Friday, June 27, 2008

I feel so clever. I just started watching family guy on starworld and for the last two days i was wondering why the daughter's voice sounded so familiar and was really trying to figure out who it was.. then it suddenly hit me like a minute ago that its Jackie from That 70's show.. yay :) Now i can go bathe.

Monday, June 23, 2008

excuse me.. wat is the deal with my tagboard..

yesterday was mewly's birthday.. Happy Birthday Mewlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) Wah this malibu got many pressies from Guess.. im so jealous la.. especially of the gold watch.. aahhh m so gonna break into her house n steal it :) Prawnie was frantically trying to organize everything on his own like Superman.. met him friday afternoon to help him make some crucial decisions heh. After going back and forth between different potential venues for mal's "surprise" pre birthday gathering he decided on Oosh at dempsey.. i love that place.. it has a freaking waterfall la come on its a no brainer really. Think Mal was quite impressed with it too.. we ordered some pub grab to share and some alco to get the party started.. and Miss Hawaii was down as well which is always a bonus.. especially since i only get to see her once a year haha. Were all juz chillaxing in our nice area and then around midnight we had like a cake sorta thing for mals.. had some "sham-pug-neh".. then i hitched a ride with sir shitalot n her pet hamster out of oosh.. the rest were clubbing but i was just too tired and i wanted to get some proper sleep so I could be in party mode the next day.

I was off on saturday so i took advantage of that and slept all morning.. woke up around 1pm.. ran some errands and then made my way to sentosa cuz prawn had booked a room at siloso beach resort. The room is very pretty and suitable for couples with its private rooftop jacuzzi n all but a little small.. i don't think it can accomodate more than about 5-6 people comfortably.. we were hanging out in the room till about 8ish then made our way out to get some dinner.. after walking around deciding where to go we finally settled on cafe del mar. Food there was alright.. pretty decent.. had another cake cutting session for mals.. then we went back to the hotel around midnight. Ok siloso beach resort has some pretty rooms and a nice pool n all.. but their service sucks big time. Im not going into the details.. but yea i wouldn't really recommend it.. which is such a shame really. For the price they charge you, you would expect alot more from the staff.. and they seriously fall short of expectations. I was initially planning to stay over but there were quite a few people already which meant no more space on the bed.. Sri had his car n all so i ended getting a lift from him. I've become quite useless at this staying over business.. i really need to sleep in my own bed.. which makes me abit of a party-pooper.. heh.

Today met the boyfriend for dinner.. and now i'm gonna shower and sleeeeepppppp.. ah.. how time flies when you're having fun.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

i bought ittttttttttttttttt. i love ittttttttttttttt. :D
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the new favourite secret place
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

me so happy! :D

So i brought my condemned watch back to the Guess outlet i bought it from and i explained to them the situation.. at first the girl at the counter told me that they can help me send it to the service center to change the battery but it will take 6-8 weeks and its better if i take it down myself cause it'll be a lot faster.. but the service center is only open from monday to friday during office hours so it's a little inconvenient for me.. tried to wayang with them abit since i did buy the watch less than a week ago and mal was with me so she also put on her stern manolingam voice and they finally decided to let me exchange it for something else :) yayyy. I bought mal's present and she bought a bag for her Mom as a birthday present.. so long story short, i get most of my money back. YAYYYYYYYY.

Now that blue guess bag is within reach :)
im so annoyed. Ok first i'd like to publicly declare that i have become a very responsible shopper.. gone are the perthie days of impulsive buys that i could do without.. i really think many times and consider the pros and cons before buying anything these days and i havent regretted any of my purchases.. until last week. This Guess watch that I have been eyeing for lyk 3-4 years finally went on sale.. it was like 50% off which is a really good steal right.. so i bought it.. how very impulsive of me.. within 20 mins i was kinda regretting it already because .. well i'm kinda broke. To make things worse, that evening i met shola in town for dinner and after that we took a quick walk through Tangs.. and i saw this gorgeous blue guess bag.. on sale.. and i've been searching high and low for a blue guess bag since beginning of time.. ugh. I really really was regretting buying the watch.. i started to loathe it even. Dramatic i know.. but hey that was the one thing standing in between me and my dream blue guess bag.

