Sunday, March 29, 2009

its been a rollercoaster of a week.. started off really hating the haircut and then after switching it up started to like it alot more.. got negative reviews.. and positive ones.. i mean i knew that people would be a little shocked that i chopped off all my hair but.. its amazing how some people can be so damn insensitive and tactless and just plain STUPID. I mean.. if you tell me my hair is not nice what am i suppossed to do.. its not a bloody outfit that i can go home and change right.. i mean if ure really so concerned then tell me like in a couple of months when my hair has grown and im in the safe zone la.. isn't that common sense.. tell me now for what. I kinda figured the girls would like it and the guys wouldnt.. but its something i wanted to do and i like it so really please don't come and volunteer information about how you think the cut doesnt suit me or that i look better with my previous haircut cause really.. I DIDN"T ASK FOR YOUR BLOODY OPINION. Why are people so kaypohhhh... and clueless.. do you think ure doing me a favour?? Can i please do you one and buy you a brain maybe??

That applies to people who i don't even know and din even ask for their opinions and just happily came and kaypoh-ly gave their worthless comments. To people that i DID ask what they thought... i believe the keyword is TACT. I think you can be honest yet tactful.. i dont think those two words are mutually exclusive no?

Sentence of the year : "Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?"
Isnt that classic!!!!

Hahah ok Mal so i DID blog about it.. i mean how could i not after we were so clearly given a sign that i should haha *winkwink*

Today was steph's surprise party for her 21st bday.. babygirl's all grown up! Happy Birthday darling.. was nice seeing the girls after so long.. i hate that i get to see everyone together like this only on Birthdays. The party was in the ballroom at Excelsior hotel.. i was quite happily stuffing my face with the yummy food. The after party was at Attica but i was missing my little gremlin ossie so Sho and I went to boat quay to meet her and we went to... Celebrities! Haha yea my first time there.. was ok la.. u know me and clubbing.. and also i'm secretly 55 years old so i can't really stay out after 1 a.m without yawning every 5 minutes. Damn unglam la.. sho and i ended up leavin celebs at 4.15.. i got home at around 4.45.. and now its almost 5.45.. and i shud go sleep. NITE!

P.S.. i feel alot better after my rant.. and i guess im not really angry with the ones that gave me the unwarranted opinions.. i mean i really think boys are just generally very clueless..the accquaintances and other random people that i'm not close to i can forgive. But one thing i really wont forgive is insensitivity from someone who is suppossed to calm your insecurities.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

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america are you kidding me. How can Matt be in the bottom freaking two laaaaa...

Sigh malibu.. i decided not to blog about "IT". hahah think its a waste of my time and energy no? Plus i feel alot better after our bitching session earlier so i think its all good now. Haters can keep on hating.

Ugh another boring friday night.. Mal just came over to thanni at my place b4 she headed out to Gotham.. and since i have work tmw i obviously cant join in the clubbing fun. So saddddd.. havent clubbed with her in so long and today would have been quite fun :( Ah well.. ive mysteriously contracted the flu so i guess its best i stay at home anyways.

Is everyone supporting Earth hour later today.. 8.30 to 9.30 p.m.. just for an hour guys so no excuses. I hear some of the hotels in Singapore are doing their part to get everyone involved i.e Happy hour during Earth hour.. candle-lit dinners etc.. Good on ya :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

lets get it onnnnnnnnn

oh matt.. wat a tease u are. Yes i'm 16 again.. im a full-fledged Matt Groupie!

On a less stalkerish note.. i cut my hair again! ha yeappp.. it was abit of a flop at first and i was reallyyyyyyy sad when i stepped out of the salon. Miserable to be exact.. i cried. Heh yea it was really quite a disaster.. and i couldnt even try to mess around with it cuz i had just rebonded my hair(yes im a sellout!) so couldnt touch it.. but on Monday night after an embear day at work(don't know if i was bein paranoid but cud have sworn ppl were bitchin abt my do) i came home determined to revamp.. and with some wax and shifting my parting from the left to the right.. i actually kinda like it now! And been getting some not so bad reviews.. so yea guess it's cool now.. still not totally what i wanted but hey at least i don't hate it. Yay :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Matt is the bomb diggity in the diggydiggybombomb pantsssssssssssssssss

Something very interesting/weird happened to me today.. it was around 11a.m and i was on my way to work, and i looked up at the sky.. and i saw the moon! Is that normal??

Saturday, March 07, 2009

YAYYYYYYY for Matt!!!!! And for Anoop Dawg! And for Jorge!!!!!

Today's episode of Idol was like THE nicest! The last part where Simon announces they'll be making it a Top 13 and that Anoop was in was so sweet rightttttt.. sigh.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Matt Giraud's in the wildcard round!!!! Gotta bring it baby!

M watching Gridiron Gang on cable now.. that Dwayne Johnson is a beautiful man.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

im reallyyyyy hoping Matt Giraud gets in during the wildcard round.. helloooo doesnt anyone remember Georgia!?!? i literally melted.