Sunday, September 28, 2008

ok. .so enough with the impulsive blogging. Here's the deal. I was all ready to boycott dhool cuz of the apsara asia issue.. but in e end i'm really happy that they got a chance to be in the finals. Even if not as competitors.. they were definintely in their element as performers. So i guess i've made peace with the show.. although i feel chakraz didnt deserve last place.. and tridiac deserved to be in the top 3.. but i guess when you incorporate voting into the system things screw up.Tough.

Anywaysssss.. i had a pretty great wkend. Caught abit of the F1 action on friday from the sidelines and was totally loving it so went back on Saturday to watch the qualifying race at ten with kaart.We met at 8ish and went to Swensons for some yummy ice cream and fries b4 heading down to our exciting spot near Balaclava. Even though we didnt have tix and were standing along the pavements it was the most exhilirating experience and i think it made Spore like ten times cooler! Ya.. spore is now officially cool.. especially for me who takes that route to work and has been taking that route everyday for the last year.. to see the whole area transformed into a racing track with the bright lights.. it was great. And i'm gonna be really sad when they tear it down the next couple of days. BUT.. there's always next year.. who wants to come with me! :) Meanwhile.. i'm posting up my very *ahem* professionally taken video (taken with my high tech nokia phone!). Actually i advice NOT to watch the clip as it might give u a headache cuz i kept moving the phone around to get a good view haha.. but i'm proud of it so hell i'll post it up if i want to!
AND THEY EVEN GOT AN AWARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! yay.. they totally deserve it :)

all throughout dhool i was hoping they'd bring back apsara asia to do a guest dance and im soooooo glad they did!!! WOOOOHOO!! They rocked da house. The other groups are lucky apsara din get into e finals.. GO APSARA!!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Apsara Asia is the bombest bomb diggity in the diggitiest pants and they deserve to be in the finals.