptop crashed.. my life.. my baby.. all gone. All my pictures.. all my songs.. *poof*
Its one of the worst feelings in the world. I hate not having my music.. damn you spyware..

Juz had a mid-sem today.. was crappy.. i always buckle under pressure and get my info mixed up.. i hate that feeling when u're takin an exam and ure lookin at the question and you know the answer its just there in the back of your head but you jus can't seem to recall wat it is exactly.. u know when your mind goes blank.. don't you just wanna throw something at someone.

I'm still thinking if i should go for the Currie Ball.. its not really my thing but it is my last semester and i get to shop for a nice dress so im kinda tempted. It was also everyone's favourite monster's birthday today.. Miss Satyakalyani(crap i hope i spelt her name right).. she turned three.. and I went to the city to attempt to get her a birthday present although i have no experience whatsoever in shopping for kiddies. Since i was already in the city, i decided to look around for dresses in case i ended up goin for the ball.. and it was so disappointing. Almost every dress had some weird ruffle thingy or "gather" thingy at the waist.. its so weird.. don't they make simple halter dresses anymore? The nicer ones that i saw were lyk $200-$300 which is wayyy above my budget.. especially since i'm not even suppossed to b shopping anymore. There was one realllyyy gorgeous turquoise dress though.. which was $280 that really caught my eye..

I ended up meetin Bhav(thank God.. i wud haf done some serious damage to my bank balance otherwise) and we shopped for Miss S.K and bought her some pretty clothes. Baby clothes are the cutest.. i wanted to make a baby right there lookin at all those clothes. I don't want to scare away the already very long queue of good looking eligible bachelors linin up for me but.. I REALLY WANT A BABY! There was this cutest little t-shirt for a 1 yr old wit a pretty pink sequiny butterfly and stringy things at the side that i was so tempted to buy for my future daughter(Yes.. im sure im having a girl) but i decided to sleep on it for a couple of days n go back and get it when i'm sure. Wouldn't it be realli sweettttt.. i could tell her when she's older "Mommy was already thinkin of you years before she had you and bought this for you back then".. sucha Hallmark moment. :D

So i didn't buy the turquoise dress.. n i didnt buy the baby t-shirt. I did end up buying a book though.. by Candace Bushnell.. i luff herrrrrrrrr! So i guess my shopping spree in the city wasn't totally un-productive. I shall go dress shoppin again on thursday.. hopefully i'll have more luck wit findin the perfect dress then.. Laterz!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

At margx!!

At margx!!
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B4 Masala Mix.. buzzed on wine

B4 Masala Mix.. buzzed on wine
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Karen Chu.. ur presence is sorely missed :D

the infamous scorpiosss :D
Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

My darlin niece and I

My darlin niece and I
Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

I wonder if there's a Myer in Hell..

Its the last few days of winter. I still can't decide if i like or hate winter.. its got its ups and downs. The fashion is a definate plus point.. the jackets and the boots.. but then the horrible cold and rain and wind can really get to me. Today was one of those annoying windy showery periods kinda days.. Am so glad to be in my room with my heater.

Today was a pretty good day considering i thought it was gonna b really crap when it first started out. To begin.. i locked myself out of my room. That's the second time this semester.. And then.. my lecture was kinda intense.. had loads of stuff to copy from the slides n my lecturer kept removing the notes really fast so i din realli haf time to copy all the stuff n i was scribbling most of it.. its was like one n a half hours of frantically copying notes.. I think all of us in the lecture were gettin damn annoyed. I know it prob doesnt sound like a big deal but it realli was annoying sittin there at the back of the lecture theatre being blocked by tall guys infront of u and trying to copy notes as fast as u can for one n a half hours. She didn't even give us a break. Boo. Then after my lecture i went to the library to top up my snap account.. n i was standin in the queue right.. actually there wasnt really a queue i was the only one in line waitin for the staff to finish wit this other girl.. and i was waitin for 15 mins. Which is a long time.. and all i wanted to do was top up my account which wud take a grand total of 30 seconds. So all my negative feelings from b4 with the key issue and the intense lecture was just building up.. then FINALLY i got to top up my account n then came back to currie, found someone to open my door for me and i guess my day got better from there. Mainly cuz i ditched my other classes.. heh.. i realli wasn't in the mood to go for my tute. So i stayed in my room and watched desperate housewives for 2 n a half hours.. i'm goin to hell right.
And thennn much later at around 9pm i met Bhav n we went for Pasta.. and then we had sticky date puddin for desert. ANDDD.. i haf a mid-sem tmw.. that i havent realli started on..
Yup.. definately going to hell.

Monday, August 29, 2005

wow its been ages since i properly blogged. Ive been too caught up in the routine. Malibu left for home on tuesdae.. and Karen's gone as well. My currie hall biatch is goneeeee.. its sucks comin back to my floor n not havin someone's room to run too.. why do ppl leave.

I've got two mid-sems in the coming week.. the first one's on tuesdae and i really couldn't be arsed to study. Its so boring.. i just wanna watch Friends all day. Actually that's what i've been doing the whole weekend.. friends marathon in my room.

Everything's a mess.. especially my room.. half my posters have fallen off the wall and clothes are everywhere. I just know that there's no point in cleanin up cuz its gonna be messy again in two days.. i think i need a bigger room.. or an extra chair to dump my clothes on so at least i'll haf space to walk :(

i feel realli.. un-inspired.. Very "blah".. ive been feelin lyk this for the past 2-3 wks.. n i realli dunno y.. i think i need a change in life. I need to clean up my room.. n stop eatin so much junk.. n start sleepin n wakin up at normal hours. And i need to start goin for class regularly..
And i need to go to church! Alot has happened this semester so far.. but at the same time it feels lyk its been one big old bore.. i hope i get to the source of this "blah"-ness soon. Moo.

