Monday, November 13, 2006

i know this is kinda late but wasnt realli in a bloggy mood last wk.. so here's the slightly overdue 411 on my bdaeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

My initial plan (i always make all these plans n they dun realli work out) was to go home after work.. go 4 a jog n then meet the boyfriend at 10 for lyk a drink or smth.. hang out 4 a couple of hours then go home to get an early nite.. din realli work out la. Babylove came to pick me up frm work then we were on our way back when Mal called from town so lyk went to meet her n she was kinda hunger soooo we went 4 dinner.. courtesy of Melanie.. THANKS MELANIE! We went to Swensons at J8 and lyk stuffed our faces.. was quite the yum la.. by the time i got home it was lyk ten so i had jus enuff time to have my shower n get ready to meet Sivalam. The both of us went to Coffee Bean in town n had yummy cake n drink n he gave me my pressieee.. tommy girl perfume.. clever boy knows how to score points ah :) I got home at 2am n knocked out.. (was super stoned frm work).. and woke up at 8am to go temple wit daddy... then hung out wit sivalam 4 a while n went home to take a nap.. woke up at 6pm n got ready for the rest of my bdae celebration.

I went to Indochine at Wisma wit Sivalam for dinner.. n ohh hello yumm to everything abt Indochine. The decor, ambience.. food.. drinks.. realli was super yum la.. then we made our way to MS where all my gorgeous girlies were.. n we all went to have drinks at Day Bed bar.. The place we got at Day Bed was damn nice.. it was a fairly simple concept la just lyk a couple of white mattresses at the corner with many white cushions but the whole setting was damn nice n comfy.. the girlies had wine n the boys had beer.. thennn a bunch of us went to watch step up at 1.50 am in town.. it was sucha nice bdae... nice n quiet wit the darlings closest to my heart.. it was pretty perfect.. thanks to everyone who came to daybed n 4 the movie (nisha,jesh,mal,sho,aislin,kaart,latsy,aartsy,slutty n babyboy).. n thanks again 4 swensons melanie! And thanks to the sexy mama who put in so much effort 4 my bdae (He bought me flowers!) I is having much lau for all of ya'll :D

Sunday, November 12, 2006

its amazing how sometimes ppl can really make u feel lyk crap..

ughhh.. work tmw.. im not realli feelin work anymore la.. everyone pls listen up.. i have an important lesson in life for ya'll.. pls b nice to ur customer service officers. Ok thank u.

I miss jogging!! It was my perfect outlet.. now i have none.. my girlies r too bizzie clubbing to hang wit me sniff haha ok kidding.. but yea.. i miss uuuu darlingssss.. todae was fun la.. dinner at asylum in clarke quay in honour of miss shikin's bdae.. sighhh we're all juz a buncha girlie girls la.. the giggling is therapeutic i swear. And kaartsyka.. m loving our spontaneous sat nites together.. everyone needs a kind kaart with her kind heart ;) ok i'll shuddup if not i wont hear the end of it..

UGH WORK TMWWWW.. actually its in 12 hours.. bleh..