Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Its that time of the semester

its one of those days that u get up feelin damn annoyed wit the world. When u wake up and u juz know that u're gonna have a shit day.. for starters.. i completely overslept and missed all my lectures.. i woke up at bloody 5 in the evening. I'm so pissed off at myself.. five in the freakin evening. One whole day wasted just like that.. bloody hell! And then i go down for dinner n that stupid shit feels lyk ignoring me today. I give up on that boy.. dunno wats his problem.. suddenly suddenly he'll be lyk soo friendly.. n then on other days he'll juz completely ignore me lyk i dont exist.. i don't know if its something im doing wrong.. he always gets me over-analysing like this.

And remember that essay that i started on a week b4 the due date.. well its due tmw.. n i havent done jack shit. I mean i did start on it last wednesdae n ive been tryin to do a lil bit everydae for the last 6 days.. but it is soooo freakin dumb.. its e stupidest essay ive ever done in my life.. and im stuck.. i have absolutely no motivation to do it. But its bloody 20%.. n i realliiii need all e extra marks i can get so i dun hafta stress abt the exam.. ugh. So now i have to go write a 2500 essay about the monetary policy.. do i realli care abt the monetary policy!? WHYYEEEEE.. i juz wanna slack and watch TV!! And talk rubbish n eat ice-cream.. n bitch n whine about paiyan cuz im still sore that he ignored me juz now.. its juz one of those days that u realli dont wanna do any work. And nooo i do not feel lyk this all the time in case u were wondering.. there r actually some days where i am bothered to be hard-working and study.. especially if its days like this where i haf an assignment due the next day. But really.. im so put off by this assignment that i juz feel lyk not bothering abt it. :( STRESS!!! Its ok.. at first i tole myself to just get it over n done with and then i can enjoy tmw onwards.. oh but wait..then i realised exams r in 14 days.. heh. Great. Im gonna b stressed for many more wks to come then. Just great.


Sumi said...

I know how you feel girl.. I'm a last minute queen as well.. Stressing myself seems to have become a bloody habit..But I'm sure you will pull thru.. But monetary policy? *Shudders*

Much love..

Anonymous said...

rite here with u....3 more essays till fri...*bleah* but u can do it babe!! u always have!! CMON!!- rajin.