Monday, August 22, 2005


you know someone's not good for you. You know you should get over him. You know you shouldn't even be thinking about him.
Knowing isn't enough.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

-i feel like something's missing in my life..and i don't know what it is-

Friday, August 12, 2005

Malibu's in town!!!

malibu's in townnnnn!! Actually she arrived on tuesdae and the reason why i'm blogging about it only now is because i completely forgot i owned a blog. Heh.

It's been a pretty eventful wk so far. My mondays and tuesdays are crazy cuz most of my classes haf been crammed into those its like 5 hours on mon n tues each then i'm left with a two-hr lecture on wed and a one hour tute on friday. Actually im quite happy wit my timetable la... my earliest class is eleven on tuesdays.. other than that i usually start uni at one.. so i can sleep in and i don't hafta worry about the horribly cold winter mornings. And the fact that my mon and tues r quite packed means that the rest of my wk is slacckkk so by wednesday it feels lyk its the wkened already. After the crazy first two days of the wk.. margx on wednesday night is the perfect way to unwind.. and last night was more special cuz malibu was there. Just lyk old times.. *sigh* Margx followed by base (pretty happenin too) and foooooddd at fast eddy's. I luff the after clubbin slackin bit.. its the best part abt clubbin.. yummy food and gossipin abt the events of the night. I got home at 6 but couldnt get to sleep till 11am(was watchin desperate housewives on the currie network) and then woke up at 5.. and went to Bhav's house for dinner around 9-ish. Was suppossed to go for MamboRed but plans got cancelled in the end which was alright by me cuz then i can psych myself up for masala mix tmw night.. technically its tonight cuz its already friday.. do u get it..(the "do u get it" bit is a private joke *Grins at rajin*)

Anywaysss.. i got back from Bhav's house at 2.30 and was postponin doin my tute.. im so layzie la.. and i haf no clue as to what's goin on for this particular unit. Its all about compounding interest rates and crap.. meek. K betta go n start on it.. i want to get at least 6 hours of sleep b4 my tute.. *yawns*

Night ya'll. :D

p.s ... m totally lovin mal's presence! Malibu dont go backkkkkkkkkkk :(

Friday, August 05, 2005


Yay!! I went to carousel!!! I love the weekend.. apart from the fact that i have a presentation due on monday im totally lookin forward to slackin over the wkend. Its third wk of uni and already i've got presentations and assignments due. I hate hard work. Actually i just hate work period.

Whateva... carousel was fun though we were only there for a bit over an hour. After i introduced Bhav to the heavenly pancakes wit bananas at Feddy's she's been hooked and was cravin it when we were at carousel so we crashed the Feddy's there. We only found out after having settled in comfotably and after Karen had ordered her disgustin looking veg. soup that they were out of pancakes!! OUT OF BLOODY PANCAKES!! But being the determined pancake-loving young women that we are.. we took a cab to the Feddy's in the city (20 bucks) and had our pancakes. And it was worth it.. yummy hot pancakes wit slices of banana, maple syrup,butter and ice-cream.. how can you go wrong. It is right up there with Baskin's cookie dough icecream, peanutbutter n nutella sandwhiches and Nelly.

That was my favourite things to eat list in case you hadn't figured it out already ;)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

its thursday morning 8am.. which means abt 10 hours ago it was Wednesdae night (call me a genius!). Around that time on a typical wednesdae night the girlz n i wud usually hit margx.. but last night was different.

*Warning: Shocking news ahead"

I actually didn't feel like clubbing..

I KNOW! I crashed at Bhav's place and had a "Sex and the City" marathon.. she'd rented the complete season 2 from video ezy so yeap... juz vegged out infront of the tv for lyk 10 hours or something. And usually after spendin the night at her place im too layzie to take the bus back so i usually just cab it but i was totally determined to stop wasting my money on these un-necessary things so i actually took the two buses back to Currie. Im so proud of myself! i saved lyk 40 buckz altogether from not clubbin n cabbing. More money to shop!

ANDDDDD.. apart from tuesdae where there was minor setback(i overslept) ive been goin for all my classes. And i don't have uni on thursdays so i get to bum around today.. my favourite past-time! Andddd I also love thursdays cuz its late night shopping at carousel... shopping! My 2nd favourtie past-time! Plus carousel is lyk disney land.. ive neva actually been to disneyland but i really feel lyk a kid at disneyland when im at carousel. So many shops!! So little time!! Now all i hafta do is convince bhana to go with me.

Hafta go practice my puppy-dog look.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Almost midway into the second wk of the semester.. and i've missed half my classes already. But hey i have a totally valid explanation. Last wk i was sick.. lyk full on flu n everything. And this wk.. i was hungover. Heh. But in my defense i'd like to add that i was FORCED to drink. Anyone who knows me knows im not much of an alcoholic.. : But i'm determined to change my ways after this week.. from next week im gonna be a good responsible adult and go for class. Seriously.

I just finished reading "My Horizontal Life" by Chelsea Handler.. and i absolutely love it. I recommend it to all the girlies.. It's the kinda book that once u've started u just can't put it down. Its just you and your book.. nothing else matters.

Some words of wisdom from my new idol herself :
" Even if times are tough and you're enduring a terrible heartache, its important to focus your anger on a vibrator, not another person" - Chelsea Handler in My Horizontal Life

I Love It! .. go get urselves a copy NOW!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

baby i'm back

Finally back in perth.. 3wks couldnt have ended any sooner. My last wk in S'pore centered around fooooodddd.. ate lyk a cow. After clearin all my papers i was finally having fun without anything naggin me at the back of my head.
Spent my last night in cheekys.. i luff cheekys man.. i don't care wat everyone else thinks of the place.. there's juz smth abt the place that makes me feel right at home. After clubbin i went for my last supper (for the next 4 months at least) at the prata shop.. Man i'm gonna miss prata big time.. prata is the shiokesttt.. especially the cheese prata at my fav. shop.. and the bee hoon goreng.. YUMMM. My flight was at 9.30 am so i stayed up and went to the airport straight.

