Friday, May 29, 2009

I took the circle line today. FINALLY. Construction has been goin since 2004.. and finally after 6 years i was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. No pun intended :) The constructions were a pain in the ass! First they boarded up the walkways which kinda made the area from my block to the busstop quite dodgy.. then the created a make-shift bus stop which was like more or less at the other end of the estate. Lets not even get started on all the road diversions. Now finally my bus stop is back to the initial spot, and the MRT station is just behind my block! Its quite convenient i have to say. Now i just have to wait for the Promenade station to open so i can take the circle line to work.. the Promenade station is like 2 mins from millenia walk! Door to door service on a whole new level. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

i dun feel like playing ur games anymore. That's right, now bugger off.
Why has this backache come back to haunt me.. i look like the freakin hunchback of notre dame.. n i reek of tiger balm. Why ah.. is age catchin up on me.. is it cuz i take late nite showers.. did i strain some muscle while i was being so productive at work. HURTS LIKE A BIATCH. Can i take half day.. shall i? Boo.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now you think that i
Will be something on the side
But you got to understand
That I need a man
Who can take my hand yes I do

I dont know what this is
But you got me good
Just like you knew you would

I dont know what you do
But you do it well
I’m under your spell
You got me begging you for mercy
Why wont you release me
You got me begging you for mercy
Why wont you release me
I said you’d better release yeah yeah yeah
I've had this article with me for a while but i completely forgot about it until i watched Night At The Museum 2. It was written by Mindy Kaling, the Indian girl from "The Office" and she had a tiny role in NATM2 n that kinda jolted my memory. Growing old :) ENJOY!

"Here's a true story about me: I keep a plastic bottle of water near my bed at night so I can stay hydrated. Hydration is the key to great skin and being thin and lots of life's other happinesses, according to the many, many women's health magazines I subscribe to.

So, one night, I drank a big gulp of water from my water bottle, turned off the light, and went to sleep, very pleased with myself.

In the middle of the night, I heard a gunshot and immediately peed my pants. Well, to be accurate, I peed my pajamas. For those of you who haven't had the experience of peeing yourself, it's not just for children and the elderly. It can happen to anyone who is terrified and thinks that they will be murdered shortly.

Well, it wasn't a gunshot. It was an indentation in my plastic water bottle un-indenting itself, loudly. It made a loud, plastic-y crack,, which I mistook for a gunshot. When I realized this, I felt relief ... then a deep foolishness.

Living alone is hard.

Don't get me wrong, living alone can be wonderful. I listen to the same Jordin Sparks song on repeat and no one tells me how irritating that is. I don't have to wear deodorant. I can wear granny underpants, my hair can be stringy, and I can eat directly from containers. I have autonomy. I'm like a Lost Boy from Peter Pan.

Since I have to be in makeup at 6 a.m. every morning for work, having no one see me when I get home is an amazing freedom. Also, by not having a roommate, I avoid friendship-ending arguments about house messiness (to be accurate, about how I am largely responsible for the house messiness).

But since I'm a chatty, tactile person, it can also get incredibly lonely.

When my New York–based boyfriend, Ben, is in town, this solves a lot of loneliness problems. But not danger problems. Ben is great, but he looks like a thinner version of Beck (himself a pretty skinny dude), so he's not a huge insurance policy against prowlers. Since I moved into my house, I've had some massive fraidy-cat moments almost daily — people knocking on my door to welcome me to the neighborhood, children trying to sell me magazines or cookies or get me to sign something.

So I've had to become a little more brave. Mostly I pretend I'm Jodie Foster in Panic Room.

Or Jodie Foster in any movie. Jodie Foster is always single-handedly fending off baddies. I also learned two key self-defense moves, about which I'm not going to go into detail lest people learn my secrets (hint: One involves groin damage, the other, arm-socket damage). Last, I bought a deafening alarm for my key chain, which I've set off when riffling through my purse, and it scares the living crap out of me, so I'm confident it will work in a time of duress.

As frightening as it can be, I treasure my time alone. Why? I can be as self-interested as I please. I'm 29, and as I feel myself drifting toward marriage and kids, I'll look back on this time as a delicious, tiny window where I got to do whatever I wanted. Including, as it turns out, peeing my pajamas in terror."

