Thursday, May 29, 2008

im sooooo uluuuu. Longhouse kopitiam has been open near my estate for like the longest time and i think i've only eaten there ONCE. Had some indian rojak and didnt think it was very nice so i didnt bother trying any of the other stuff after that.. this was when i was 16 or 17 i think.. and also as u know im not quite into coffeeshops so I wasnt exactly dying to check out the other stalls.. BUT.. my aunties and mom and I went there for dinner two days ago.. omg the food is really really good! We decided on Longhouse cuz the aunties and my cousin were over at my place so we decided to go somewhere near for dinner.. and Longhouse is just across the road.. when we got there everyone looked at me and they were like "so what's good here".. heh oops.. i tried my best not to sound like an uptown brat when telling them sheepishly that coffeeshops arent really my scene. Cuz of my uluness we decided to take a stab in the dark and try the usual favourites.. my aunty did all the ordering.. she got kway teow, popiah, this fried tofu thing which is my new favourite dish.. and carrot cake (the local dish not the dessert this time ;)). Ok i din try the kway teow and popiah but the other two were really yummy la.. I got home and excitedly called my coffeeshop boyfriend to tell him that i wouldnt mind eating at Longhouse once in a while.. yay :) I cant believe it took me so long to realise that there is yummy food in Longhouse.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

david cook won idol???

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Midweekkkk. Im off on saturday!!!! Finallyyyy.. i gathered up the courage to ask my controller for leave haha yes i know its only half a day and not really that big a deal but i don't know.. this is my first proper job ok so i've never actually taken leave before in any of my other jobs.. :) Yayyy.. no work on saturdayyyyy baby. The weekend was pretty fun.. watched Made of Honour with the boyfriend on saturday.. and we pierced our noses!! Yea it was kinda spontaneous.. the first time i pierced my nose in 2002, i did it with a needle at Primitive.. for $50.. then i had to take it out last year cuz i joined an idiotic company run by snobs and they made me take it out ( n they were Indian btw).. this time round i did it with the gun for $6 haha.. i still prefer needle though.. the whole gun thing is like a shock.. and so after it's done you're still recovering from the shock for a while.. for the needle maybe the process is like ten seconds slower but you know what to expect also so.. i don't know.. i still prefer the more expensive way. Made of Honour was alright.. quite predictable.. oddly enough Siva seemed to enjoy it more than me.. i'm actually starting to get sick of chick flicks.. Sex and The City being the exception of course! I can't freaking wait for it to come out in theatres hereeeee!

On sunday I met Malibooze in the day and we went to see Tanuja who just had a babyboy at Mount A.. aiyo.. so cute la the fella.. Mal and i were practically interrogating Tanu about childbirth.. and i'm more convinced now than ever that i don't want kids! Really.. she said contractions are like cramps x100.. normal cramps already I cannot tahan.. cramps times a hundred is like.. no way man. Really don't think i wanna put myself through that heh.. then came back home and chilled for awhile.. and in the evening met the rest at casurina prata shop for some yummy thosaiiiiiii *yumm*. After dinner we headed over to sho's, waited for her to doll up then we went to town.. and we made shawnprawn take a bus! Very proud of you prawn :) The girlies chilled at coffee bean and i got to have my carrot cake fix (the dessert ok.. not the local dish*ahem* ) while prawn was at swensons with the family.. i think everyone was kinda tired and we left town around 12ish..

On Monday i went to do some window shopping in town.. alone.. cuz SOMEBODY was being a brat.. im not gonna say who.. but somebody (russell peters style) :) I saw a couple of nice dresses in random far east shops but all were lyk $100 and over.. i dun understand why they do that.. its quite ridiculous.. but i'm not suppossed to be spending anyways so maybe its a good thing.

im quite proud of myself. Im usually really bad at keeping in touch with people.. i have so many friends that i was close to in poly and Uni but now hardly even talk to cuz i'm sucha lazy cow. But i have to say that lately i have been making a bit more effort to try and meet up with the long lost ones.

Met Alvie for dinner yesterday after work. After like.. 2 n a half years i think.. last time i saw her was in 2005.. and to think we used to see each other almost everyday when we were in Currie.. going down to the dining hall for meals together.. and clubbing.. and shoppinggggg :) We were supposed to meet at 7 at clarke quay but i had to buy something from Suntec (a very important white belt) so we decided to meet at Suntec itself for dinner. Ok slight digression.. i bought a white waist belt! Yay like finally.. i found something i like.. and that sorta goes with most of my stuff.. although i don't know if's exactly the most recommended look for me. But wat the hey.. i like it. :) Anywaysss after the both of us getting a little bit disoriented with the directions (she took the bus going in the wrong direction and i for some reason was confused about where the convention centre was) we finally met at 7.30 and decided to have dinner at Bali Thai (BT).. this Thai place at the basement of Suntec.