Today morning i decided to put aside my hatred for the damn thing and just use it since i did pay for it anyways.. so i took the fella from the table.. and looked at it.. and i noticed something odd.. the "second" hand (is that what its called ?) wasnt moving.. stupid thing doesnt work la. So now i'm gonna go back to Guess and point this out to them.. and try to get a refund.. i know they'll probably just help me send it to the service centre to change the battery.. but i'm gonna try my luck anyways. :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008


A : Chivalry is dead.

B : Who is dead?

A : Chivalry.

B : Who is that?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Usually to get to work i take a bus to raffles hotel and walk the remaining 10-15 mins to Outback. Today when i got off the bus i was wondering if i should just take another bus to Suntec since it was raining .. but i decided to save my 60 cents and walk cuz i had an umbrella.. and i thought.. its just 7 mins to the sheltered Suntec area.. how bad can it be.. omg.. never under-estimate the forces of nature. One minute it might seem like just the usual passing cloud.. and the next.. strong winds and heavy rain coming in from every direction that even an umbrealla doesnt help.

When i first started making my way to suntec the weather was still "under control".. halfway through.. the rain got heavier.. and wind got stronger. The whole right side of my body was getting soaked and I was mentally kicking myself for wearing shorts and slippers.. of all the bloody days to make un-wise wardrobe descisions. Since misery does love company, I peeked out from under my big umbrella hoping to see other pedestrians running for sheltar.. but i guess all the other (smart) people in Singapore were probably taking a bus from raffles hotel or using the underpass from cityhall MRT cause i was the only one walking in this insane thunderstorm. I was half walking and half jogging as fast as my big duffel bag and soggy slippers would allow.. playing tug of war with the wind that was determined to take my umbrella, my only source of sheltar at this point though i was already 75% drenched.. trying unsucessfully to dodge the big puddles of water that were everywhere, shivering while waiting forever for the stupid traffic light man to turn green. After wat seemed like a lifetime i finally made it to my here i am.. soggy slippers.. soggy clothes.. freezing in my office.. and i have to say.. that was probably the most fun i've had in a very long time. :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


i have no words.

Had a pretty alright weekend.. saturday was the last day of the month so i had to do stock take.. which means my saturday was pretty much burnt.. started at 4 and ended at close to 11.. but i had a break in between from 7-9.30 so i went down to see the little munchkin.. he's so bloody cute la. Im going to kidnap him one day. After stock take i went to clarke quay to meet shola n mali.. mal was already at coffee club with her friends so sho n i juz went n plopped ourselves next to them like a couple of extras.. ok coffee club has some yummy lookin stuff on their menu.. and they have strawberry shortcake! My long lost lauuu! So i got that and this banana smoothie thingy which i ended up not really liking cause it had hazelnut syrup in it.. m not really a fan of drinks with hazelnut flavour.. now chocolates are a different story of course. :) Mal disappeared to Goth so sho n i were just chilling the whole time.. reminiscing about old times.. was really fun.. i think ive said this abt a million times but i really just love chilling over yummy food and wine on a saturday night.. clubbing just tires me out majorly and I end up having no energy to do anything on the next day.. and i really needed to save my energy cuz the next day was an important day.

Sunday was mine n boyfriend's anniversary.. :) We went for a lomanteec dinner at long john silvers haha.. i was really craving the fries tho so its ok.. but sadly LJS fries are the only thing that's yummy.. the rest of their stuff tastes kinda stale i think. After dinner i dragged him to Riciotti cuz i've been craving their dessert n yummy wine for like 2 weeks already.. we got like 3 desserts to share, he got a beer and i got my wine.. dessert n drinks came up to like 5 times more than what we spent on dinner ha.. but so yummyyy.. m gonna try to pscyho him into going back there for dinner soon :) I guess it was a pretty low-key celebration but he had an exam on Monday so we decided to do something simple.. we might have a proper celebration this weekend or something.. if we're both up for it... maybe dinner at my new favourite SECRET place near his house.. mwaha. Ok im such a loser i know but i just want to be selfish and have this place all to myself cuz i think not that many people know about its existence. Although i think if we do end up having dinner there i'll prob blog about it so.. I might just reveal this mysterious place in the end. So stay tuned. *evil laughter, quite like the one at the end of MJ's "thriller" ;) *