I'm at my prime, i'm basking in all my singledom glory. While we're on the topic of being able to do whatever i want.. i feel like piercing my tongue again!!! Shall ponder away.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I woke up abit earlier for work today.. wanted to get an earlyish start so i woke up like half an hour earlier than usual. I was getting ready for work and watching the ellen show at the same time and i was almost done and ready to leave in abt 5 mins when Ellen says, "Coming up after the break and here to sing for us is .. Matt Giraud" HELLLLLOOOOO!! I was like shrieking away happily in my room.. MATT G!!! So OBVIOUSLY i had to stay to watch the performance.. he sang "Lets Get It On" by Marvin Gaye.. one of the songs he performed on idol. It was damn bloody nice.. flawless.. he's perfect i tell ya. I guess my early start plan didn't quite work out but it was totally worth it! Thanks Ellen for making my day :D

Monday, May 25, 2009

On our first day in phuket, after taking a dip in our pool and grocery shopping the four of us came back to our villa all buggered out. Sho and i passed out on the couch within 5 mins heh.. i kinda assumed that mal n shawn wud do the same but noooooo malibu had other plans. Ever since she heard there was a place near our villa where we could go to for Horseback Riding she was talking about it nonstop pretty much haha. Although i was damn tired from the flight n lack of sleep etc i was determined to make the most of my trip so i decided to join the two. Sho the brave one stayed behind to catch up on beauty sleep. I changed into more appropriate Horseback riding gear (apparently u have to wear longish pants/jeans, and i was wearing a sarong haha) and we called for the nice obliging shuttlebus driverboy to drive us there. I've never been horseback riding and i was a little nervous mostly cuz this shola was goin on abt how that christopher reeves (or howeva u spell his name) Superman fella got thrown of his horse and was paralyzed blah blah.. but im glad to report that nothing of sorts happened :)

I cant remember how much we paid.. but it was pretty reasonable according to mal, our horseback riding expert. It was for an hour and we took this jungle trail, we had two guides accompanying us on foot and they gave us a crash course in horseback riding 101 like how to tug on the reins to instruct the horse to go left or right and stuff. The guide asked me if i wanted the horse to go faster at one point and i thought why not.. so off we went.. it was a little scary la cuz it was kinda bumpy and i was a bit scared that i'd fall off but i just clung on tight and enjoyed the ride. Got abit of the local phuket scene.. saw how the locals lived.. saw a bunch of kids playing in the fields.. I was really glad to have pushed my fatigue to one corner of my brain and joined the two.. horseback riding was heaps of fun! Although the next day shawn and i woke up to very painful bums hahah.. not mal though, our seasoned rider. But it was still worth it :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Like i mentioned earlier, i've been reconnecting with my old school songs. The latest to the edition are my Aerosmith songs. I LOVE AEROSMITH!!!! Adam triggered it off after singing "Crying" a couple of weeks ago on idol.. my favs would be "hole in my soul" , "Crazy", "Pink" and "Crying" of course. Sigh.. u know i really cant go on enough about this season's idol. It was so good.. i'm so sad its over.. i think im too emotional for my own good. Lately everything's been setting of my tear ducts. The last 3 books i read had me in sniffles.. when matt n allison got voted off i was tearing away.. i dunno wat is wrong with me!! Its so embarrassing.

I watched "night at the museum 2" with kaart n fi last nite.. it was quite a feel good movie. Not as nice as the first one but still very funny.. i love Kahman Rah or however u spell his name.. omg he really was the highlight of the show laaaaa. Especially the darth vader bit "There's too much going on here.. u're evil.. u're asthmatic.." HAHAHA i laughed so hard i think i scared the people around me. Kaart and I did supper at the prata shop after that.. its been ages since we did that.. and there were a couple of cuties at the prata shop too so it was a pretty good ending to my night :)

Back to work tmw. Blehhhh

Friday, May 22, 2009

Perfer et obdura: dolor hic tibi proderit olim - Be patient and tough: someday this pain will be useful to you.
I'd lost it for idol after Matt and Allison were voted off but i was kinda hoping Danny and Adam would be the final two. Instead it was Adam and Kris. KRIS. And then i was hoping Adam would win. Instead it was Kris. KRIS. I dont get it.. America will you realllyyyy buy his album.. his voice is nice but its not GREAT. I hope Matt comes out with an album quick.. oohh i hope he comes to sg for a tourrrr ;D

I am victim of my time
A product of the age
You alone are my obsession
You were the one I left behind
You’ve been heavy on my mind
It’s been a lonely road I’ve traveled

And so I walk to try to get away
Knowing that someday I will finally have to face
The fear that will come from knowing that
The one thing I had left was you
And now you’re gone

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ive been listening to all my old school songs.. i dont know they just dont make em like they used to. Like cranberries.. and jewel.. unchained melody.. when's the last time you heard a song that made you want to fall in love. Even movies.. sound of music! My all time favourite. Anyways this is one of my favourite songs and im listening to it now, used to listen to it on repeat when i was leaving Perth cuz i was oh so heartbroken, u know why *rolls eyes* haha

Song: When You're Gone
Artist: Cranberries
Hold on to love, that is what I do,
Now that I've found you.
And from above, everything's stinking,
They're not around you.
And in the night, I could be helpless.
I could be lonely, sleeping without you.
And in the day, everything's complex.
There's nothing simple, when I'm not around you

But, I miss you when your gone,
That is what I do, ba-baby.
And its going to carry on,
That is what I knew, hey baby.