When i was checking into my flight the guy at the counter said that the flight was overbooked and asked if i would consider taking the 6.30pm flight.. and they'd lyk give me a $500 voucher n all.. sounded lyk a pretty good deal so i said ok n he told me that i'll know at 9am if they needed my help so i had to wait around the airport for an hour.. and finally they said that they didn't really need my help so i can take the original flight but to show me their appreciation for waitin around lyk a fool they upgraded me to biz class. BUSINESS CLASS! I've always wanted to travel biz class haha.. was quite happenin.. so much leg room!! And the food.. it was a good experience la.

I landed in Perth a little after 2pm.. the lack of sleep was catchin up wit me n i couldnt wait to get back to currie n sleeeppp. After chillin wit Karen for a bit i took a nap and woke up at night.. juz in time to take a shower n hit Metrossss. Metro was great as usual. Ahh.. mann how i missed this place.. i'm actually lookin forward to Uni starting. Goin for lectures.. hangin out at the guild cafe.. goin Margeaux n crashin at Feddys later.. totally lookin forward to all that.

Here's to a brand new semester.

Monday, July 11, 2005

i cant take this anymore.. the stupid webpage for the results is down. No really.. i really can't take this anymore. I need to know my results NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

piss off.

Not u..

Saturday, July 02, 2005


wow.. its been too long. Was plannin on updatin a long time ago but juz too caught up in other stuff. Exams are over n have been for a while... back in singapore now. Being back is weird.. mixed feelings. I'm definately missing perth.. its too hot here man.. im dying. Seriously. Ugh i dunno... i feel so misplaced.. disoriented.. family n friends are here but Perth still feels lyk home. I miss my room.. i miss bangin down karen's door.. miss hangin wit bhav.. miss goin for lectures.. miss wakin up at odd hours like 4am to study and then goin down for yummy hot breakfast in currie.. miss him. Heh. One and a half years ragi.. do something. :

Laptop's screwed up.. stupeed spyware shite. Anywayss juz got back a couple hours ago from clubbin.. was good fun. Tha Wu was boring though but it was so nice chillin wit mah girlies after so long.. its been a good wk la.. i luff local food.. its the yummiest. Too many thoughts runnin through my head.. its like a big mess up there. I need to go to church.. need solitude. I also need to do something about my hair.. its as messed up as my head.. humidity is an evil thing. I'm bein totally random now.. need sleep. Laterz.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

three down one more to go.

The last two papers i did were SHITE. i really can't do this course for nuts.

Everyone's getting ready to go home.. while i still have to study cuz i only end on friday. Its not fair. Its such a rush.. end on friday leavin on sunday.. have to pack up me room by then.. have to go and hunt for boxes and all. Decided to start packin abit today.. like sort out my clothes n all. I really have too many clothes.. and 3/4 of em i don't wear.. i wish i could sell em off but dunno where to go. Ugh i can't believe i have to come back again in a month and unpack and decorate my room all over again.. so pointless.

Is it horrible if i don't wanna leave? Is it so bad if i just wanna stay here.. i mean i miss my frens n all but.. i dunno.

I'm really not lookin forward to results.. ugh. I totally blacked out durin my paper on monday.. like seriously totally blacked out. Maybe thats y i dun wanna go back.. cuz i know that i'll be thinkin about how i screwd up the paper and how i'm gonna fail and how i have to see the disappointed look on my parents' faces..

Its ok.. wats meant to be rite... i just wish i knew what i wanna do with my life. I'm already almost 22.. i should have some direction by now. It sucks bein stuck in a course you hate and knowing that this is not what u wanna do wit ya life but then again you don't exactly know what it is that you wanna do. Makes sense?

ah well... no point frettin about it now. Still hafta study for my friday paper.. shall worry about the rest of my life after that. Moo.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


ARGH! im SO annoyed wit myself. Completely overslept through dinner.. woke up at 10.30 pm. heh. I was feelin lyk damn hungry n considerin all my options..

- indo mie
- laksa cup noodles
- Hungry Jacks half eaten veggie burger from saturdae
- slice of veg. pizza from fridae

Wat temptin options ya.. decided to go wit the pizza... and finally threw out the HJ burger.. it looked quite out. So anyways.. the pizza was gross. Leftover pizza from 4 days ago is not a good idea. I feel realli quite sick now.. bleh.. why din i juz make the noodles whyeeee.. me n my layzieness.. im on the road to food poisoning. I wish i was back in spore.. could have persudaed one of mah darlinz to go haf prata.. PRATAAAA.. i miss. i want. NOW.

:( *mopes*

Juz had my first paper earlier todae.. technically yesterdae morning actually. I think it was alright.. confusing.. MCQ a bit tricky. But ya.. i dunno la juz gotta hope for the best. I'm too grossed out from the pizza to type so yes. Plus i hafta go study for my saturdae n monday paper.. i hate exams. BYE.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Oh Boy - Mariah Carey.. M lovin this song

I know its a lil old school but i juz love the video , n the lyrics, n the tune, n herrrr!

I need you(Boy)
Adore you (Boy)
Gotta have you (Oh boy)
I wanna feel your touch This ain't no little crush
So come and get my love Baby anything you want
Feeling you (Boy)
Fiending for you (Boy)
Just waiting on you (Boy)
When I see you (Oh boy)
I'm gonna wrap you up
Inside my love
And never let you go boy Never let you go boy

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

tiny photo at left:da girls n me at raffles ball
Middle photo: Bhav and I wit da perthie dat we all love n miss :)
Top right: Rivercruise'05
Bottom left: C set peeps at Miss Mauds
In between photo: Most of da Curries at Raffles Ball
Bottom Right: Me n Jinder in da cab!

To mah perthies

Heyyyy guyzzzz.. juz wanted to wish ya'll good luck for ya exams. I know some of u start ya first paper todae.. and ALL of you end earlier than i do .. especially u retz.. bloody hell leaving for S'pore on the 16th.. i wouldnt even be halfway done wit my exams. Don't come near me. heh.

Oh n lets not forget the classic "I dont have any exams" case. Miss Bhavna. YOU SUCK!