The place itself is quite cosy.. and it definitely looked better than the setting at Siam Kitchen,(SK) another Thai place just next to Bali Thai. I know.. there i go again judging a restaurant by its cover.. but i dunno SK looked really unimpressive.. and this is just the interior alone i didn't even bother looking at the menu after that. After settling at BT, we took a quick look at the menu and decided what we wanted to get pretty fast. I was gonna get the phad thai (no surprises there)($8.50) and Alvie settled on the jungle noodles($8.50).

After deciding on what to get we started filling in the blanks from the last 2.5 years.. and i was getting really nostalgic talking about Perth and Currie.. we were rattling on enthusiastically about the happenings in our lives and were so absorbed in our conversation that 20 mins later we realised we actually forgot to order our food! Heh.. but i also thought it was weird that the service staff didnt come forward to ask if we were ready to order.. don't the servers usually take the initiative? For drinks we just wanted ice water.. but the server said they only sell mineral water.. which is such a put off. I hate places that don't server tap water.. so i got ice lemon tea ($3) and she got barley ($2.50).

My Phad Thai came with chicken and i asked the guy taking our order if i could request for it be done seafood style.. and he said no.. isn't that weird (again).. i mean i don't understand why they can't just throw in some seafood into the noodles.. so i got it veg instead. I was quickly becoming very un-enthusiastic about the whole restaurant.. then our food came. I wasn't too impressed with my phad thai.. it was a pretty small serving.. and there were lots of carrots (i hate).. and cashews.. it was really just so-so.. but i have to admit the Thai restaurants here get it pretty hard from me cause i keep comparing everything to the fabulous "LANNA" in Perth. Although i actually really like the phad thai from thai express.. that's my favourite so far in Singapore. Alvie's jungle noodles were supposed to be glass noodles or something according to the menu.. but it turned out to be kway teow.. glass noodles = kway teow?? I'm not sure.. i think we both were expecting something else.. and she ended up not finishing 3/4 of the dish cuz she said it tasted quite burnt. I guess BT's lucky that we're pretty passive customers who don't fancy kicking up a fuss and sending dishes back to the kitchen... partly cuz i'm afraid they might spit in my food.. and partly cuz at $8.50 a pop i guess we have to sorta lower our expectations. Our bill came up to $32.. extras were for the prawn crackers (that the server conveniently cleared without asking if we were done.. which were werent!) and those scented wet tissues.. oh and one last weird thing about BT (for me at least).. they ended up charging me $9.50 for my phad thai.. cuz i changed it to veggie.. like seriously does this place have no redeeming qualities??? Ah well.. am definitely not going back there.. *grumbles*

After dinner Alvie and I took a nice walk to the bus stop opposite City Hall and said our dramatic good-byes filled with promises to keep in touch and meet up soon :) All in all i had a blast.. sometimes its a bit painful talking to my friends from Uni especially when they remind me of some very unglamorous things i used to do.. but i guess its better to laugh about it then roll around in embarrassment. :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ya know.. i really hate public toilets. Peeing is such a personal thing. Its quite disturbing that other people are listening to you pee.. and what if you're in the toilet juz to primp(like me i hardly go to puclic toilets to pee, usually just to check out my reflection :) ).. all engrossed in doin your makeup or your hair.. and then u have to hear someone peeing... And what if you have to take a dump.. like a major one with sound effects and all.. how traumatising is that for the dumper(person taking a dump) and dumpee(innocent bystander outside the toilet who is forced to hear someone taking a dump).. and the smell.. and the overall lack of cleanliness in most public toilets.. and there's so much hype about hygiene and washing your hands after going to the toilet. Well what about those who don't listen.. when they open the "main door" to get out of the washroom don't they infect the handle with their disgusting hands.. and when we obedient hygenic citizens who do wash our hands then open the same door to leave the toilet arent we infected with the bacteria anyways. Its disgusting. If the governement cares so much they should install automatic doors for ALL public toilets.. And also.. soundproof cubicles.. so we can all pee and primp in peace.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

yayyy my mummy likes jason tooooo.. she said he's cute and that his hair suits his face all laaa fwaahhh.. my mom the fashion expert :) sigh but i think he pretty much screwed up tonight la.. and in all fairness as much as i laus him i think he should be the one to go in tmw's elimination.. so come on America! Be a man! Do the right thing! :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm not one for massages usually.. but suddenly i feel like going for one.. feel lyk there's a million knots in my back and my poor poor feet are all swollen from new shoes. Damn bad shape la. I feel like doing a survey.. everyone tell me what your favourite chocolate is.

