Wednesday, October 11, 2006


i haf no social life.. i leave for work at 7.15 in the morn n come back home at 7.30 in e evening.. if i dont go out anywhere after work la.. n i need to b asleep by 10.30.. i'm 12yrs old all over again.. im beyond exhausted.. and i jus want my life back.. i dun care abt being broke.. sigh.. ok bye.. i realli need to sleep now.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

From left to right:
-dinner at lana thai on the first nite we were in Perth
-Malibu n I at Metro City
-Dinner to celebrate my graduation wit mal,nitya n my parents
-At feddys after watchin John Tucker Must Die
-Malibu and I at Cottesloe Beach
-Myself wit the gorgeous Satyakalyani
-At blue duck cafe
-In Margx toilett
-At lana thai again wit mal n sharmi Posted by Picasa
At my graduation ceremony.. really kickin myself now for returning my gown early.

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I know its been a while.. wanted to blog when i got back from Perth but was waitin 4 Malibu to post the pics up on the internet.. i know i know *excuses excuses* : ok so i was also abit layzie la.. wakin up late n bummin all day can be quite tiring u know.

So anyhoo.. Perth trip.. was goooddd.. and coldddddd.. wow.. i so wasn't prepared for winter.. its supposedly spring la but i realli was freezing my ass off lyk 99% of the time.. thank God i had my winter stuff in Bon's house so i was barely surviving with my winter jackets. The main reason for my trip was my graduation.. it was ok la.. freezin my ass off again.. the ceremony was 2 hours long and surprisingly it wasn't as boring and unbearable as i thot it would be.. i was too bizzie freakin out for the first 1 hr 15 mins b4 they called my name to b bored.. dun ask me y i was freakin out la.. im jus not very into the whole walkin onto stage with everyone's attention focused on me.. n i realli was very paranoid abt tripping.. I wanted to wear a nice sari but i can't walk around for nuts in a sari so jus stuck to a peach coloured punjabi suit (picked out by my fabulous punjabi suit Guru Miss Rajesh Uma) andddd my undoh pointy shoes.. my parents had alot to say(none of it good) abt my shoes but i realli din care i jus wanted to wear smth that i could walk comfortably in.

After the ceremony there's usually one major photo takin session goin on.. Graduants in their graduation gowns takin pics wit frens n family.. but i dunno y i very smartly returned my gown b4 i cud take pics wit anyone haha.. its jus tt the gown was realli not keepin me very warm so i jus returned it n wore my winter jacket.. totally unglam but i din really care.. i still took pics wit my frens but not wearing the gown kinda defeated e whole purpose of them comin down 4 my graduation la.. I'm an undoh i know.. sorry guys to those who came down..

Rest of the trip was cool la.. mal n i went to the beach on wednesdae.. blue duck cafe baby! aahh wedges are yum la.. and the garlic bread.. n the wine that came in tiny glasses.. and the sunset.. was realli nice. It was basically a food trip.. piggin out on thai food, pizza, junk, potatoes in all forms and yummy sinful milkshakes.. it was all very yumm but not stuff that i could survive on for long.. i'm a local food freak la.. i love thosai! And i love not having to pay 9 bucks for a plate of fried rice.. ha.

The highlight of my trip was definately seeing the kiddies la.. Miss S.K is lyk the cutest thing ever.. *sigh* The shopping was alrite.. not great.. prints were lyk the in-thing and im not realli big on prints so i din get that much stuff.. mostly stuff for work la.. but its all good cuz i saved some cash frm the trip n im gonna use it to bring the bf out for a belated bdae dinner.. i was in Perth durin his birthday la so i wanna make it up to him.. :)

I start work this thursdae! M excited n scared.. dunno if im gonna make any frens considering im not exactly the friendliest person around.. i hope my colleagues are nice and not lyk cliqueish and completely chinese speaking.. then im doomed la. It all the way in freakin Bedok.. jus my luck rite.. ok la.. very tired alreadi.. laterz!