Hold on to my hands, I feel like sinking,
Sinking without you.
And to my mind, everythings stinking, stinking without you.

And in the night I could be helpless.
I could be lonely, sleeping without you.
And in the day, everything's complex.
There's nothing simple, when I'm not around you.

And I miss you when your gone,
That is what I do, ba-baby.
And its going to carry on,
That is what I knew, hey baby.


i love her voice la.. its so haunting.

Friday, May 15, 2009

This is long overdue so think i shall get down to it. In January the awesome foursome decided to vacay in Phuket.. actually it was supp to be just me n the coupling but after some persuasion and financial planning shola decided she could join us as well. PERFECT! We left on thursday 8th Jan and came back on Sunday 11th.
Although this trip was a long time in the making everything was finalised only on 31st of December, thats when we booked our tickets and accomodation. When i say everything i mean evertyhing for me shawn n mal, sho only confirmed her attendance literally the day b4 the trip im not kidding. I managed to find this bloody gorgeous villa, 2 bedrooms with our own private pool for $270 per night! We booked the 2 bedroom one even b4 we knew sho was coming so when she finally did finalise things we didnt have to change anything. It was nice how everything kinda fell into place.

We reached Phuket at 11am on Thursday. Before the trip i did some research on nice places to see and came across Phi Phi Island. It looked damn bloody gorgeous from the pictures and i was so super stoked to go there. At the airport itself there were a couple of tour groups selling tours to Phi Phi so i obviously jumped at the chance and managed to convince the rest to get on board. Our first ten mins in Phuket and we each had already spent 1200 bhat (arnd $50 sing) thanks to me :) Then we made our way to our pre-arranged transport to the villa. It was abit of a drive.. around half hour.. i was abit stressed about how the villa would actually look. It looked really nice in pictures but, u know the wonders of photoshop. I must say we werent disappointed.. and thats an understatment. As we walked into the villa we were all like "" The place is seriously GORGEOUS. Just like in the pictures. AND OUR OWN POOL!!!! Needless to say it didnt take us long to strip down to our swimwear and jump in. damnnnn bloody shiok. We got some lunch from room service, went grocery shopping and got a whole lotta junk, came back and crashed for awhile, went Horseback Riding, came back to the villa, got changed,then went for dinner at this pretty little italian place down the road. The food was absolutely amazing! Best bruschetta ive ever eaten in my entire life. We had two servings of bruschetta, a main each, a glass of wine each and complimentary alcohol shots for like $15 per person? Why are we not living in phuket!?! Sho didnt join us cuz she was a lil under the weather so when we got back i filled her in on the happenings and the two of us sat by the pool and just bitched and gossiped for an hour then decided to call it a night. I had slept maybe 7 hours in the last two days so i was quite proud that i actually had energy to do all those things on Day 1 and happy that some much needed sleep was on the way. I think i slept off once my head hit the pillow :)


Woke up at 9 for brekkie. The staff at the villa came to our villa to personally cook us breakfast! Can u believe that. We had eggs,toast and sausages. After a few nibbles we decided to go for another swim.. i think we spent like half our holiday in that pool. At around 12pm we decided to explore the touristy areas like Patong beach and after quite a bit of walking we managed to find a tuktuk to take us. Patong is about 20mins from where we were and i must say the tuktuk rides arent for those who are easily prone to motion sickness. The bumpiness of the road coupled with the seating postion is one disastrous formula for some projectile. When we got to Patong beach the first thing we saw were jet skis.. so exciting!! We did some jet skiing, beers on the beach, massage on the beach, sho had a go at parasailing (she was a bit drunk too btw) and decided to call it a very productive day at 6p.m. Tuktuk-ed back to the villa and since we hadnt had lunch (too caught up in all the fun n we forgot to eat) we were all famished. Usually the villa provides a shuttle bus for guests who want to explore the surroundings but the driver had already gone home so we were left to find our own means of transport. Sho wasnt planning on joining us so mal shawn and i decided to walk out to the main road and explore the restaurants nearby. Unfortunately.. the villa was located deep inside some dark ulu area, it was 7ish and the skies were dark plus no street lights so you can imagine how ulu this place is.. and maybe 5 mins into our walk out, a stray dog started barking abit suspiciously at us. That was quite a scary moment, shawn was like, "ok slowly turn around and start walking back, slowly, dont run". Bloody hell i was shaking like crazy.. luckily the dog didnt attack us or anything but that incident ruled out the option of walking to civilisation. So there we were in a strange land with no means of getting out, no idea what number to call for a cab, reception wasnt picking up our calls either so we couldnt ask them for help.. was a liitle frustrating. Finally shawn the genius googled this restaurant (Rum Jungle) we saw earlier that day, got their number from the internet, called them, explained our situation and said we'd like to have dinner there but didnt have any means of transport and managed to get one of the staff to come pick us up! Brilliant la Shawn Dass. And sho decided she was up for joining us.. so commeneced the first awesome fourseome dinner in phuket. Food at rum jungle was pretty decent too.. at least i liked it. We got a tuktuk to send us back to our villa.. which really is like a 7 min walk from the restaurant but we were all too scared to walk after the earlier incident. Day 2.. pretty eventful.. im really loving phuket.

