Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my life has been one big bore.. i can't blog if the only things i do all day for 7 days a wk are watch tv, eat n sleep. Went to mal's house 4 dinner last nite.. food at malibu's house is da yummiest la.. i can't take it.. i want it nowwww.. *salivates*

We found a little kittyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. ohhh its damn cute la we were walkin to the shop to get ice cream (cuz we hadnt stuffed our faces enuff wit all e yummy food rite) and we heard this lil meowing.. aahhh.. so cute la.. damn adorable.. realli realli realli.. anyways sho decided to take it home so we put the lil fella in a box n it was hanging out wit us in mal's room until we left.. and sho had to hide it frm her parents (who came to pick her up by the way) so we were all talkin very loudly in e car in an attempt to muffle the incessant meowing.. was quite a mini drama.. but it was all worth it la the little thing is realli super cute.. -its a little kitten wit diamonds for eyes-.. and when it was peering at us from inside the box it realli looked lyk the cat frm shrek.. ugh.. we were all dying.. except bhav.. who din realli show any emotion.. she very weird leh.

I WANT THE KITTEN.. im so jealous of this shobanathan.. and irritated wit my diva dog.. who wud probably go into one mood if i brought home another pet.. ugh.. no fair *sulks* ive tried bringin home a stray kitty b4 n we brought over my grandma's puppy once n she was sooo mopey.. juz sulkin in one corner.. such a jealous thing.. dunno where she got it from man.. *shakes head cluelessly*

Ok gonna sleeppp.. *twirl n poof*

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ugh.. i dun wanna talk abt the contract.. or e agency.. basically they forgot abt my convocation and wanted me to start work on thurs n then i reminded them so now i hafta wait till my convo is over and yes basically went down today to the agency for N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

I know it seems that as of late all i can talk and blog about is my cutie.. Firstly.. IZ NOT TRUE. Secondly.. can u blame me.. if ur boy was as yummy and adorable as mine u'd wanna talk abt him 24/7 too. True dat.

My perth trip's comin up.. next saturdae.. woooooohoo.. can't wait man. I haf so much of junk to bring back.. and more shopping to do.. and clubbing.. and pigging out.. mal n i are bringing our trackie shoes to do some serious jogging.. to counter our many food dates. But heck.. its a holiday man.. wat else are u suppossed to do rite..

Ugh realli hope it doesnt rain later.. realli badly need to jog.. the Ramba thighs are starting to kick in full swing man.. *jiggle jiggle it to da left uhhuhhuh*

Sleepy as hell laaaa.. been up 4 almost 13 hrs.. which means its an hour past my bed time.. yea thats how i function.. 12 hrs of beauty sleep is essential. Think im gonna take a short nap..
Has my heart loved 'till now? Forswear it, sight!
For I never saw a true beauty 'till this night.

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Ughhhh i hate e rainnnnnnnn. Was gonna go 4 a jog last nite until it started raining.. so decided to sleep early n get up at lyk 6 in the morn todae to jog.. n i woke up n it was raining AGAIN. How irritating is this weatherrrrrrrrrr. I know there's always the gym but i'm not realli in a gym moood... so lecheh to take the bus all.. and jogging is free somemore. Oh btw.. is ya'll likin my new bloggie..

I kinda got like a "job prospect" from DBS.. to work in the call center.. i'm supposed to go down to the agency todae and then i'll know 4 sure if i got the job.. but it's all the way in lyk Eunos or something and i'm a thomson baby so the commute is gonna be a bitch.. but i guess beggars can't be choosers hey.

Ok i'm super duper hungry.. havent eaten anything since i woke up at 6.. im still annoyed wit the rain. Hopefully it doenst rain in the evening.. k gonna hunt 4 food now.. m craving tofu cheese! yum..

Have a great day ya'll.

Monday, September 04, 2006

"I kissed a buncha frogs and finally found my prince " - britney spears

"I KisSed A BunCha FroGs n FinaLLy FounD My PrinCe" - Britney Spears

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Friday, September 01, 2006