Sunday, September 28, 2008

ok. .so enough with the impulsive blogging. Here's the deal. I was all ready to boycott dhool cuz of the apsara asia issue.. but in e end i'm really happy that they got a chance to be in the finals. Even if not as competitors.. they were definintely in their element as performers. So i guess i've made peace with the show.. although i feel chakraz didnt deserve last place.. and tridiac deserved to be in the top 3.. but i guess when you incorporate voting into the system things screw up.Tough.

Anywaysssss.. i had a pretty great wkend. Caught abit of the F1 action on friday from the sidelines and was totally loving it so went back on Saturday to watch the qualifying race at ten with kaart.We met at 8ish and went to Swensons for some yummy ice cream and fries b4 heading down to our exciting spot near Balaclava. Even though we didnt have tix and were standing along the pavements it was the most exhilirating experience and i think it made Spore like ten times cooler! Ya.. spore is now officially cool.. especially for me who takes that route to work and has been taking that route everyday for the last year.. to see the whole area transformed into a racing track with the bright lights.. it was great. And i'm gonna be really sad when they tear it down the next couple of days. BUT.. there's always next year.. who wants to come with me! :) Meanwhile.. i'm posting up my very *ahem* professionally taken video (taken with my high tech nokia phone!). Actually i advice NOT to watch the clip as it might give u a headache cuz i kept moving the phone around to get a good view haha.. but i'm proud of it so hell i'll post it up if i want to!
AND THEY EVEN GOT AN AWARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! yay.. they totally deserve it :)

all throughout dhool i was hoping they'd bring back apsara asia to do a guest dance and im soooooo glad they did!!! WOOOOHOO!! They rocked da house. The other groups are lucky apsara din get into e finals.. GO APSARA!!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Apsara Asia is the bombest bomb diggity in the diggitiest pants and they deserve to be in the finals.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

omg. i just spent 25 mins trying to put my bloody nose stud back into my nose. N i almost passed out from the pain. Crap.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Met the girls after work today for a much needed "un-winding" session. Work was pretty crazy and am expecting it to be a pretty hectic week *bleh* That makes me even more jealous of cherylite who's flying of to london on wednesday! So unfair right. We decided to meet at BQ to catch up before she leaves.. even tho it's only for two wks.. thats how we roll la. Drama queens :) and also to relive the good old days of pre bumble bees socializing heh. We got yummy drinks n yummy yummy food - ok slight digression - my search for yummy falafel kebab is over!!!!!! After trying the falafel kebab at shiraz, marmalade pantry and soup soon I was almost resigned to the fact that they just don't make them "my way" here in spore.. and then i tried the falafel kebab at dharmas today (im not quite sure if dharmas is a stand alone cafe but you can order from their menu if you're at BQ Bar).. omg.. it wasn't totally my way but it was the closest and good enough for me!! So happy is me :) It costs $13 and it comes with a side of cajun fries with some delish dip. I was really quite happy with my find. We made full use of the happy hour as usual.. ordering like 6 drinks at one go but holding half the order till later, so we can enjoy the happy hour rate :) Chilling with the darlings was the bomb as usual.. i dun understand why we don't do this more often. WHYYYYY????

Saturday, August 09, 2008

i wanna c the damn fireworks la.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

so tired.

need sleep.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just got back from town with the boyfriend.. we went to watch dark knight.. it was bloody awesome la. I like it more than i did spiderman.. Rarely does a movie that's been raved about so much live up to its expectations so I really wasn't expecting to be this blown away.. especially by the late Heath Ledger's stellar performance. I wasn't a hardcore fan but i definitely did appreciate his acting and I was quite bummed when i heard of his untimely death.. sigh.. what a way to be remembered though. The movie is kinda long compared to the usual hollywood flicks -2 n a half hours long!- but I didn't think it was too draggy or anything (must be the training from watching all those indian movies!).. So go watch it if you haven't already!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

omgggg guyssss mac cafe's himalayan tea is the yummiesttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. I want me a cuppa rite now!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

yaaru la ting ting.

neengal eppadi irrukireergal... naan romba thookama irrukiren.. wokay good nightu.

p.s.: see sho.. u're not the only one who can blog in another language :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Congratulations to Miss Venezuela!!! Although i do think Miss Mexico is bloody gorge and should have been at least in the top 3.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

this james franco is a cutie no?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Can't believe half the year has gone by already.

Been an OK week so far.. babyboy passed his driving practical yayy.. so proud of him :)

I had invites for the U.S Independence Day Celebration on 2nd July at the Raffles Convention Center so decided to go check out the scene.. thought it'd be a good experience.. plus free booze and yummy food pretty much makes a good night :) I went with a couple of colleagues and Siva joined us later.. and he was all decked out in a suit (dress code).. In the 2 years we've been goin out he's never worn a suit, and i must say, he looked pretty damn good :D We ate and drank and enjoyed the live band and after polishing off a tiny tub of haagen daaz ( they had a little ice cream chiller with different haagen daaz mini tubs!) we decided to call it a night and made our way out of the convention center. I was all prepared to take a bus home but Siva had rented a car as a surprise and he drove me home .. aww :)

Met Sumi again for dinner yesterday.. we went to Hard Rock Cafe and it was my first time there so was pretty excited to check out a new place for dinner. We started off with the potato skins to share.. it was YUMMYYYY.. then Sumi ordered some herb grilled chicken and I got a veggie burger. Her grilled chicken lookd really good.. and she seemed to be enjoying it.. my veggie burger was ALRIGHT la.. abit too veggie for me.. i know it sounds dumb but i don't really fancy being able to actually taste the vegetables.. i like the confusing veggie patty that you don't really know whats in it but who cares cuz it tastes good anyways.. yea :) The veggie burger from Komalas is still the bomb la. The portion sizes of each were really big.. i couldn't finish the last bit of my burger.. AND.. i hardly even touched my fries! Everyone knows i'm the spokesperson for french fries.. and usually even if i'm full and bursting out of my gut i still manage to eat at least 3/4 of my fries. Sigh.. so disappointed in myself.. think the potato skins really filled me up. I would go back for the skins.. and to try their mac n cheese.. think I'll bring Siva there.. he'll definately appreciate the portion sizes.

Sigh Saturdayyy and i'm stuck at work. OK think i shall go and do some actual work now :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

I feel so clever. I just started watching family guy on starworld and for the last two days i was wondering why the daughter's voice sounded so familiar and was really trying to figure out who it was.. then it suddenly hit me like a minute ago that its Jackie from That 70's show.. yay :) Now i can go bathe.

Monday, June 23, 2008

excuse me.. wat is the deal with my tagboard..

yesterday was mewly's birthday.. Happy Birthday Mewlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) Wah this malibu got many pressies from Guess.. im so jealous la.. especially of the gold watch.. aahhh m so gonna break into her house n steal it :) Prawnie was frantically trying to organize everything on his own like Superman.. met him friday afternoon to help him make some crucial decisions heh. After going back and forth between different potential venues for mal's "surprise" pre birthday gathering he decided on Oosh at dempsey.. i love that place.. it has a freaking waterfall la come on its a no brainer really. Think Mal was quite impressed with it too.. we ordered some pub grab to share and some alco to get the party started.. and Miss Hawaii was down as well which is always a bonus.. especially since i only get to see her once a year haha. Were all juz chillaxing in our nice area and then around midnight we had like a cake sorta thing for mals.. had some "sham-pug-neh".. then i hitched a ride with sir shitalot n her pet hamster out of oosh.. the rest were clubbing but i was just too tired and i wanted to get some proper sleep so I could be in party mode the next day.