ITS NOT FAIR! okok.. im digressing. The point of this was to be nice and wish ya'll good luck so yes. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! WE CAN DO IT!! juz a wk or two moreeee :D

To all my poor things taking monetary econs.. how the hell to study for that paper?? I'm totally clueless.. help. K hafta get back to studying now. Two more wks ragiboo n u'll be done. :)

Friday, June 10, 2005

I realli like this one

Scenario : A man walks in to the bedroom holding a sheep. His wife is lying on the bed reading.

He then says : This is the pig i have sex with when u've got a headache.
She says: I think you'll find that that's a sheep.
He says: I think you'll find that i was talking to the sheep.

Hurhurhurhurrrrrr. LAUGH!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I got this from some random blog i was browsing through n decided to try it out.

Without giving any context at all, what are five things you really wanted to say to people in the last month, but haven't said. Don't give context, just give the thing you want to say.

"hey hows it going" *insert sexy smile*

" hello excuse me why u neva call"

"umm.. eugh.. ok I think its high time u stop pickin ya nose lyk that..."

" what?? 8/15??? 8 over bloody 15?? COME ONNNNNNN!!!"

"this is a f--king waste of my time!!!" *followed by dramatic exit*


~ When u feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.. ~

FrOzEn ToeS

Current time : 4.18 p.m
Current temperature : 14 degrees
Current status : Cold n hungry
Currently listenin too : Sexy - Black Eyed Peas

Wat shitty weather. Strong winds, heavy rain and "Possible risk of thunderstorm" (according to bloody weather reports). This is the shiokest kind of weather to juz sleep in.. snuggled under my comfy oversized quilt. But no, i had to wake up at 1p.m (i slept at 7am so its only abt 6 hrs of sleep) to go for a revision lecture. I only went cuz i thought it was gonna b a useful enlightening session that would clear up my doubts. However as i soon found out( about twenty mins into the lecture) it wasn't gonna b of much help. The lecturer, was so extremely disorganised. She couldn't find her notes lyk half the time. And she was so frazzled and started complaining and saying "why does this always happen to me". Like seriously.. just get on wit the lecture la. After half an hour people started leaving. I should have left as well but i thought she was gonna cover one of the topics that i really was quite clueless about so i stayed on. But yea turns out she didn't. So i woke up, walked in the rain to the social sciences lecture theatre (anything past the arts building is far for me sorry) and sat there for two hours for basically nothing. You can imagine how annoyed i was. And after lecture ended i walked out n found the weather had gotten shittier. So i walked in the rain (that had gotten worse).. and in the cold wind( n i mean COLD).. back to currie. Grumpy from not enough sleep, useless waste of time and cold weather is a great recipie for horrible mood swings ya.

*gives grumpy face*


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

Top left : Cap that a cute black guy in Varga gave me :D

Top Right: Some of the stuff from my early morning shoppin spree

Bottom Left: Pink coat from dotti that i've been eyeing for many months!

Bottome Right: new shoes n boots!!


Fear not my faithful followers.. i am still alive. Yes.. i survived the jog. The weather wasn't too bad actually.

What a day...

Stayed over at Bhav's house last night.. we were SUPPOSED to study. heh. We reached her place at 9-ish after dinner and Gelares.. yes.. Gelares in winter.. i know. We're insane. At her house we watched Micheal Madhana Kama Rajan... the old Kamalhasan movie.. it's lyk one of the funniest movies ever. I think i've watched it like at least 20 times already and i'm still not sick of it. Then we finally got down to studying at 1a.m... and i took 4 hours to finish one chapter cuz we kept mucking around. And then at 5 we decide to walk to the 24 hour subway 15 mins away from her place.. n we had to walk past a cemetary. I think if it was a lil earlier lyk around 3-ish i wud haf been freaked.. heh.. how freaky r cemetaries man.

Anyways we got back to her place n i tried to study for a bit more and finally left at 7.15 for Currie. All the buses from her place to the bus port were like so crowded from the peak hour crowd n i realli realli hate crowded buses so i decided to walk to the city. Thought it'd b a good way to work off the chips n subway cookies that i had gutsed earlier. So at around 7.40 i reached the city n was walkin to the bus stop when i came across the ATM n decided to check if the money my dad sent me had come in.. and it had. So here i was.. 7.45 am in the mornin. In the city. With money in my bank. So what do i do.. of course.. SHOP! Yeaaa.. it's been forever since i shopped.. lyk crazy shopped... so that's exactly what i did.. crazy-shopped.

Aaahhh the power of retail therapy.. *satisfied smile* I got back to currie at 11.30.. and finally went to sleep at 12.30 n woke up juz in time for dinner. I kinda feel more motivated to study now.. shopping helps. I swear.

16 more days n i'll b done.. :D

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

To jog or not to jog..

A simple equation i think everyone should know:

jogging + 7a.m on a winter morning = not good idea

Exam stress does funny things to you.. while studying on sunday night i decided i was gonna stay up n study through the night into the morning n then go for a jog. Mainly because the weather forecast for monday said it was gonna rain later in the day.. so i figured i should go for a jog in the morning.. and damn it was cold. I mean seriously.. i was so scared abt gettin an asthma attack halfway.. its so hard to breathe when the wind is blowing so strongly n ure freezing.. heh.

And now one day later at 1 p.m.. when it's been raining the whole day so far and forecasts predict rain for the rest of the day.. hell for the rest of the week even.. i'm back to making psycho life-threating decesions abt going jogging. I just luv the whole exhausted but worked out feeling u get after a jog.. it's so satisfying. So should i or should i not? Lookin out of my window now the skies seem alright.. rain's let up for now.. but wat if i'm halfway through my jog and it decides to pour and i'm stuck in some ulu part of Matilda Bay. I hate getting wet in the rain durin winter.. and plus i juz washed my hair! Sorry for the bimbotic comment.. but my hair is lyk realli quite high maintenance. I mean washing it is really one big chore.. i hafta plan my day around washing my hair.. so obviously i'd hate for it to get ruined.