Day 3 - PHI PHI ISLAND DAY!!! I woke up literally jumping out of bed in excitment.. Phi Phi Island is where some scenes from the movie "The Beach" was shot. We got our packed breakfasts ( strawberry yoghurt, a bun and some fruit nothing impressive actually) and our transport came to get us at 7am. We got to the pier at 8 and boarded the ferry.. the journey to Phi Phi was quite long.. 2 hours if im not wrong. After an hour and a half we switched to a smaller ferry.. and went open sea snorkelling!! it was sooooooo fun.. Initially it was abit scary cuz we were really in the middle of the sea but we had our life jackets on and also the snorkelling masks werent of very good quality i think and salt water kept goin into my mouth which was really gross.. oh and not forgetting mal and i like action hero only decided to get flippers.. and once we were in the water we were like how the heckkkkk do u swim with these on hahaha it was hilarious. I got rid of mine after 5 mins but mal decided to keep hers on cuz of her "there's something lurking in the water" phobia haha :) It was the best experience ever.. using the snorkelling masks i put my head underwater and saw all the pretty tiny little fish and the corals.. and saw how far down the sea actually goes... it goes realllllyyyyy deep deep down. We were in the middle of the deep blue sea guys! Beat that. After that we finally got to Phi Phi, had some lunch (part of the package but really really quite crappy) then had our free and easy time.

Phi Phi beach.. oh my god i want to live there. Im not kidding.. i really want to spend the rest of my life there! ITS BEYOND GORGEOUS. I was practically running to the beach.. the rest were walking behind.. and then they decide they wanted to go shopping! I was like "HEH??" hahah its ok i was quite happy walking around on my own.. the water is a gorgeous shade of blue-green and crystal clear so you can see the tiny fishes swimming and everything.. and its shallow for miles!! I was in the water walking and walking for like 15 minutes.. and the highest the water level got was up to my knees.. ahhh just talking about it now is making me miss that place like majorly. Its really the most beautiful place ive been to. Actually the display picture on my blog, that's Phi Phi! LOVES IT! Unfortunately as badly as i wanted to set up camp there, we had to leave so we made our way back to our ferry for the two hour trip back to phuket.

Once back in our villas we decided to be proactive about dinner plans so that we wouldnt be stranded like the night before and got the reception to book us a cab. The guy that came to pick us up, was more like a car service guy.. like one of those chauffered transports.. and he was cute! Haha ;) He recommended this restaurant that was at one of the nearby hotels, Le Meridien, so we decided to go along with that. And we didnt regret it one bit. Its practically a 5 star restaurant, perched on a cliff, overlooking the sea. I was a lil bit paranoid about the whole tsunami thing but i didnt let that get to me. Oh and the most annoying part is my stupid camera died! I forgot to charge the battery! And shawn and sho didnt bring their cameras cuz they were relying on mine! Dammit la. It was such a gorgeous restaurant.. i was using my phone like old school times.. better than nothing i suppose. We feasted like pigs! Got tom yum soup, green curry, pineapple rice,phad thai, thai fish cakes, spring rolls and dessert! We paid $50 each which i still think is pretty darn worth it for the ambience,view, quality and quantity of food. Happy and full we waited for our cute transport guy to come get us, went back to our villa and decided to start packing since sadly, we were leaving the next morning :( Of course we had to use our beloved pool one last time.. was freezing but wat the heck haha. Sho and i did our routine night time gossip session till around 1 or 2 in the morning then decided to call it a night.

Day 4 - LEAVING PHUKET! :( what can i say.. we woke up.. all sad to leave.. got our unimpressive packed brekkies and said goodbye to the gorgeous villa. Our flight was at 9 or 10 in the morning so straight to the airport it was. Decided to ditch our packed breakfasts and pig out at the burger king in the airport instead. I dunno about the rest but i was in some major grumpy mood that my holiday had come to an end n very soon my life would be back to normal.. i was seriously in a foul mood the whole of sunday. We got back to Singapore before noon.. and the end. For now. I cant wait to go back! Soon hopefully.

P.S i had shit loads of work when i got back on Monday and had major withdrawal symptoms from phuket and my roomies. If only i was a tai tai. If only i cud just pack up and ship of to some other country! This was 4 mths ago.. guys i think its time for another trip, what say you? :D