I was off on saturday so i took advantage of that and slept all morning.. woke up around 1pm.. ran some errands and then made my way to sentosa cuz prawn had booked a room at siloso beach resort. The room is very pretty and suitable for couples with its private rooftop jacuzzi n all but a little small.. i don't think it can accomodate more than about 5-6 people comfortably.. we were hanging out in the room till about 8ish then made our way out to get some dinner.. after walking around deciding where to go we finally settled on cafe del mar. Food there was alright.. pretty decent.. had another cake cutting session for mals.. then we went back to the hotel around midnight. Ok siloso beach resort has some pretty rooms and a nice pool n all.. but their service sucks big time. Im not going into the details.. but yea i wouldn't really recommend it.. which is such a shame really. For the price they charge you, you would expect alot more from the staff.. and they seriously fall short of expectations. I was initially planning to stay over but there were quite a few people already which meant no more space on the bed.. Sri had his car n all so i ended getting a lift from him. I've become quite useless at this staying over business.. i really need to sleep in my own bed.. which makes me abit of a party-pooper.. heh.

Today met the boyfriend for dinner.. and now i'm gonna shower and sleeeeepppppp.. ah.. how time flies when you're having fun.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

i bought ittttttttttttttttt. i love ittttttttttttttt. :D
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the new favourite secret place
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

me so happy! :D

So i brought my condemned watch back to the Guess outlet i bought it from and i explained to them the situation.. at first the girl at the counter told me that they can help me send it to the service center to change the battery but it will take 6-8 weeks and its better if i take it down myself cause it'll be a lot faster.. but the service center is only open from monday to friday during office hours so it's a little inconvenient for me.. tried to wayang with them abit since i did buy the watch less than a week ago and mal was with me so she also put on her stern manolingam voice and they finally decided to let me exchange it for something else :) yayyy. I bought mal's present and she bought a bag for her Mom as a birthday present.. so long story short, i get most of my money back. YAYYYYYYYY.

Now that blue guess bag is within reach :)
im so annoyed. Ok first i'd like to publicly declare that i have become a very responsible shopper.. gone are the perthie days of impulsive buys that i could do without.. i really think many times and consider the pros and cons before buying anything these days and i havent regretted any of my purchases.. until last week. This Guess watch that I have been eyeing for lyk 3-4 years finally went on sale.. it was like 50% off which is a really good steal right.. so i bought it.. how very impulsive of me.. within 20 mins i was kinda regretting it already because .. well i'm kinda broke. To make things worse, that evening i met shola in town for dinner and after that we took a quick walk through Tangs.. and i saw this gorgeous blue guess bag.. on sale.. and i've been searching high and low for a blue guess bag since beginning of time.. ugh. I really really was regretting buying the watch.. i started to loathe it even. Dramatic i know.. but hey that was the one thing standing in between me and my dream blue guess bag.

Today morning i decided to put aside my hatred for the damn thing and just use it since i did pay for it anyways.. so i took the fella from the table.. and looked at it.. and i noticed something odd.. the "second" hand (is that what its called ?) wasnt moving.. stupid thing doesnt work la. So now i'm gonna go back to Guess and point this out to them.. and try to get a refund.. i know they'll probably just help me send it to the service centre to change the battery.. but i'm gonna try my luck anyways. :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008


A : Chivalry is dead.

B : Who is dead?

A : Chivalry.

B : Who is that?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Usually to get to work i take a bus to raffles hotel and walk the remaining 10-15 mins to Outback. Today when i got off the bus i was wondering if i should just take another bus to Suntec since it was raining .. but i decided to save my 60 cents and walk cuz i had an umbrella.. and i thought.. its just 7 mins to the sheltered Suntec area.. how bad can it be.. omg.. never under-estimate the forces of nature. One minute it might seem like just the usual passing cloud.. and the next.. strong winds and heavy rain coming in from every direction that even an umbrealla doesnt help.

When i first started making my way to suntec the weather was still "under control".. halfway through.. the rain got heavier.. and wind got stronger. The whole right side of my body was getting soaked and I was mentally kicking myself for wearing shorts and slippers.. of all the bloody days to make un-wise wardrobe descisions. Since misery does love company, I peeked out from under my big umbrella hoping to see other pedestrians running for sheltar.. but i guess all the other (smart) people in Singapore were probably taking a bus from raffles hotel or using the underpass from cityhall MRT cause i was the only one walking in this insane thunderstorm. I was half walking and half jogging as fast as my big duffel bag and soggy slippers would allow.. playing tug of war with the wind that was determined to take my umbrella, my only source of sheltar at this point though i was already 75% drenched.. trying unsucessfully to dodge the big puddles of water that were everywhere, shivering while waiting forever for the stupid traffic light man to turn green. After wat seemed like a lifetime i finally made it to my here i am.. soggy slippers.. soggy clothes.. freezing in my office.. and i have to say.. that was probably the most fun i've had in a very long time. :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


i have no words.

Had a pretty alright weekend.. saturday was the last day of the month so i had to do stock take.. which means my saturday was pretty much burnt.. started at 4 and ended at close to 11.. but i had a break in between from 7-9.30 so i went down to see the little munchkin.. he's so bloody cute la. Im going to kidnap him one day. After stock take i went to clarke quay to meet shola n mali.. mal was already at coffee club with her friends so sho n i juz went n plopped ourselves next to them like a couple of extras.. ok coffee club has some yummy lookin stuff on their menu.. and they have strawberry shortcake! My long lost lauuu! So i got that and this banana smoothie thingy which i ended up not really liking cause it had hazelnut syrup in it.. m not really a fan of drinks with hazelnut flavour.. now chocolates are a different story of course. :) Mal disappeared to Goth so sho n i were just chilling the whole time.. reminiscing about old times.. was really fun.. i think ive said this abt a million times but i really just love chilling over yummy food and wine on a saturday night.. clubbing just tires me out majorly and I end up having no energy to do anything on the next day.. and i really needed to save my energy cuz the next day was an important day.

Sunday was mine n boyfriend's anniversary.. :) We went for a lomanteec dinner at long john silvers haha.. i was really craving the fries tho so its ok.. but sadly LJS fries are the only thing that's yummy.. the rest of their stuff tastes kinda stale i think. After dinner i dragged him to Riciotti cuz i've been craving their dessert n yummy wine for like 2 weeks already.. we got like 3 desserts to share, he got a beer and i got my wine.. dessert n drinks came up to like 5 times more than what we spent on dinner ha.. but so yummyyy.. m gonna try to pscyho him into going back there for dinner soon :) I guess it was a pretty low-key celebration but he had an exam on Monday so we decided to do something simple.. we might have a proper celebration this weekend or something.. if we're both up for it... maybe dinner at my new favourite SECRET place near his house.. mwaha. Ok im such a loser i know but i just want to be selfish and have this place all to myself cuz i think not that many people know about its existence. Although i think if we do end up having dinner there i'll prob blog about it so.. I might just reveal this mysterious place in the end. So stay tuned. *evil laughter, quite like the one at the end of MJ's "thriller" ;) *

Thursday, May 29, 2008

im sooooo uluuuu. Longhouse kopitiam has been open near my estate for like the longest time and i think i've only eaten there ONCE. Had some indian rojak and didnt think it was very nice so i didnt bother trying any of the other stuff after that.. this was when i was 16 or 17 i think.. and also as u know im not quite into coffeeshops so I wasnt exactly dying to check out the other stalls.. BUT.. my aunties and mom and I went there for dinner two days ago.. omg the food is really really good! We decided on Longhouse cuz the aunties and my cousin were over at my place so we decided to go somewhere near for dinner.. and Longhouse is just across the road.. when we got there everyone looked at me and they were like "so what's good here".. heh oops.. i tried my best not to sound like an uptown brat when telling them sheepishly that coffeeshops arent really my scene. Cuz of my uluness we decided to take a stab in the dark and try the usual favourites.. my aunty did all the ordering.. she got kway teow, popiah, this fried tofu thing which is my new favourite dish.. and carrot cake (the local dish not the dessert this time ;)). Ok i din try the kway teow and popiah but the other two were really yummy la.. I got home and excitedly called my coffeeshop boyfriend to tell him that i wouldnt mind eating at Longhouse once in a while.. yay :) I cant believe it took me so long to realise that there is yummy food in Longhouse.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

david cook won idol???