Speakin of gettin wet in the rain n hating it.. with all the bloody money we pay to Currie Hall.. the least they could do was build a sheltar from the C to B block. Last night alvie n I were goin to the dinin hall n when we opened the door of the C house it was POURING. Like thunderstorm kinda rain.. n we had to run in the bloody rain to the B block for sheltar. How come A and B blocks r sheltered n C, D and E arent. WE're the seniors.. seniors shouldn't have to run around in the rain.. i'm gonna have a talk with managament. Rite.

Ok i've decided im goin jogging. If i dun blog within the next 24 hours.. ya'll know wat happened. Heh. :D

Monday, June 06, 2005

I Don'T NeeD A maN... i'Ve goT BatteRieS!!! ;)

Note To Self :

Top ten things i need to get done by this wk...

10) file claim with my insurance health provider.. i'm so broke that i could do with the insurance money :(
9) Run many extra km (im quite unfit so i dun really run by the miles heh) to work off the many extra junk food
8) Grocery n toiletry shopping.. need to stock up on "exam time stress" junk food plus ive run out of body wash n i need to smell nice when i strut past hot boys
7) Have cake at Fast Eddy's.. i've got pregnant womanish cravings
6) Photocopy S.E Asia Economic History notes from Anu
5) Do long overdue laundry.. its been 3wks.. runnin out of underwear
4) Finish up at least half my monetary econs revision
3) Finish up all my micro revision
2) Try n get over Paiyan.. or under.. ;)
1) BUY BATTERIES!! cuz e damn thing keeps quittin on me unsatisfying.. hahah


Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

I want him!!

The Longest Yard

Oh my god NELLYYYY.. ahh.. i can't take it.. he's so yummy. When i found out he was acting in The Longest Yard i was like okkk i have to watch that movie! Me n da currie peeps watched it today.. decided on it rather spontaneously durin dinner.. thankz to Retz haha. Although i kinda wanted to wait till tuesdae cuz its half price on tuesdaes i juz couldn't wait and now after having watched it i think it was worth every bit of the $11. I mean.. NELLY! hello!? Anyone who knows me well knows im lyk his biggest fan.. so ya.. i'm sorry if ya'll go watch e movie n find it boring k ya'll muz understand i'm only in love with it cuz of dat boy. He's most cute. Ok enough with the swooning. Apart from the eye-candy the movie itself was really funny. I mean with both Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in the same movie how can u go wrong. And although i think Adam Sandler movies r usually the stupid humor kind i thought this actually had a nice story line. So yea i really did enjoy the movie although i had to hyperventilate quietly everytime Nelly came on screen cuz i was sittin next to this random cutie in the theatre n i din want him to think i was an idiot. Heh. *nelly nelly nelly*

Anyways i think the story line n acting deserves 7.5/10.. but with the added drool-factor i'd give it 5 million/10 haha. I'm biased! He's so cute! Oh ya.. for all of ya'll who haven't watched it yet.. Chris Rock dies in da movie. MWAHAHA.. ima spoiler! WHeeee :) Enjoy peeps! hahaha. Must go study now.. ugh.. 9 more days to my first paper.. crap.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

some other half of my room

Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

i actually cleaned up e place abit for this photo!

half of my room

Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

check out my mess study table man..


i need sleep! in the last three days ive had lyk a grand total of 9 hours of sleep.. i think my head's gonna explode. I always tell myself tt im gonna come home and sleep by midnight.. but i can never keep to my word.. there's always juz so much stuff to do at night! Like.. MSN.. n blog.. and my vibrator.. heh haha rite but ya my point is i'm juz meant to be nocturnal.. this whole sleepin early n gettin up early business doesn't work for me. But it was a pretty good day.. it was my darlin ANU'S bdae... HAPPY BDAE GIRLIEEEE!!!! So yeaaa i met up wit her n we went to da city to shop.. actually she was suppossed to shop while i gaze longingly at all the things i want but haf absolutely no money to buy heh. I'm so broke its not funny.. and its only now during my broke-ass times that everywhere has to have some major sale going on.. Myers is havin a crazy sale.. i saw the most gorgeous sparkly sea-green dress and im in love. There was jus so much stuff i saw that i really really wanna buy.. i really need to join some self-help group for shoppaholics.. :( and den after dat we went for dinner at Annalakshmi n den chilled at her house. Was most fun.. her place is lyk most gorgeous man.. the view n everything.. I WANT!!! ugh.. to come back to my pigeon-hole excuse of a room in Currie after that was lyk so depressing.. haha. But ya.. i think i did up my room pretty decently.. comfy enough.. and i can't complain cuz its like juz outside Uni.. so ya..

Ohhh i hate winter. I actually woke up at 8.20 for my 9am class after havin 2 hrs of sleep.. n dragged myself for lecture.. n it was rainin quite bad but i was like NOOO Ragi its e last lecture u hafta go.. n the stupid lecture ended after 20 mins.. i was like bLoody hell la.. then i went for my tutorial at 10 n lecture at 11 which also ended after 20 mins. It really was a stupid waste of time.. At least the rest of my day kinda made up for it. Anu's a blast.. love hangin out wit her n i hate tt she has to leave at the end of the sem. Bleh. Much luv darlin :D

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Speak Out, Stand Up

people.. i am most shocked.. and disgusted.. for whoevea's interested pls go read my darlin girlie's blog .. the post tittled "In My Skin I Love".. tsk tsk *shakes head*..

Extremely disappointed.. its gonna b a while b4 i get over this one heh.

