Sunday, February 25, 2007

i haf no comments.

ok maybe i have one comment.

NUS was good.. but acidhouz was better.
ok second round is over n i still think acidhouz should win

mann its sucha slack sundae.. i feel lyk watchin many movies n eatin many junk food.. and i want calamari!!!!! i wish there was some yummy cafe place near my house.. besides liquid kitchen.. actually cafe cartel @ J8 isn't that far away la i'm juz bein a layzie bum. J8 has got heaps of cool stuff now.. n by "cool stuff" i mean yummy places to eat haha.. ok i'm such a pig ah.. ok dhool's started again!! I HOPE ACIDHOUZ WINS!!!
GUYSSSSS i hope acidhouz winssssssss.. i lyked tridiac,anarchy,acidhouz n borders.. n i thot diversity was quite power as well.. but its onlee e first round so my views might change later.. ok dhool's starting again ta!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

wahhh.. ya'll velli impatient leh.. think i so free to update my blog regularly lyk ya'll ah.. im very busy sleeping n bein a couch potato ok!!!

I've been on a sorta clubbing roll lately.. i think it all started cuz of Valentine's day.. i guess this wud b a gd time to update on my v-day happeningz.. well basically i had lunch with yummy boy.. then went home to slack for a couple of hours.. then met yummy boy again for dinner.. he bought me flowersss!! :D We went to eat at TCC in cineleisure then headed down to boat quay to meet the girls at beez.. Ok im sorry to any beez crew reading this but im not a fan of the place so i din have tt much fun at beez but after that we went to N9 cuz Ban decided to make a guest appearance in the last hour at beez n he wanted to club somemore so he, sivalam n I went to N9 n it was MOST FUN!!! I laus the indian and english mix la. So since that day i was in some clubbing spell and wanted to go every other day.. in fact i just got back from Raaga (ha!) but i think its safe to say that i'm finally over my mini fascination. I'm finally all clubbed out.. and no i assure you it's not lyk one of Shola's "i'm not clubbing for the next 2 wks" kinda story :P (i laus u sho)

Raaga was alrite but i was very tired and i din lyk the live band.. actually come to think of it i'm not a big fan of indian club live bands in general.. the only indian club i seem to lyk is N9 and all their music is supplied by an extremely adorable DJ who in my opinion is just fabulous. His mixes are lyk awesome and i feel lyk dancing for every song. The only times i had fun in raaga was when the live band took a break n the DJ was doin his thing.. and also when Ban n Jesh took part in some mini dance competition thingy (and they won!!).. very entertaining i say.. oh and also when sho was making eyes and romantic lausing faces at mamafied fellas walking past :)

I'm just about ready to pass out now.. lookin forward to having a semi-quiet wkend.. most prob dinner wit e girls tonite and juz chillin at home on sat nite.. n hopefully Dhool on sundae!! Girliess wats happening wit dhool??? Did we get tix?? I WANNA GO!! *mopes*

Sunday, February 11, 2007

oohh man i'm so stuffed.. i'm sucha pig la.. i juz got home half hour ago.. went for dinner wit parents at e cricket club n then met the girls for a bit at BQ cuz of cheddars bdae celebration.. and i was eating non stop la.. had some salmon salad thingy at cricket club n a glass of wine and champagne.. then walked my high self to bq and ate somemore there!! Ya'll know my love for BQ calamari rite.. so was stuffing my face with that.. n then we had a bdae cake for cher.. and ya'll know my love for cake also riteeee haha :( I'm so full now.. n for some reason still feelin abit high.. but maybe its cuz im jus tired la. I have to go study now for my test on tuesdae.. am not really in a studying mood la so irritating.. everyone's out partying but nooo i hafta STUDY *mopes*

Friday was cool stufffff.. went to dxo wit the ladies.. its freakin ladies nite la on friday.. free flow n free entry so it was quite crowded.. it was my first time at dxo and my take on the place is that jts ALRIGHT la.. i'm such a Gotham freak la my loyalties n love will always lie with Gotham.. i juz love the place and the music and the crowd.. but DXO's ok i suppose.. i mean it was free so im not complaining haha. After DXO around 3ish we went to chillies n boyfriend was there wit his boyzzz.. so ya that was fun la.. i was really lookin forward to chillies cuz i wanted indian music.. haha who's disowning me? Well too bad!! I'm indian! Tamilachi!! DEAL WITH IT! But sadly they din really play much tamil songs.. i wanna go asoka laaa.. malibu when when whennn.. we need to set a date.. ure my asoka makkal haha.. ok i can feel the bulk of my frens slowly slippin away hahah :)

boooo.. im actually quite sleepy.. but i will peserve (or howeva u spell it). Must study.. tmw most prob goin to watch dhool.. so i need to get most studying n revising done b4 i sleep. Im so addicted to smoked salmon.. m thinking abt it while typin this entry.. its so yummy n light n healthy.. not tt i really give a crap abt healthy food.. its just that with all my prata n cakes n meehoon goreng and fatty north indian food it wudn't hurt to squeeze in a healthy dish once in a while ya :)

wokaywokay.. must tear myself away from the laptop.. *poof*

Monday, February 05, 2007

my babygirl

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the supposed miss 24/7 pms queen..

oh my god.. i'm very confused.. for e longest time i tried logging into blogger with my password and username n i couldnt find my blog at the login page so i decided to set up a new blog using the same password n username.. n when i logged in i found my blog!! Sounds confusing? IT IS!! ok whatever the important thing is i got my blog back!!! Ahhh yayyyy.. i missed thisssss!!

hello vanakkam to one n all.. its 4am.. im goin for a jog in 2 hours.. i havent jogged in forever cuz ive been sick 4 e longest time. I was havin sore eyes and then i had the flu immediately after.. was quite a bad couple of weeks la. But i'm almost recovered nowwwww.. no more sexy voice hahah.. lets seee wat's the most recent exciting thing tt happened? THAIPUSAM! Ahh yes thaipusam is the bomb diggity la.. n i hafta say sivalam looks super cute in a veshti man.. if he lived in a village in India he'd be lyk the village hunk yaar.. yum :D Went clubbing last night with him n the girlies.. was fun la but as usual end of e nite there'll b some immature idiot who has to talk trash.. but its ok unlike some dumb mamafied idiots i don't believe in fighting so let the loser talk as much shit as he wants.. stupid old fart clubbing with a bunch of undohs way younger than him.. he's in way too much denial so we shall not bother!

I'm officially broke.. i cant believe im back to being broke again! But its ok i rather b broke than work in the DBS call center.. Singaporeans can really be super rude man.. and we all know patience isn't exactly one of my shining qualities haha.. think i'm too fussy for my own good.. but its really cool la thinking about the nightmarish customers and the bitch of a commute i think im better off.

I will be back with more updates.. in e meantime.. pls remember to b nice to ur customer service officers.. and to the losers who can't deal with the fact that i just don't like them.. keep tellin yaself its pms if it'll make u feel better!