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Midweekkkk. Im off on saturday!!!! Finallyyyy.. i gathered up the courage to ask my controller for leave haha yes i know its only half a day and not really that big a deal but i don't know.. this is my first proper job ok so i've never actually taken leave before in any of my other jobs.. :) Yayyy.. no work on saturdayyyyy baby. The weekend was pretty fun.. watched Made of Honour with the boyfriend on saturday.. and we pierced our noses!! Yea it was kinda spontaneous.. the first time i pierced my nose in 2002, i did it with a needle at Primitive.. for $50.. then i had to take it out last year cuz i joined an idiotic company run by snobs and they made me take it out ( n they were Indian btw).. this time round i did it with the gun for $6 haha.. i still prefer needle though.. the whole gun thing is like a shock.. and so after it's done you're still recovering from the shock for a while.. for the needle maybe the process is like ten seconds slower but you know what to expect also so.. i don't know.. i still prefer the more expensive way. Made of Honour was alright.. quite predictable.. oddly enough Siva seemed to enjoy it more than me.. i'm actually starting to get sick of chick flicks.. Sex and The City being the exception of course! I can't freaking wait for it to come out in theatres hereeeee!

On sunday I met Malibooze in the day and we went to see Tanuja who just had a babyboy at Mount A.. aiyo.. so cute la the fella.. Mal and i were practically interrogating Tanu about childbirth.. and i'm more convinced now than ever that i don't want kids! Really.. she said contractions are like cramps x100.. normal cramps already I cannot tahan.. cramps times a hundred is like.. no way man. Really don't think i wanna put myself through that heh.. then came back home and chilled for awhile.. and in the evening met the rest at casurina prata shop for some yummy thosaiiiiiii *yumm*. After dinner we headed over to sho's, waited for her to doll up then we went to town.. and we made shawnprawn take a bus! Very proud of you prawn :) The girlies chilled at coffee bean and i got to have my carrot cake fix (the dessert ok.. not the local dish*ahem* ) while prawn was at swensons with the family.. i think everyone was kinda tired and we left town around 12ish..

On Monday i went to do some window shopping in town.. alone.. cuz SOMEBODY was being a brat.. im not gonna say who.. but somebody (russell peters style) :) I saw a couple of nice dresses in random far east shops but all were lyk $100 and over.. i dun understand why they do that.. its quite ridiculous.. but i'm not suppossed to be spending anyways so maybe its a good thing.

im quite proud of myself. Im usually really bad at keeping in touch with people.. i have so many friends that i was close to in poly and Uni but now hardly even talk to cuz i'm sucha lazy cow. But i have to say that lately i have been making a bit more effort to try and meet up with the long lost ones.

Met Alvie for dinner yesterday after work. After like.. 2 n a half years i think.. last time i saw her was in 2005.. and to think we used to see each other almost everyday when we were in Currie.. going down to the dining hall for meals together.. and clubbing.. and shoppinggggg :) We were supposed to meet at 7 at clarke quay but i had to buy something from Suntec (a very important white belt) so we decided to meet at Suntec itself for dinner. Ok slight digression.. i bought a white waist belt! Yay like finally.. i found something i like.. and that sorta goes with most of my stuff.. although i don't know if's exactly the most recommended look for me. But wat the hey.. i like it. :) Anywaysss after the both of us getting a little bit disoriented with the directions (she took the bus going in the wrong direction and i for some reason was confused about where the convention centre was) we finally met at 7.30 and decided to have dinner at Bali Thai (BT).. this Thai place at the basement of Suntec.

The place itself is quite cosy.. and it definitely looked better than the setting at Siam Kitchen,(SK) another Thai place just next to Bali Thai. I know.. there i go again judging a restaurant by its cover.. but i dunno SK looked really unimpressive.. and this is just the interior alone i didn't even bother looking at the menu after that. After settling at BT, we took a quick look at the menu and decided what we wanted to get pretty fast. I was gonna get the phad thai (no surprises there)($8.50) and Alvie settled on the jungle noodles($8.50).

After deciding on what to get we started filling in the blanks from the last 2.5 years.. and i was getting really nostalgic talking about Perth and Currie.. we were rattling on enthusiastically about the happenings in our lives and were so absorbed in our conversation that 20 mins later we realised we actually forgot to order our food! Heh.. but i also thought it was weird that the service staff didnt come forward to ask if we were ready to order.. don't the servers usually take the initiative? For drinks we just wanted ice water.. but the server said they only sell mineral water.. which is such a put off. I hate places that don't server tap water.. so i got ice lemon tea ($3) and she got barley ($2.50).

My Phad Thai came with chicken and i asked the guy taking our order if i could request for it be done seafood style.. and he said no.. isn't that weird (again).. i mean i don't understand why they can't just throw in some seafood into the noodles.. so i got it veg instead. I was quickly becoming very un-enthusiastic about the whole restaurant.. then our food came. I wasn't too impressed with my phad thai.. it was a pretty small serving.. and there were lots of carrots (i hate).. and cashews.. it was really just so-so.. but i have to admit the Thai restaurants here get it pretty hard from me cause i keep comparing everything to the fabulous "LANNA" in Perth. Although i actually really like the phad thai from thai express.. that's my favourite so far in Singapore. Alvie's jungle noodles were supposed to be glass noodles or something according to the menu.. but it turned out to be kway teow.. glass noodles = kway teow?? I'm not sure.. i think we both were expecting something else.. and she ended up not finishing 3/4 of the dish cuz she said it tasted quite burnt. I guess BT's lucky that we're pretty passive customers who don't fancy kicking up a fuss and sending dishes back to the kitchen... partly cuz i'm afraid they might spit in my food.. and partly cuz at $8.50 a pop i guess we have to sorta lower our expectations. Our bill came up to $32.. extras were for the prawn crackers (that the server conveniently cleared without asking if we were done.. which were werent!) and those scented wet tissues.. oh and one last weird thing about BT (for me at least).. they ended up charging me $9.50 for my phad thai.. cuz i changed it to veggie.. like seriously does this place have no redeeming qualities??? Ah well.. am definitely not going back there.. *grumbles*