Its that time of the semester (Part II)

Today was the end-of-semester farewell dinner in currie. I hate these things.. it gets me really depressed. I din even knoe that farewell dinner was today until i saw the kitchen staff setting up the tables n deco and balloons.. i was like oohh hell no is it really farewell dinner already? I cant believe exams are comin soon and then we'll all b goin away for the 3 wk break.. it seems to fast. Although i miss my frens back home terribly.. im juz not ready to go back yet. Even if its just for three wks.. i think its e whole thought of studying for exams.. and having to pack up all da shit in my room just to come back 3wks later n un-pack n re-decorate my room all over again. So lecheh. And i realli hate good-byes. Especially permanent ones. Why do people hafta graduate and leave.. why can't we all just stay on in Perth and Currie like one happy family.. then malibu would still be here.. and Karen wouldn't be leaving. Karen Chu.. i'm actually gonna miss you.. you're the one psycho that follows me for meals and stalks paiyan with me.. and u actually enjoy it. I've neva met anyone who was more boy-crazy than me.. n then i met u. Heh.. u take the crown anytime la. Its not fair.. all through dinner i was lyk in one depressed state.. it juz feels lyk all my frens r leavin Perth one by one and i'm stuck here.. thank God Bhav's still gonna b arnd next sem.. and that aunty was even thinkin abt takin a semester off .. Bauna i will kill u if u leave me here.. im serious. Really. I don't care how homesick you r.. ure stayin here wit me :P Its all about me!!!
I dunno.. i just can't seem to shake this whole feeling off.. i've never ever wanted to turn back the hands of time so much.. i really juz want to go back to this time last yr.. my first semester in Perth.. When everyone was still around and in Currie and not lyk half in s'pore n half scattered around Perth. When we all used to go for meals at the dining hall together.. I miss having my bunch of girls around.. with them i never really felt home-sick. Especially wit Mal n Bhav.. there was hardly any politics.. none of that backlash that's SO common in currie now.. juz good solid frenship.. and fun times.. With them i felt lyk i actually belonged.. Sometimes now when i go for meals.. i just don't feel lyk i'm part of the group. I mean sure the guys are great.. and we have some great laughs together.. but its just not the same. Its unfair how all good things have to come to an end sooner or later. I guess its a growing up process we all have to go through.. and it makes us stronger. This is how i learn to be independent.. whether i like it or not.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Its that time of the semester

its one of those days that u get up feelin damn annoyed wit the world. When u wake up and u juz know that u're gonna have a shit day.. for starters.. i completely overslept and missed all my lectures.. i woke up at bloody 5 in the evening. I'm so pissed off at myself.. five in the freakin evening. One whole day wasted just like that.. bloody hell! And then i go down for dinner n that stupid shit feels lyk ignoring me today. I give up on that boy.. dunno wats his problem.. suddenly suddenly he'll be lyk soo friendly.. n then on other days he'll juz completely ignore me lyk i dont exist.. i don't know if its something im doing wrong.. he always gets me over-analysing like this.

And remember that essay that i started on a week b4 the due date.. well its due tmw.. n i havent done jack shit. I mean i did start on it last wednesdae n ive been tryin to do a lil bit everydae for the last 6 days.. but it is soooo freakin dumb.. its e stupidest essay ive ever done in my life.. and im stuck.. i have absolutely no motivation to do it. But its bloody 20%.. n i realliiii need all e extra marks i can get so i dun hafta stress abt the exam.. ugh. So now i have to go write a 2500 essay about the monetary policy.. do i realli care abt the monetary policy!? WHYYEEEEE.. i juz wanna slack and watch TV!! And talk rubbish n eat ice-cream.. n bitch n whine about paiyan cuz im still sore that he ignored me juz now.. its juz one of those days that u realli dont wanna do any work. And nooo i do not feel lyk this all the time in case u were wondering.. there r actually some days where i am bothered to be hard-working and study.. especially if its days like this where i haf an assignment due the next day. But really.. im so put off by this assignment that i juz feel lyk not bothering abt it. :( STRESS!!! Its ok.. at first i tole myself to just get it over n done with and then i can enjoy tmw onwards.. oh but wait..then i realised exams r in 14 days.. heh. Great. Im gonna b stressed for many more wks to come then. Just great.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

I miss my girls. Everytime i read sho's blog and she mentions meeting kaart n mal and all of em chillin n clubbin n havin fun i get a lil sad.. Everytime i think on all the stuff in their lives that im missing out on i think how unfair it is that im so far away. All the dinners,the shopping sprees, the gossip sessions.. the important things in their lives.. how i want to be there for them when they need me. Especially sho.. i hate bein so far away from you.. especially now.. at this time.. when i think u need me the most. I hate that sometimes you go to bed at nite feelin depressed and confused about things that are happening and that i'm not there to meet you and help you take your mind off things whenever u want. I hate that i hardly find time to call Kaart and Mal anymore. I hate that i don't really know wat's been goin on in Kaart's life anymore and i hardly bother to find out. I hate that mal's not here with me anymore and that i don't have my darling niece living next door to me, the one that i can run to after Uni and slack with, no one to go Broadway to grocery shop with, to play pool in the games room with, to go clubbing just the two of us alone n have the best time ever like that last time in Paramount. I hate that jesh probably doesn't realize how much i love her and she's my OS the one that i kept warm in India.. that i hate not having seen her in so long and she's the one person that i hardly get to meet up with when i'm back for holz.

These are the things that make me hate the distance so much. But somehow i can still survive. When im hanging wit Bhav or chillin wit da guys in Currie and im havin so much fun i realize that things aren't so bad. Im so glad that i have bhav to keep me company cuz i can talk to her about anything and everything and i found in a her sucha good friend that i never knew i had. And there's that one person that keeps me going.. that one person who doesn't know the effect he has on me. The one person that makes me want to crawl out of bed and go for meals when i'm feelin so anti-social and out of it. The one person that makes me actually want to stay on in Perth.. just to see his face.

These are the people in my life that i can't do without.. near or far it doesn't make a difference.. i still love them all the same.. What i though i hated the most was not being around for them when they need me.. but now i realize that maybe its not so much abt them needing me.. but more about me needing them.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Nani n mEeee

Nani n mEeee
Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

I LurVe diS Gorgeous biTch to BitZ!