Mine is : PICNIC. yummmm.. the nuts n the nougat and the caramel.. i love.. for some weird reason the picnic choccie at candy empire is 3 bucks! Must be some hardcore picnic.. but it looks yummier than regular picnic.. ahh all the stuff at candy empire is to die for la. Its so unfair.. i work in a restaurant AND right next to munchy donut AND right opposite candy empire.. all in the same building.. and coffee bean and starbucks ain't that far away either.. its like all the forces are against me. :(

Saturday, May 03, 2008

fridayyyyyyyy.. to all u idiots who are all TGIF juz shaddap n have some pity for the poor souls who have to work on saturdays. I wish i had a job where i only need to work like a 4 n a half day week.. and that pays me many money at the same time.. i'm so not meant for the working world.. i hate hate hate formal wear.. i usally go to work in jeans n 3/4s n SLIPPERS ha.. one of the plus points of my job i guess :)

Met sumi darlin for dinner today like finalllyyyyyyyyyy! We've been saying that we need to have a reunion for the longest time but with both our busy*ahem* social lives it juz neva worked out.. untilllll i read her blog n saw that she had the same gorgeous guess bag as meeee.. u know, the last one that i bought.. so OF COURSE we had to get together for a matching guess bag dinner party haha.. we made plans for today evening at ricciotti.. an Italian restuarant/deli/pastry place that has the yummiest looking desserts. Its right next to riverwalk tandoor and we've both been walking past the place since we were like.. in friggin ngee ann haha.. but neither of us has eaten there b4 and u know how i love tryin out new places right.. needless to say i was super excited :)

Our theme for the night was red.. but Sumi cheated n the only red she wore was red nail polish.. unlike me i went quite psycho with the red top and accessories haha.. and of course our yummy guess bags.. so high school i know :) On to the food.. we got calamari to share ($15.80), Sumi got crabmeat linguine (24.80), i got salmon panini(14.80) and we got a glass of white dessert wine each ($12).. omg the wine is my new favourite wine! When i was in oz i fell in love with "late harvest" by Houghtons and i was lookin for it high and low in singapore but i doubt they carry it here.. but the dessert wine i had today tasted almost exactly like the late harvest one! Soooo yummyy.. i would have gotten another glass but am trying to budget la.. and I wasn't even high.. i guess its not a very strong wine.. and if I'M saying its not a very strong wine you can bet ur last dollar it isnt cuz i'm the most un-alcoholic person around.. really.. i usually get high after like 3/4 way through my ONE glass of wine. Its not something i'm exactly proud of but i guess i save alot of money that way huh haha..

Ok enough about the superb wine.. food was quite yummy too.. i tried abit of Sumi's linguine.. i liked it more than the one i tried at marmalade pantry.. my salmon was really good too but i like eating my sandwiches with ketchup.. and the nice lady serving us said that unfortunately they don't serve ketchup as they are a traditional italian restaurant and offered me some authentic tomato sauce.. pomodero i think it's called? It was alright i guess.. think my sandwich would have been yummier with AUTHENTIC ketchup :)

Calamari.. actualli i wasnt a fan of the calamari.. but i'm very very fussy about my calamari so don't trust my judgement. The portions were pretty alright.. not too big not too small.. calamari portion thought for 15.80 i thought it was quite small.. the one at Outback is about the same price and the portion size is really like a main on its own heh.. and yummmyy.. i love outback calamari.. n im NOT bein biased :)

Sumi is so funny la.. she was saying how she's damn hungry cuz she was saving space for dinner n din really eat lunch.. but she didnt even finish her pasta.. .. and I on the other hand was saying how im not so hungry cuz i had quite a filling lunch and i wanted to get something small at ricciotti.. well not only was my salmon panini not "something small".. i ended up eating all of it.. it was very very filling.. oh well juz goes to show wat a pig i am.

And of course we got dessert.. i got the sicilian cassata ($8.50) not too sure if the spelling is right, and Sumi got the soffiato ($8.90), the one with "the stuff that oozes out" in her words more or less haha.. i think she either traumatised or turned on the waiter with that comment haha. Of course in btwn this food fest we were filling each other in on the last lyk million years of our lives.. and reminiscing about the (sometimes not so good) old days.. damn funny la.. we really had our fair share of psycho moments together.

