Sunday, October 14, 2007

i really couldnt find much inspiration to blog for the longest time. Then babyoy's bday rolled around and i finally had something to blog about.. butttt.. aiyah im not even gonna make excuses for not updating la. I got layzie.

Anyways! Since i wasnt around last yr for his bday (was back in perth for my convo) i really wanted this yr to be super duper special. I wanted to bring him somewhere beyond fabulous for dinner and after much research and going back and forth between places i finally settled on indochine waterfront. Deciding on the venue was really stressing me out cuz i really was spoilt for choice. There are actually alot of nice places in spore and i only realised that while doing all my extensive research. Among the contenders were one rochester, graze, marrakesh, zambuca, al dente trattoria.. altivo (SD was really rooting for this one haha). I finally decided on waterfront when i walked past the place a wk b4 the dinner day and fell in loveeeee. I had always wanted to go to indochine waterfront and i remember walking past the area with Siva one night last year and i was going on about how gorgeous it was. After i had made up my mind i was freaking excited and i couldnt wait for sunday to get its ass here sooner. Siva din knoe where we were going cuz, u know me, i'm such a big fan of surprises whether im on the giving or receiving end it doesnt matter.

I just realised that i cant really give a detailed update cuz its quite a long story so am just gonna dive into how indochine totally blew our minds away. The place is so gorgeous la.. the atmosphere.. the food.. the service.. everything was impeccable. Siva seemed really taken in with the place too and he really enjoyed the food so i was a pretty happy camper. It started raining when we were on the way to dinner and i was abit grumpy about that at first cuz i was planning to take this "secret route" to indochine so tt he wudnt know where we were going but since it was raining i couldnt realli do that anymore.. but i didn't let it ruin my mood for long la. At indochine we got scallop rolls as our starter and let me tell you i've been craving that dish since then. For our mains we got fried rice, kway teow and some fish thingy with coconut gravy, all very very yummy. For dessert we got the fondue. I actually have to say i wasnt too crazy about the fondue. The chocolate had liquor in it and i wasnt really feeling the taste la but birthday boy seemed to be in heaven which was all that mattered. Needless to say we really stuffed our faces.. to say we were full would be an understatement. I have to mention the staff again for being top notch.. when i called to make reservations i mentioned that i was coming with someone who was celebrating their birthday and the gentleman i spoke to said he could arrange for a slice of cake on the house. I was wondering if they would remember our "little deal" and sure enough they served the cake the same time they brought out the fondue. I love love loveeeeddd the look on Siva's face.

After dinner we took a nice long walk (to the mrt station, how romantic) to work off our dinner and were psyching ourselves up for the next thing on the agenda. I told him i was taking him somewhere for drinks but of course didnt reveal the place again. I had been checking out the Oosh website for the longest time and had been dying to go there so decided this was the perfect time to check it out. I made reservations for us at the lookout but when we were reaching Oosh - oh might i please add that since Oosh was a surprise, and since we couldnt get a cab in town, we had to take a bus and i had the huge responsibility of figuring out where this place was all by myself cuz i'd neva been there.. and Siva, knowing that my sense of direction is way way off kept asking if i was sure i knew where we were going.. and i kept reassuring him that i did.. altho i obviously didnt.. but yes i finally figured out where to get down and im so proud of myself! I did it all on my own without any help at all! :) Anywayss yes back to the story haha.. i called to inform the staff that i was on my way and to hold e reservation and the girl i spoke to said the lookout was closed due to the rain but we could still chill at the bar. I went back into grumpy mode (poor siva.. making him go thru that even on his bday) and he was trying to pacify me. We settled for a table at the bar and got our drinks. He got a beer and i got a chocolate martini. My martini was alrite, not fantastic.. he seemed pretty happy with his beer.. and somewhere btwn us analyzing the oosh layout and me getting high on my one drink as usual, it was finally midnight and officially his birthday. YAY! HAPPY BDAY SIVALAM! :D
Not only was it his bday.. it was also happy hour at oosh! (happy hour from 12-1) and so we had to get another drink (duh). He insisted on buying me a lychini and even tho i was already havin a headache which is my body's way of telling me to stop drinking.. how to say no to birthday boy right. Ha. So i got my cocktail n he got another beer and we decided to walk around Oosh. Aahh.. its another gorgeous place i tell you.. there was this waterfall thingy and if it wasnt for the rain we would have been able to sit at the chillout couches in that area. Im such a sucker for water bodies.. i cant wait to go back thereee!

After oosh we cabbed it to my place and hung out for a while b4 he left for home. It was such a fabulous night and it had been ages since we did something fun like that so we were both pretty psyched. I'm so happy that Singapore has such gorgeous places and even happier that i have someone so special to share the experience with. I wanted him to feel like the prince that i think he is and m pretty sure i succeeded. I cant wait to go back to oosh.. i mean i love waterfront its without a doubt hands down my favourite restaurant.. but oosh is a lil easier on the wallet and still very pretty so u know.. more practical. Next time we ooshfy im bringin the rest of the crew.. its the perfect place for gorgeous company to come together.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIVARAM! I know its lyk almost a month since ya bday.. but.. ya.. bdays only come once a yr so might as well make it last as long as we can right ;)