After dinner Alvie and I took a nice walk to the bus stop opposite City Hall and said our dramatic good-byes filled with promises to keep in touch and meet up soon :) All in all i had a blast.. sometimes its a bit painful talking to my friends from Uni especially when they remind me of some very unglamorous things i used to do.. but i guess its better to laugh about it then roll around in embarrassment. :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ya know.. i really hate public toilets. Peeing is such a personal thing. Its quite disturbing that other people are listening to you pee.. and what if you're in the toilet juz to primp(like me i hardly go to puclic toilets to pee, usually just to check out my reflection :) ).. all engrossed in doin your makeup or your hair.. and then u have to hear someone peeing... And what if you have to take a dump.. like a major one with sound effects and all.. how traumatising is that for the dumper(person taking a dump) and dumpee(innocent bystander outside the toilet who is forced to hear someone taking a dump).. and the smell.. and the overall lack of cleanliness in most public toilets.. and there's so much hype about hygiene and washing your hands after going to the toilet. Well what about those who don't listen.. when they open the "main door" to get out of the washroom don't they infect the handle with their disgusting hands.. and when we obedient hygenic citizens who do wash our hands then open the same door to leave the toilet arent we infected with the bacteria anyways. Its disgusting. If the governement cares so much they should install automatic doors for ALL public toilets.. And also.. soundproof cubicles.. so we can all pee and primp in peace.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

yayyy my mummy likes jason tooooo.. she said he's cute and that his hair suits his face all laaa fwaahhh.. my mom the fashion expert :) sigh but i think he pretty much screwed up tonight la.. and in all fairness as much as i laus him i think he should be the one to go in tmw's elimination.. so come on America! Be a man! Do the right thing! :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm not one for massages usually.. but suddenly i feel like going for one.. feel lyk there's a million knots in my back and my poor poor feet are all swollen from new shoes. Damn bad shape la. I feel like doing a survey.. everyone tell me what your favourite chocolate is.

Mine is : PICNIC. yummmm.. the nuts n the nougat and the caramel.. i love.. for some weird reason the picnic choccie at candy empire is 3 bucks! Must be some hardcore picnic.. but it looks yummier than regular picnic.. ahh all the stuff at candy empire is to die for la. Its so unfair.. i work in a restaurant AND right next to munchy donut AND right opposite candy empire.. all in the same building.. and coffee bean and starbucks ain't that far away either.. its like all the forces are against me. :(

Saturday, May 03, 2008

fridayyyyyyyy.. to all u idiots who are all TGIF juz shaddap n have some pity for the poor souls who have to work on saturdays. I wish i had a job where i only need to work like a 4 n a half day week.. and that pays me many money at the same time.. i'm so not meant for the working world.. i hate hate hate formal wear.. i usally go to work in jeans n 3/4s n SLIPPERS ha.. one of the plus points of my job i guess :)

Met sumi darlin for dinner today like finalllyyyyyyyyyy! We've been saying that we need to have a reunion for the longest time but with both our busy*ahem* social lives it juz neva worked out.. untilllll i read her blog n saw that she had the same gorgeous guess bag as meeee.. u know, the last one that i bought.. so OF COURSE we had to get together for a matching guess bag dinner party haha.. we made plans for today evening at ricciotti.. an Italian restuarant/deli/pastry place that has the yummiest looking desserts. Its right next to riverwalk tandoor and we've both been walking past the place since we were like.. in friggin ngee ann haha.. but neither of us has eaten there b4 and u know how i love tryin out new places right.. needless to say i was super excited :)

Our theme for the night was red.. but Sumi cheated n the only red she wore was red nail polish.. unlike me i went quite psycho with the red top and accessories haha.. and of course our yummy guess bags.. so high school i know :) On to the food.. we got calamari to share ($15.80), Sumi got crabmeat linguine (24.80), i got salmon panini(14.80) and we got a glass of white dessert wine each ($12).. omg the wine is my new favourite wine! When i was in oz i fell in love with "late harvest" by Houghtons and i was lookin for it high and low in singapore but i doubt they carry it here.. but the dessert wine i had today tasted almost exactly like the late harvest one! Soooo yummyy.. i would have gotten another glass but am trying to budget la.. and I wasn't even high.. i guess its not a very strong wine.. and if I'M saying its not a very strong wine you can bet ur last dollar it isnt cuz i'm the most un-alcoholic person around.. really.. i usually get high after like 3/4 way through my ONE glass of wine. Its not something i'm exactly proud of but i guess i save alot of money that way huh haha..

Ok enough about the superb wine.. food was quite yummy too.. i tried abit of Sumi's linguine.. i liked it more than the one i tried at marmalade pantry.. my salmon was really good too but i like eating my sandwiches with ketchup.. and the nice lady serving us said that unfortunately they don't serve ketchup as they are a traditional italian restaurant and offered me some authentic tomato sauce.. pomodero i think it's called? It was alright i guess.. think my sandwich would have been yummier with AUTHENTIC ketchup :)

Calamari.. actualli i wasnt a fan of the calamari.. but i'm very very fussy about my calamari so don't trust my judgement. The portions were pretty alright.. not too big not too small.. calamari portion thought for 15.80 i thought it was quite small.. the one at Outback is about the same price and the portion size is really like a main on its own heh.. and yummmyy.. i love outback calamari.. n im NOT bein biased :)

Sumi is so funny la.. she was saying how she's damn hungry cuz she was saving space for dinner n din really eat lunch.. but she didnt even finish her pasta.. .. and I on the other hand was saying how im not so hungry cuz i had quite a filling lunch and i wanted to get something small at ricciotti.. well not only was my salmon panini not "something small".. i ended up eating all of it.. it was very very filling.. oh well juz goes to show wat a pig i am.

And of course we got dessert.. i got the sicilian cassata ($8.50) not too sure if the spelling is right, and Sumi got the soffiato ($8.90), the one with "the stuff that oozes out" in her words more or less haha.. i think she either traumatised or turned on the waiter with that comment haha. Of course in btwn this food fest we were filling each other in on the last lyk million years of our lives.. and reminiscing about the (sometimes not so good) old days.. damn funny la.. we really had our fair share of psycho moments together.

All in all i had a blast.. and i was really expecting nothing less from the company of the sexy mama.. and we took our first pic today!
The first in our 7 years of friendship.. though i still find that hard to believe.. haha.. Sumi i think we might have ONE undohfied clubbing pic from a million years ago somewhere la.. i think.. my instincts are telling me so haha.. yay.. yummy dinners and company make ragi a happy camper :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

exhaustedddddddddddddddddd. I cant believe the public hol that i was lookin forward to for the last two wks has come n almost goneeeeeee. Today was the bomb though.. I actually wanted to do something realli fun last night.. sholabu came to meet me for dinner during my 2+ hour break from work and I managed to convince her that Outback was the way to go :) I love the pasta at outback la.. yum.. sho n i ordered many yum food.. n then sivalam came abit later n we were all chillin.. n then around 9ish i had to get back to work for the last bit of my stocktake which ended pretty fast..n then went back to the table to chill with the bestu friends.. n then shawn n mal came later n ordered food.. n then we went to cineleisure but there was nothing nice showing.. n then we went home.. n then... the end. :) I was realli so super tired la.. i was quite irritated with myself cuz i had all these big plans in my head to go for drinks and chill at some nice place with the boy but in the end i had absolutely no energy.. :(

But its ok today more than made up for it.. woke up around 10ish.. got ready then met malibooze, prawn n shola then we went to pick up steph n triston n we all went to have brunch at dempseyyyy. The weather was bloody insane.. so hot la.. i left the house feelin all glamorous but that feeling quickly dissipated after ten mins of walkin around in the hot sun with my hair stickin to my face. Our first stop was go-go bambinis.. its like this sorta playland for kiddies la n there's a cafe too.. we were initially gonna eat there but the menu wasnt too exciting so after letting tristy play around for abit we decided to go to P.S cafe.