Will you ever know

"Baby, baby, baby, from the day I saw you
I really, really wanted to catch your eye
there's something special 'bout you I must really like you
'cause not alotta guys are worth my time
Oooh baby, baby, baby It's gettin kinda crazy
'cause you are takin over my mind
And it feels like OooOooooOOo...U don't know my name
I swearIt feels like OooOooooOOo...U don't know my name
round and round and round we go
Will you ever know?"

chocaholics annoynomous (i dunno how to spell!)

So i was feelin EXTREMELY grumpy and out of it due to reasons that i won't disclose and realli needed someone to whine to.. and above all.. i realli needed chocolate. So i went online Msn n saw alvie n complained about the annoying surroundings and in two minutes she was knocking on my door with two boxes of chocolates in her hands. YOU ROCK ALVINAAA!! She's a life saver man.. much love.. anyways on the back of one of the boxes the following was written and i thought it was extremely apt so i had to share this chocolate knowledge wit e rest of the world.

"Chocolate! It's sensual,alluring,comforting,and of life's necessary luxuries. Long recognised as the food of the Gods, it's now a decadent mortal indulgence."

mmm.. i likeeeeeee :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Malibu n me durin our Monkey Mia trip

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Malibu! I dont think u understand how much i miss u.. :(

Last Minute Queen.. not anymore

Why do i leave things to the last minute. Everytime i tell myself that im going to get a head start on my uni stuff i just get layzie and bum around till the last minute and then stress myself out trying to finish my work in time. I put myself through all this un-necessary stress which could have been avoided if i had just started even just a bit earlier.. one or two days makes a whole lot of difference. During the final hours of rushing to finish up an essay wat usually runs through my mind is.. i could really just use one more day.. if i had started even just a day earlier i could have accomplished so much and saved on the stress. And i do this everytime... everytime. I just never learn. Even now.. i have an essay due next wednesdae.. a week from today.. One week is ample time to finish it off if i do a little bit everyday. But right now getting down to doing an essay after a tiring day at Uni is the last thing i want to do. I tell myself that i'll definately start tomorrow.. but i know that when tmw comes i'll have some other excuse to postpone doing it. So i'm going to do something that i really don't think i've ever done in my life before.. i'm gonna start on my essay.. right now.. I'm taking a new step in life.. a mark of a new era.. I am starting my essay one whole week b4 its due date. Aren't ya'll so proud of me. I know i am.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Just for Jinder

Yes.. since Miss RajinderKaur insists that i update my blog.. i shall.. sorry la jinder.. people not so free ya know :P Besides im in one shit mood... friday night n im all alone in my room doing work.. wat the hell.. But its ok.. its not like i've been doing work diligently since like evening or something.. went to Annalakshmi for dinner and GUTSEDDDD!!! The food there is seriously so yummy.. ahh.. the potato.. and the raita... and the chapati.. yum. And like that wasn't enough.. came back to currie and two hours later went to go get TimTam from the canteen.. i blame it on the weather. What is it with winter and food cravings.. its bad! Then TRIED to do work for abit but got distracted by the cross-dressers who just got back from OPPOSITE SEX (for all u non-currie hallers.. opp sex is a Currie Hall event organized every semester and basically the guys dress up as girls n vice-versa n everyone goes n gets sloshed at some pub)..
Karen and I sat at the smoking point for like half an hour perving at all the boys in dresses.. it was seriously damn funny la... angmoh guyz in these little tight skirts n dresses.. n fishnet stockings.. kudos to them man. We could hear the nice r&b music blastin from the party room.. im guessing its the opposite sex after-party.. n that made me (n especially Karen) wanna go clubbing even more.. but yes.. i do have self-control.. and a ton of work to do.. so i decided against it. Im so proud of myself!!! Sorry Karen.. tmw we'll go Metros ok.. then u can go c ya stupid annoying guy.. n ditch me n Rajin.. as usual :D
So yes after all that.. i finalllyyyyy tried to get started on my presentation.. and then Rajin had to msn me n tell me to update my blog.. n because i'd find any excuse to slack-off.. i thought why not.. and now that i really have nothing else to type, i guess i'm forced to get back to my presentation. Bummer.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

i just don't get it..

To Weird ass guy no. 1 : Why would you ask me for my number.. twice.. and not call? i don't get it.. if you didn't want to call.. then dont ask for my number.. it saves us both alot of trouble and akwardness.. i mean i really won't be offended if you don't ask for my number.. just because we danced a bit here and there and sure there was the occasional flirting and the subtle my hand on your arm "im into you" hints.. but so what?? I'm not expecting you to marry me because of that.. it's all good.. i really don't care.. i just hate it when you take my number down and don't call!!!! it's rude.. and un-necessary.. and just plain weird..

And while we're on the topic of weird ass guys...

To Weird ass guy no. 2 : when we happen to be standing around in the same area.. why on earth do u have to stand at the other end of the world?? i really don't smell bad.. and i'm not gonna turn around and like jump on u n tear off ur clothes (although id really like too..).. so like.. why did u have to stand so bloody far away from me.... it's just weird..

guys.. i really just dont get them..

my two darling perthies

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the most happening start to my 21st birthday :D

The love of my life

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my 21st at Burswood Hotel

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The good old days :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

To all mah single ladies :)

I juz bought the May issue of Cosmopolitan.. and a couple of articles caught my eye. One of them was about single women. Writer Shane Watson gives the readers(especially the non-single ones) some insight on why it is so wonderful being single. Personally, as someone who has been single for more or less the past 5 years (and loving it!) i could totally relate to the article. Shane explains that it takes time to get hooked on being single, usually months or years of doing exactly what u want to do. How true.. when i first broke up wit my boyfriend like 5 million years ago.. it was so weird being single again. I was desperate to get into a relationship and feel that whole love smitten warm fuzzy feeling u get when u're with someone you like.. it took me a whole year of being single and getting used to not having a boyfriend to realize that singledom rocks..
Shane goes on to state the advantages of being single.. both superficial and practical. "You no longer have to consult anyone about any decision in you life-from what music to have on in the car to where you both live. You never have to compromise about the friends you want to see, when to leave a party or what's a suitable amount of cleavage for you to show... You don't have to indulge someone else's moods and paranoias, get in sync with their body clock,shore up their ego... In short, you can be wickedly,gloriously,selfishly you." Everytime i think about how i would never change who i am for the guy i'm with.. i realize it is a bit impossible cuz relationships are all about compromise. Sometimes you do have to change yourself to make your partner happy, and make sacrifices like lesser outings with ya girlfriends. No offence to all my attached girlies.. i luv u guys all the same.. but how many times have ya'll not been able to meet cuz ya had "other commitments".. wouldn't it be nice to just be spontaneous and not worry about checking with ya other half or having to "report strengh" in the middle of a girl's night out?