All in all i had a blast.. and i was really expecting nothing less from the company of the sexy mama.. and we took our first pic today!
The first in our 7 years of friendship.. though i still find that hard to believe.. haha.. Sumi i think we might have ONE undohfied clubbing pic from a million years ago somewhere la.. i think.. my instincts are telling me so haha.. yay.. yummy dinners and company make ragi a happy camper :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

exhaustedddddddddddddddddd. I cant believe the public hol that i was lookin forward to for the last two wks has come n almost goneeeeeee. Today was the bomb though.. I actually wanted to do something realli fun last night.. sholabu came to meet me for dinner during my 2+ hour break from work and I managed to convince her that Outback was the way to go :) I love the pasta at outback la.. yum.. sho n i ordered many yum food.. n then sivalam came abit later n we were all chillin.. n then around 9ish i had to get back to work for the last bit of my stocktake which ended pretty fast..n then went back to the table to chill with the bestu friends.. n then shawn n mal came later n ordered food.. n then we went to cineleisure but there was nothing nice showing.. n then we went home.. n then... the end. :) I was realli so super tired la.. i was quite irritated with myself cuz i had all these big plans in my head to go for drinks and chill at some nice place with the boy but in the end i had absolutely no energy.. :(

But its ok today more than made up for it.. woke up around 10ish.. got ready then met malibooze, prawn n shola then we went to pick up steph n triston n we all went to have brunch at dempseyyyy. The weather was bloody insane.. so hot la.. i left the house feelin all glamorous but that feeling quickly dissipated after ten mins of walkin around in the hot sun with my hair stickin to my face. Our first stop was go-go bambinis.. its like this sorta playland for kiddies la n there's a cafe too.. we were initially gonna eat there but the menu wasnt too exciting so after letting tristy play around for abit we decided to go to P.S cafe.

Aiyoh the little one is truly very cute.. he's starting to say a few words and one of the words happens to be "mei-mei".. apparently she's his manjan girlfriend la.. i sorta knew that he was very attached to her n i just brushed it off as puppy love but after i heard that he can say her name all PLUS the way he says her nameeee.. its sooo cute and with so much passion.. i realised it was true love la haha.. i was trying to take a video of him saying "meimei" with my phone but then he saw my phone and uncle and mobile phones are quite inseperable la.. once he sees a phone he MUST have it so my video plan was foiled : and he was so happy at bambini's in the play pen thingy.. there's this damn cute pic of him buried under all the balls and its on mal's camera so maybe i'll post it up lyk in a couple of months or something la haha okkkk jokee aunty maliiii :)

P.S. cafe was, again, nothing short of gorgeousness.. i really wanted to sit at the couch area but the section was closed.. think there was a bday party or something la.. but its ok the whole place is velli pretty so doesnt really matter. The brunch menu was not very extensive.. i was tryin to decide btwn the banana bread and the museli.. e museli sounded realli good and came with like alot of other extra toppings but 19 bucks for museli was really abit too much for me so decided on the banana bread instead.. which was like a dollar cheaper haha. OK i know banana bread sounds very unhappening but omg the presentation la.. this place realli puts so much effort into the presentation and it really sucks that they dont allow photography.. the dish consists of two slices of banana bread, bananas, berries and a dallop of mascarpone cheese. It was damn shiok.. but really meant for sharing.. got a bit gelat after a while.. and we also got the yummy friesssssssss. Im not kidding bout my laus for the fries k.. i even ordered a second round towards the end. During brunch steph suggested we go swimming at the pool near her house so after P.S we walked back to the car in the scorching heat then took a mini road trip around singapore to get everyone's respective swimwear *props to malibooze for giving us a lift around spore* Unfortunately sho had to ditch us for her stylo dinner at hyatt.. apparently she's too cool to be hanging out with us peasants :)

Swimming was so fun laaa.. little Miss Corcica joined us and we were all so entertained by triston's antics.. and i think the rest were also entertained by my awesome swim fashion.. hey goggles and swim caps are totally in ok. We left the pool after an hour.. went back to steph's house n i left soon after.. was really tired n i had dinner waiting at home for me. M realli bushed.. think im gonna sleep earlier than usual today.. m already yawning every ten seconds. Sigh as much as the past few wkends have been the bomb i think i need to relax abit.. take it easy on the wallet little bit la.. how come nothing awesome like winning the lottery has ever happened to meeeeeeeee :(

Ok on second thoughts lets scratch that sleep early plan.. juz realised they're showing failure to launch on cable and it ends at 1am.. and we all know that i HAVE to watch it right. Ok m off to crash on the floorrrrrr.