Aiyoh the little one is truly very cute.. he's starting to say a few words and one of the words happens to be "mei-mei".. apparently she's his manjan girlfriend la.. i sorta knew that he was very attached to her n i just brushed it off as puppy love but after i heard that he can say her name all PLUS the way he says her nameeee.. its sooo cute and with so much passion.. i realised it was true love la haha.. i was trying to take a video of him saying "meimei" with my phone but then he saw my phone and uncle and mobile phones are quite inseperable la.. once he sees a phone he MUST have it so my video plan was foiled : and he was so happy at bambini's in the play pen thingy.. there's this damn cute pic of him buried under all the balls and its on mal's camera so maybe i'll post it up lyk in a couple of months or something la haha okkkk jokee aunty maliiii :)

P.S. cafe was, again, nothing short of gorgeousness.. i really wanted to sit at the couch area but the section was closed.. think there was a bday party or something la.. but its ok the whole place is velli pretty so doesnt really matter. The brunch menu was not very extensive.. i was tryin to decide btwn the banana bread and the museli.. e museli sounded realli good and came with like alot of other extra toppings but 19 bucks for museli was really abit too much for me so decided on the banana bread instead.. which was like a dollar cheaper haha. OK i know banana bread sounds very unhappening but omg the presentation la.. this place realli puts so much effort into the presentation and it really sucks that they dont allow photography.. the dish consists of two slices of banana bread, bananas, berries and a dallop of mascarpone cheese. It was damn shiok.. but really meant for sharing.. got a bit gelat after a while.. and we also got the yummy friesssssssss. Im not kidding bout my laus for the fries k.. i even ordered a second round towards the end. During brunch steph suggested we go swimming at the pool near her house so after P.S we walked back to the car in the scorching heat then took a mini road trip around singapore to get everyone's respective swimwear *props to malibooze for giving us a lift around spore* Unfortunately sho had to ditch us for her stylo dinner at hyatt.. apparently she's too cool to be hanging out with us peasants :)

Swimming was so fun laaa.. little Miss Corcica joined us and we were all so entertained by triston's antics.. and i think the rest were also entertained by my awesome swim fashion.. hey goggles and swim caps are totally in ok. We left the pool after an hour.. went back to steph's house n i left soon after.. was really tired n i had dinner waiting at home for me. M realli bushed.. think im gonna sleep earlier than usual today.. m already yawning every ten seconds. Sigh as much as the past few wkends have been the bomb i think i need to relax abit.. take it easy on the wallet little bit la.. how come nothing awesome like winning the lottery has ever happened to meeeeeeeee :(

Ok on second thoughts lets scratch that sleep early plan.. juz realised they're showing failure to launch on cable and it ends at 1am.. and we all know that i HAVE to watch it right. Ok m off to crash on the floorrrrrr.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wahhh dude seriously la.. the printer in my office is damn bloody slow.. need to print out the payslips n there's like 25 pages.. i started at 12.40, its now 1.19.. and only 16 pages have printed out.. bloody hell.

Im craving pavlova!!!!!! Omg the one at cedele looks so good i want to marry it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

i had the nicest wkenddddddddddd. :) ugh wish i didnt have to go back to work tmw.. but i'm glad i enjoyed myself the last few days.. the worst thing is when u have a tiring long wk at work and end up not doin anything fun over the wkend.. some rejuvenation is in order! For some weird reason i was craving wine.. i dun usually CRAVE wine la.. its quite rare.. so when i was having some withdrawal symptoms i called my alco partner in crime ( she's called malibooze for a reason ;) ) and practically begged her to do something on friday night. Shola, mal n i met at orchard n made our way to dempsey.. took a nice walk uphill (wearing heels was abit of a mistake) to Hacienda. Ok all the places in dempsey are bloody gorgeous la.. such nice alfresco chillout joints.. i loveeee. We got there at 8.40 and happy hour was on until 9pm so we decided to order like all our drinks one shot haha.. might as well make use of happy hour right.. not like we're rolling in money. We ended up ordering 7 drinks.. the guy taking our order couldnt seem to come to terms with the fact that the three of us wanted to order so many drinks.. he kept making sure that it was juz for the three of us.. poor fella. We got the lychee martini, green apple martini, cosmopolitan, mojito, peach margarita, bellini and a hoegarden... weirdly enough i ended up not getting wine.. was layzie to choose la i'm such a fusspot so decided to stick wit the cocktails. Most cocktails were $10 durin happy hour ($15 otherwise), bellini was $13 and the hoegarden was $9.. not sure of the non happy hour prices for the last two but think its plus $5 la.. then we got cajun wedges and a cheese pizza ( i have bestowed my vegetarian-ness onto the girls).. cant remember how much the food was but e 3 of us paid like around $30 each for drinks & food. Prawn boy joined us a little later.. n he came bearing gifts for all of us!! 50 points for prawn! :) Sho n i got a little bat keychain..its quite cute .. looks a little bit lyk prawn :) And he got mal a ring.. engaged already la those two.. coupling of the year or wattttt ;) Since i had work the next day i had to leave by tennish.. so uncool right.. sigh.. but i had lyk the most "bomb diggity in the pants" time.

Saturday afternoon rolls around.. im tired as hell after work but determined to make the most of my semi off day.. was supposed to meet boyfriend but he was realli tired n konked out so i decided to go town by myself.. get a book.. have yummy coffee or something.. then prawn called n said he n mal were thinking of gettin a drink so we all decided to hang out together-gether la. I met the laubirds at chijmes.. we had drinks & dinner at cosafe. I got a glass of white wine (yay finally!) which was yuummmmyyyyy.. for food we shared the fish & chips, margherita pizza (again with the veggieness) and garlic bread. I thought the food was really good and i was super stuffed.. and happy high from my one glass of wine. Shola joined us a little later n we decided to go to Gotham.. we're quite the spontaneous bunch.. which is not always a good thing esp since i was so not dressed for clubbing. But its ok i'm off the market anyways ;) Gotham was fun as usual.. we got in free thanks to prawn's powderfoo networking haha.. left around 4 and went home happy & satisfied that i made the most of my saturday.. but also missing the boyfriend leetle bit la.

Sunday afternoon.. i wake up at 1ish.. on saturday Siva n I made plans to have hi tea at sheraton hotel on sunday so called him to confirm the plans.. everything was good to go so i made reservations at 3.30. We actually got there on the dot.. so proud of our punctuality.. we're usually always late cuz uncle realli takes forever to get ready.. he takes longer than me ok.. i dun understand how that's possible. The reason we decided on hi tea at Sheraton was cuz i had the citibank 1 for 1 hi tea promo that was expring end of the month so decided to check it out la. The hi tea served was the english kind.. not international.. so it was served on a 3 tier stand with scones,pastries and finger sandwiches.

Ok.. im officially addicted to scones.. hot scones with cream n jam.. im salivating juz thinkin about it now.. i wantttt moreeeee! The selection was pretty good.. and quite filling.. we were both full but it was the just nice kinda full-ness.. not the stuffed till you cant walk straight kind which is wat we usually get ourselves into heh. We decided to jalan-jalan arnd town for abit then he went for prayers n i went swimmingggggg. I love swimming in the evening.. the pool's so empty and the reflection of the lights on the water is sooo pleeettyyy. Ended of my eventful wkend with a mountain of home-cooked food :) I had rice, rasam, an assortment of veggie stuff like tofu n mock meat.. n chips.. n raita.. then i had a bowl of strawberry cheesecake ice-cream :) But its ok i refuse to feel guilty.. i mean i did go for a swim so i guess its ok right (although the swim was to counter my foodlicious friday,saturday and sunday afternoon) :)

Ughhhh.. i have to sleep sooonnn.. workkkk.. but thurs is a holiday so i have something to look forward to.. yay!! Thank God for public holidays man.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Been meaning to take a short trip to bintan n have been doin some research on prices and packages from different travel agencies. There's this website that shows the different pacakges to bintan from the agencies in singapore and i saw an offer from this agency called "travel links" that seemed to be the best so far, so i excitedly called them up.