This doesn't mean that i wanna remain single for the rest of my life.. i mean sure, i do get a little jealous everytime i see a really sweet couple together, and i do go a teeny bit sad everytime they play slow love songs in the clubs, but i just think that right now.. i'm definately in the right place at the right time.. i wouldn't change anything for the world. No doubt i'm probably the biggest boy-crazy biatch around.. i love my eye candy and i definately have my fair share of harmless fun, but that's just all it is and that's just all i want at the moment.. im having way too much fun being single and i'm not giving that up for any boy.. no matter how hot he is ;)

The last thing about the article that realli hit home was something Shane said about hope.. "... the most seductive part of being single. The bit that's hard to relinquish-the bit that puts a spring in my step every time i head out to a party or meet a new group of people- is hope. Hope is ultimately what seperates the single from the unsingle. When you're single, the world is full of opportunities. .. Being single means never having to say you got it wrong. No one has to know it's because you couldn't really make up your mind."
Yup.. no one has to know :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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mE wit mah SinGlE n NoT so SinGle LadIes :)

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Its da C-Set gang at Miss Maud's!!

Monday, May 02, 2005

boring weekend

What an uneventful weekend.. i was realli lookin forward to Varga on fridae nite cuz i was hopin to bump into mah cute cap guy.. but yea.. SOMEONE had assignements to do *ahem* (stares at Bhav) hahah juz kidding bhaaavvvv.. i still luff ya.. i lurveee uu aunty bhavana!! :D
But i did go to Metro City last night.. it was alright.. not great. Clubbing in perth jus isnt the same without malibu la. The atmoshphere itself at Metros juz wasnt the same last night as well.. something was missing.. (besides malibu n bhav) i think its cuz the cute MC isn't there anymore!! After the whole shooting incident at Metros i think most of the staff got fired(including my cute MC) n now its some new managment with a whole new crew.. so now there's some other weirdo jumpin around on stage in place of the cute MC.. i want mah cutie backkkk!! I think he actually took part in some australian talent competition.. X-factor or something.. there was a contestant that looked excatly like him.. hmm i dont know but anyways the dancers at Metros were happenin as usual. Man can they move.. especially the black girl.. i jealous!!!!

My dearez Alvie was keepin me company most of the night.. she looked realli hot last nite in her new top.. *wolf whistles* haha. Ohhh yaaaa n i saw my stripper!! My stripper from my 21st birthday.. i didnt even recognize him till alvie pointed him out.. i guess i juz cudnt recognize him with all his clothes on haha ;) Anyways i smiled at him n sed hie n he smiled back but i dunno if he recognized me.. prob thot i was tryna pick him up or something.

Speaking of picking up boys.. me n Rajin went around lookin for eye-candy in Metros n i juz casually mentioned that i want a black guy.. n the next thing i know Miss Rajinder Kaur grabbed some random black guy n asked him to dance with me.. rajin!! next time can u pls chose a guy that i think is cute at least?!?! not some random fella.. sigh.. hahah :P

The highlight of my night was probably bumping into JASONNN!! Jason's mah biatchhh .. we were in ngee ann together.. he'z like the most fun person at times.. AT TIMES haha but yeaa he's down in perth for holz so guess i'll be meetin up wit him here n there. SO FUN! Well.. that was all for my weekend.. now i hafta get back to studying for my stupid mid-sem on tuesdae.. why am i doing this course again.. bleh.. hope u guyz had a more exciting wkend than me.. niteeee

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

movie review

heyy guyzz.. juz got back from the city.. was actually supposed to meet bhav juz for dinner but we ended up watchin a movie as well cuz movies are like 5 bucks on tuesdaes ($11.50 otherwise) .. so yea.. we watched "The Pacifier" starring Vin Diesel... damn he's hot. I mean like seriously.. he's juz woah.

The movie was pretty funny.. big macho guy playing baby-sitter... oh and the scene where Diesel walks into the kitchen after his shower in his towel... ddaayyaammmmmm... was worth every penny :) I'd give the movie a 8/10 but im obviously biased cuz its Vin Diesel.. but still i think it was a good show.. like a "feel-good" flick.

After the movie we finally went for dinner at northbridge (Billy Lee's) and had HOT PLATE TOFU!!! hot plate tofu is like my favouritest chinese dish.. and we had sambal kangkong as well which we couldn't finish cuz there was so much.. but yea dinner was pretty satisfying though i still can't believe we paid $14 for a plate of sambal kangkong.. but this is perth so i guess i shud be used to it by now heh.

So now here i am after my long and pretty eventful day.. oh did i mention i had a mid-sem in the afternoon.. heh.. yeaa it was crap as usual.. me and economics are juz not meant to be. You guys are gonna here me whine about my stupid course ALOT so better start getting used to it :)
Guess i should call it a day.. i can barely keep my eyes open.. sigh.. night darlinz *muackss*

a new beginning

woohoo... beware.. ragi's here.. blogging will neva be the same again.. cuz im gonna take it to a whole new level! yeaaaa haha k juz wanted to warn ya'll that there's neva gonna be anything important on my blog.. just a whole buncha crapping n venting.. and hopefully lotsa juicy gossip ;)

me n mah darlingz

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taken on Christmas 2005 outside cheekys.. i luv n miss you guys SO much *muacks*

my two pillars of strength

my pillars of strength
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