Wednesday, June 15, 2005


ARGH! im SO annoyed wit myself. Completely overslept through dinner.. woke up at 10.30 pm. heh. I was feelin lyk damn hungry n considerin all my options..

- indo mie
- laksa cup noodles
- Hungry Jacks half eaten veggie burger from saturdae
- slice of veg. pizza from fridae

Wat temptin options ya.. decided to go wit the pizza... and finally threw out the HJ burger.. it looked quite out. So anyways.. the pizza was gross. Leftover pizza from 4 days ago is not a good idea. I feel realli quite sick now.. bleh.. why din i juz make the noodles whyeeee.. me n my layzieness.. im on the road to food poisoning. I wish i was back in spore.. could have persudaed one of mah darlinz to go haf prata.. PRATAAAA.. i miss. i want. NOW.

:( *mopes*

Juz had my first paper earlier todae.. technically yesterdae morning actually. I think it was alright.. confusing.. MCQ a bit tricky. But ya.. i dunno la juz gotta hope for the best. I'm too grossed out from the pizza to type so yes. Plus i hafta go study for my saturdae n monday paper.. i hate exams. BYE.

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SumiSweet said...

Mmm..Prata!! Exams are the worst kind of torture invented girl.. Anyhoo..Good luck for the rest of ya papers! *Hugz*