Ladyfromtravellinksagency(LFTLA): *says something in chinese*

Me: Um hello?

LFTLA: *says more stuff in chinese*

Me: *decides to heck it and speak in english* Hi i saw you have a travel package to bintan?

LFTLA: *again with the chinese but i know she mentioned bintan somewhere*

(i was hoping that since i hadnt already responded to her in chinese she wud get the point but guess i had to spell it out for her)

Me: sorry i dont speak chinese

LFTLA: *apparently still doesnt get the point*

Me: um.. i dont speak chinese?

LFTLA: oh.. no chinese.. hold on ah

(transfers call to another lady who i figured prob speaks english)

Newladyfromtravellinksagency(NLFTLA): *says something in chinese*

averyirritatedme: I DONT SPEAK CHINESE

NLFTLA: oh.. you travelling bintan issit? what date?

Me: I actually called to enquire about this travel package i saw on this website for a banyan tree 2D/1N promo at $298.

NLFTLA: $298?? wait lemme check ah

*so i hold for a bit*

NLFTLA: this one minimum 5 pax must travel

Me: No i saw on the website its for twin sharing

NLFTLA: for twin? Maybe you give me your contact i check this and call you back

*ok so all that's done.. about 2 mins she calls me back*

NLFTLA: Hello Miss ah.. i check already, this price dun have on our website leh, u sure u got the right website? ours is travel links.

Me: Ya i didnt get it on your website i got it on this website called *m tryin to explain but she cuts me off*

NLFTLA: no that is wrong website, our website is

Me: *im still being very calm thru all this* no no i didnt get it from YOUR website. I'll give you the other address you can check it out, travel-pear *she cuts me of*

NLFTLA: no that one not our website you get wrong website.

Me: *dont really know wat else to do so i laugh* Ok nevermind then.

NLFTLA: *she laughs too prob thinking "the non-chinese speaking idiot finally gets my point"*

*we hang up*

sigh.. im realli not asking for much.. im not asking for english straight out of the oxford dictionary.. but i think the least one is allowed to expect is for people in the customer service line to speak basic english yes?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

at gorgeous P.S cafe for shola's birthday

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my very own McDrooly ;)
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ok. P.S. I Love You is officially up there with Love Actually and Notebook. Finally watched it yesterday.. actualli i'm glad i didnt watch it in the theatre cuz i was sniffing like every 5 minutes.. would have been quite embear doin that in public :) Aiya its sucha gorgeous movie.. and the danny guy from grey's (spelt it right this time) anatomy was in it!! They shud have come up with a nick for him too in grey's.. likeee.. McDrooly. oooo me likey :)

Friday was prawn boy's birthday.. Happy Birthday Prawn!! On thursday he invited us to have dinner with him at Indian Grill.. i've never been there so was quite excited.. i love indian food la. dunno bout the rest but i totally stuffed my face.. Dinner was great and the company was fab.

Thanks prawn! Hope u had a great birthday.. i was quite sore that ya'll went angel's share without me :( im lyk the social outcast thanks to my job. I need a holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MC week on idol.

I HEART JASON! He's so quirky la..he's lyk this big dope.. plus he's performed two of my fav. songs - halleluhah and e hawaiian rendition of over the rainbow - n did total justice to them.. n the facial expressions! very cute la.... My dad likes the david dude.. the young fart not the rocker.. his exact words were,

" i like the young fella"

???? .. yea i was pretty freaked out too heh.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

on the hunt for a nice dress with sleeves that doesnt cost an arm & a leg...

us with the birthday girl at shina's white, gold and silver themed 21st
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this realli was very traumatising for me as u can see
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

i love lazy sundays. Im sucha a couch potato.. or rather floor potato haha.. for some reason i prefer sittin on the floor rather than the sofa. Maybe cuz the sofa in my room is lyk from ten yrs ago and not very comfortable heh.

I juz watched the most gorgeous movie on cable.. ok maybe its not the MOST gorgeous but its definately one of the nicer movies ive watched in a long time.. its called "Catch and Release".. I dunno when the movie came out in theatres cuz i've neva really heard of it before.. call me ulu. Ahh.. talk about feel good movies man.. a little on the chick flick side but i think the guys would dig it too. Speaking of movies.. feels like i havent caught one (almost typed "catched".. wats up wit my engris lately) in ages.. last movie i watched was step up 2.. was dying to watch P.S i love u but didnt have the time.. ooo sex and the city movie is comin out in june i think.. or july.. i hope its good... i L.O.V.E the series. Think i've watched all the seasons lyk ten times over.

Can i pls say tt working on saturdays suckkkk. I have the absolutely shortest wkend.. my friday nights are gone.. my saturdays arent much fun after havin gone to work for half the day.. and sundays i juz feel lyk crashin infront of the tv.. and when i DO go out on saturdays i'm really the dead fish of the party. Yesterday we made our way down to one degree fifteen at sentosa for shinaboo's 21st. When we saw her at steph's bday at clarke quay she was happily inviting us all to her party at sentosa resort.. clueless to the fact that latsy was planning her surprise party at one marina.. on a freakin yacht. Haha i thot my 21st was the most happenin wat with the stripper n gorgeous hotel room n all but ok shina u win la.. it was such a nice change from the usual khalsa club room with the corny MC and DJ and the weird games and the changing of outfits all. The place was so nicely done up with the candles and the pics and the flowers.. and the CAKEEEEE. I've been hooked onto strawberry shortcake since i tried it at latsy's bday dinner at new york new york (shina, juz got reminded of urs and artsy's half chicken cesar salad haha) and i was so super excited to be reunited with my gorgeous strawberry shortcake yesterday.. or more like the cake was reunited with my fat gut.. i think i took like 5 helpings.. yum. I have to admit tho.. i was being a bit of a chicken on the yacht.. was positvely going into hyperventilation mode everytime i had to go stand near the edge of the boat.. and dun even get me started on getting onto the yacht in the first place.. but with the help of my own personal pep squad i managed to get on and off "CORCICA" (i think that was the name of the yacht?) without MUCH fuss. Anyways shinaboo.. hope u had a blast and thanks for having us.. :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

In honour of Miss Shola's birthday, we made our way down to dempsey last night for dinner. Mal, prawn and I met Siva at orchard station then we cabbed it from wisma.. ok slight digression.. taxi fares in cbd area are a bitch! from Wisma to dempsey it was lyk 13bucks.. that's ridiculous la.. We were to have dinner at P.S cafe and none of us knew where exactly it was and how to direct the taxi uncle so basically we went around dempsey lyk thrice and finally we got down from the cab and decided to juz ask directions and find our way there. After alot of "go straight and turn left" and with the help of our human GPS system (Sivalam) we finally found the place. Now ive heard alot of reviews abt P.S cafe and not very nice ones at that (eg. crappy food.. not great quality for the price, service needs improvement etc) so i was expecting the worst.. so i was really pleasantly surprise when i stepped into the cafe. The place is sooo pretty.. i took one look around and decided that i was gonna be coming back here again. The first half of the restaurant is lyk some comfy coffee area with sofa-like seats.. and then there's the dining area and also an alfresco area.

The 4 of us were the first to arrive.. darling birthday girl was lyk "on her way" as she always is haha (but i guess this is the one and only time in the year that we let her get away with her *ahem* punctuality) and a few others were coming a little later for drinks. I was really super hungry and was very tempted to be a rude child and get my main b4 shola came but in the end we just got some fries ($9) and some side bread with dip ($5) to keep us going till the VIP arrived. Ok i have to say the fries are lyk the yummiesttttttt.. fat chips with yummy yummy dip.. they gave us bbq and aioli.. i LOVE aioli.. another aussie fav of mine.. i remember in perth Bhav and I were eating EVERYTHING with aioli and sweet chilli haha. I was in a realli good mood after having the chips.. carbs are my pick me up :) explains alot i know haha.. shola came soon after and we finally ordered our mains.. mal and i got the fish and chips to share ($24), Siva got the duck rendang with rice ($24) Shawn the yindian boy got some lamb kofta curry ($24) and shola got this veal thingy ($22). When we were finally served our mains we immediately whipped out our digi cams n little camera phones cuz the presentation of all the dishes was so prettyyy and i was getting ready to go trigger crazy.. UNTIL they tole us that they don't allow photography of the food. Heh.. i was actually devastated.. i know that devastated is quite a strong dramatic word but realli.. took me a while to get over it.. i mean pretty-looking dishes like that are meant to be captured on camera first b4 we devour them! But i think we managed to take lyk 2-3 pics b4 we were told about their policy so i'll try to post some pics up later. The food was actually not bad.. the fish and chips was battered and im more a fan of crumbed fish n chips but i still thot it was pretty alrite.. and it came with my new favourite chipsss :) The rest seemed to be enjoying their food too and the portions are quite hearty.. so if you're planning to go there and you're a small eater i suggest get dishes to share cuz u absolutely have to leave space for DESSERT. The cakes are displayed near the front of the cafe around the host stand and I was going crazy reading all the lables. Sho went out of the cafe for a bit so we took the opportunity to choose a cake for her from the yummy selection. We told the staff that it was our friend's birthday and asked if they could arrange for a slice of the brownie with a candle on top.. they said sure AND they even offered to sing. Sho came back in and within 5 mins later the whole crew came to our table with the cake singing "happy birthday". Sho was pretending to b all embarrased but i know she was loving every minute of it, rite sho :) Siva and I were eyeing the sticky date cake since like dunno when so we got a slice of that as well. This sticky date slice compared to the one from marmalade was more indulgent.. the one from marmalade was a nice light dessert whereas this one was one of those realli sinful desserts.. definately meant to be shared. I think the cakes are from $10-$14 bucks per slice.. but big slices and with ice cream.. very worth it.. very sinful.. very addictive.. very yum.

After dessert the girls and I took a short walk to check out the alfresco area.. I would have loved to dine alfresco but it was raining earlier in the day and the area was a little damp.. and i din know if the rest would share my passion for the great outdoors so decided to save it for my next visit.. and yes im definately going back. I've already got it all planned out in my head :) We took a nice long walk to the main road and after a challenging trek in my painful heals and our encounter with the most big-ass spider i've seen in spore we finally made it to the bus-stop. Aahh.. being in dempsey is lyk being in some ulu area.. i was actually very happy to see the bus stop.. felt like i was back in civilisation again.. but that's also y i love dempsey.. its quite accessible, lyk 10 mins from town but once ure in there it feels like another island altogether.. like a mini getaway. All in all it was a GREAT night.. fabulous company.. good food..great desserts.. friendly service and alot of camwhoring.. hope the birthday girl had as much fun as i did haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOLAAAA.. WE LAU U LONG TIME! :)

my all time favourite photo
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pics from past few birthdays
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Monday, April 07, 2008

I just realised that there's so much i didnt blog about.. like my birthday! :) Im such a birthday person and in about 2 hours it will be Shola's birthday (although her real SECRET birthday falls on 7th April) so i'm lyk sorta in the bday spirit. This got me going through the pics on my computer from my last few bdays. I used to have pics from my 21st on my lappie (and a certain stripper on my ACTUAL lappie ;) ) until it crashed.. and with it went all the pics from my 1st year in perth.. but i recently discovered i had like maybe 2 shots from my 21st on flickr.. and i was super happy to find them.. especially the one with mal, bhav n me.. i absolutely loveee that pic.. i look so.. vulnerable. haha. All i can think about when i look at the pic is how throughout the whole blind-fold process - when i was being led from my room in currie to the car and then to ramaish's house - i never in my wildest imagination would have guessed wat those clowns had in store for me. I wish i still had the video la.. stupid computer crashes are the worst. Lesson of the day kiddos.. BACK UP YOUR SH*T. :)

Sigh.. that was definately one of the best birthdays.. i absolutely loveee surprises.. big ones, small ones, tiny ones, fat ones.. i love em allllll. So its no surprise *pun not intended* that my last birthday, my 24th, was one of those fabulous birthdays that go down in history. It started on the eve of my actual birthday (as they all do) with dinner at a "surprise venue" with Sivalam. We ended up going to Vansh.. this Indian fusion restaurant located by the stadium waterfront that ive been wanting to check out since lyk a realli long time ago and the clever boy knows how to take a hint so he very efficiently made reservations for two AND he specified for a table by the river. So clever this boy i tell u :) The place is realli realli pretty.. the inside of the restaurant looks damn gorgeous as well and the food was yummmmm. We got the lamb kebabs for starters.. now i know most of ya'll are thinking "ragi ate lamb??".. well yes i did and mainly because everytime I eat out with the boy he usually doesnt get much meaty stuff cuz when we order our mains we usually get stuff that the other can steal bits from.. and i eat only veggie and selected fish/calamari dishes so usually that's the variety we get. So i decided that since he put in so much effort in like picking the place and dressing up (he looked so cute tt day) I should at least let him be a bit of a carnivore. So we got the lamb. :) We also got naan, some paneer (cottage cheese) dish and some potato dish.. and while waiting for our food to arrive we were served with complimentary pappad with yummy dips. The pappad was rolled into lyk those nonya love letter thingies and served in these cute wine glasses.. very stylo mylo :) I majorly gutsed on the pappad.. asked for second serving all.. so naturally when the starter and mains arrived i got full really fast.. and surprsingly he did too. I always count on the boy to help me finish my food so that i dun feel bad about wasting it heh. Anywayss we were so super stuffed tt we had to doggy bag some naan and some of the gravy. After a nice walk along the river and a surprise bday cake from vansh i was dizzy with birthday fever. He asked if i wanted to check out Graze for drinks and i was really tempted but i had to wake up early to go to the temple with my dad the next day (birthday tradition) so figured it was best to go home. That sums up pre birthday dinner.

On actual birthday i wake up early.. go temple.. chillax wit dad for a bit.. con him into buying me two bottles of perfume (hugo and clinique's happy heart) and then i took a cab home cuz dad had some marketing to do. Haha he's quite a domesticated daddy.. Mom was at home sleeping.. she likes to sleep in late so its all good. In the cab i called siva lyk a million times to make sure he woke up cuz we were alllll going to the ZOOOOOOOOO. i love the zoo.. i loveeeee the zoooo. I got home, changed out of my good yindian girl clothes, into some zoo friendly wear and met Siva along AMK/YCK. We took a cab down to the zoo and met the rest there. It was quite a big group.. they werent juz there for my bday la im not THAT important haha stef n all were there with lil triston.. then sho and malibu.. prawn.. it was so nice.. it was really royal treatment for a day la.. everyone just gives in to you.. just the way life should be :) I had to leave the zoo earlier than the rest cuz i was suppossed to have dinner with the parents so Siva n i left first around 5.. took a bus back and i had lyk maybe 2 mins to breathe b4 i had to bathe n get ready for dinner. I wore my new dress.. the one i fell in love with at phuture.. and after everyone (yes all 3 important members of the household) were ready we took a cab to OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE *cheers n claps wildly* Ok the extra enthusiasm is due to the fact that i work there :) But that place has the best desserts.. Dinner ended up being complimentary and i realli wasnt expecting that.. was expecting lyk the usual management discount so that was really sweet.. and the whole crew came out to sing to me with the signature brownie (to die for).. a little embear but heck.. bdays are only once a year rite. After dinner parents decided they wanted to go for a lomanteec walk and i was suppossed to meet the rest again so we went our seperate ways.

Met siva at the MRT station and we went to clarke quay.. then we met malibooze n prawnboy and we started walking to God knows where.. i realli had no idea where they were going cuz it was meant to be another surprise. Finally we ended going to Mama's Caribean Bar at clarke quay.. its lyk nearer to the taxi stand.. lyk near coffee club n all. Most of the darlings were already inside.. mostly the dirty d's like shola, cherylite.. cherylite's hamster.. n KAARTSYYY.. wasnt realli expecting her to b there cuz she's not very into the whole club/bar scene so was realli touched she came. Aartsy n shiks also came in abit later.. wasnt expecting the young ones so tt was nice too :) Mama's is a nice rasta/reggaeish place with a live band.. i got called up on stage and siva joined me lyk 2 mins later.. at first they wanted us to do a sexy dance together (???) but i managed to get out of that by saying it was my birthday and maybe the boyfriend should do a dance for me.. so he did :) the group temporarily migrated from our comfy sofa area to the table near the front of the stage n were cheering n taking pics.. haha it was good fun.

We left Mama's at around 11ish i think? Mal,prawn,cher,ham,siva n I went to Gotham after that.
Gotham.. was.. fun :) I shall not go into detail but lets juz say it was a little recap of my 21st haha.. after gotham we went to chilies.. ok chilies on the other hand.. not so fun.. very crowded.. no aircon/ventilation.. and some guy got his head smashed thru the balcony door. So that pretty much was our cue to leave.. i was having a pretty perfect bday so far and i wasnt about to let a bunch of mama's ruin it for me so yep.. we left and decided to officially call it a night.

Well.. that was a pretty detailed post about my 24th :) I had a blast and would like to thank (albeit a very belated thank you) all the darlings tt showed me some lurveeeeeee. *muacks*

Sunday, April 06, 2008

the yummy choc banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting
remains of the sticky date pudding.. we attacked it b4 any pics cud b taken :)
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crabmeat linguine
chocolatey cupcake
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Friday, April 04, 2008

wooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi :)
ok.. i know there have been times when i dun blog for a while n then i come back n say "i know its been a while".. butttt.. this realli is the mother of all "i know it's been a while" statements. So yea.. I know its been a while :) To say i was un-inspired would be saying the very least. Was reading all the past entries.. and then i suddenly felt lyk blogging again.. I dunno about the rest of you but something is different about the way i write now when compared to my posts when i was in Perth. I guess you could call it "more grown up" but.. i dunno... i really miss being carefree.. yes even with Uni and lyk major assignments and exams around the corner i was still in my own happy perfect world. How i used to live for my shopping sprees.. heh.. it really was a different life altogether. Am hoping to go back sometime in January.. yes its a long time from now but am actually saving up and trying to convince the boyfriend to come along cuz i realli want him to c wat i fell in love with.. and wat i've been goin on so much about.

Does anyone still read my blog?

Anyhoo.. this is pretty much my life now : Work, sometimes dinner after work, go home,jog, watch abit of tv and then hit the sack.. can't realli blame me for not blogging rite.. wat with my exciting daily adventures and all :) I guess the only time i try to do something exciting is on saturdaes.. if i have the energy. I work on saturdaes as well (half-day but still..) so am usually half asleep by 11pm saturday nights.

For some reason ive been a major foodie the last 7-8 months or so.. it all started with planning on where to go for Siva's bday in sep 07.. i did an insane amount of research on the internet.. and i became so into checking out yummy places online that even after his bday was over i still tried to keep myself updated with the latest foodilicious places in town. Its actualli become an obsession.. ah yes.. me and my obsessions.. well at least ive progressed and moved on from underaged med students :) I swear reading some of my earliest posts made me cringe... i was suchhhhh a drama queen! Anywayss back to my new obsession.. so i research nice places to eat and then i drag Siva to check them out with me.. and he's quite a coffee shop boy.. so more often than not he ends up not too impressed with the places i suggest. Still.. he's usually quite obliging.. the last place we checked out was the marmalade pantry at palais renaissance.. food was alrite.. not fabulous but still good.. i guess main attraction here is the dessert selection. They have a detailed menu on their website (although prices have increased by about one to two dollars from the website prices) so i alreadi sorta planned my meal (and his too haha) b4 we got there. The main reason i was dying to go there was cuz they had falafel roll on their menu.. and sticky date pudding.. I used to have falafels and sticky date pudding all the time when i was in Perth and i hadn't had it since then so i was dyingggggg to check out the one at marmalade. I had the falafel roll($16), he had crabmeat linguine($22) and we ordered wedges to share($5). Actualli on the menu it said homemade dips with wedges for $9.. but the wedges were served to us without any dip so i think thats y they charged us $5.. i asked the girl that served if there's any dips for the wedges and she was like "umm chilli or ketchup?" haha.. but service overall was alrite.. pretty friendly crew. As for desserts, we had sticky date pudding, some chocolatey cupcake and banana and chocolate cupcake wit peanut butter frosting.

The verdict : I guess it was alrite.. Wedges was normal la.. i mean how different can wedges get rite.. its more the sauces that give it that kick.. n since this one came without any dips it was juz normal.. i din mind paying 5 bucks for that.. falafel not as yummy as the ones u get in perth(falafel with the lot - cheese,egg, salad and of course falafel pattie.. and yummyy sauces.. the perfect after clubbing grub.) but still passable. Crabmeat linguine.. Siva was pretty happy with it.. i think he would have liked the portions to be a bit bigger but he said it was really tasty. I liked it too but im not a huge fan of crabmeat so i wasnt exactly jumping out of my seat. Sticky date pudding was very yum.. was tryna remember how the one in perth tasted like but my memory fails me so cant really compare. chocolatey cupcake was pretty normal.. nothing great.. a bit "gelat" after a while.. choc banana cupcake was yummm.. but i think im more of an ice cream or creamy dessert person.. cupcakes abit too dry la.. but if u're a cupcake person then m sure u will enjoy the ones at marmalade :)

Ahh so am finlly able to cross out at least one restaurant from the many on my list to try :) The list includes one rochester, graze, angel's share, sanobar, cugini, zambuca and rang mahal (both r located in pan pac hotel). Its not that extensive rite? I think poor Siva is a little scared haha.. i cant help itttt... am a sucker for yummy food in nice places.. am really NOT the coffee shop kinda chick.. im sure i sound lyk an uptown bit*h but im sorry.. u know how in coffee shops there's all these old aunty n uncles clearing the phlegm in their throats and blowing their noses into the dustbins.. yes? Or have i just been going to all the wrong coffee shops.. haha but ya that's wat i always see/hear when i go to a coffee shop and i realli cant eat after that.. im not even bein a brat about it la its just me.. I lose my apetite really easily. And im not asking for fine dining.. mackers or KFC is fine with me.. or the prata shop even.. juz as long as its free of phlegm-clearing patrons. That's really not too much to ask rite :)

So if anyone has any suggestions for a place with good food and lovely alfresco/waterfront setting pleaseee share with me!

Yay.. im pretty happy that i blogged.