Thursday, November 01, 2007

helluuullluuuu. I juz got back home from stock-take.. Everyday i go to work and the one thing that i keep thinking abt is how did i ever work in tt selegie place for 3 months la.. I mean the current job has its up n downs n im still new but it realli is soooo different (in a gd way) compared to the previous one.. the only redeeming factor bout the old job was tt it was near tekka! Aahh.. i love my yindian food.. ossie u owe me MT date!

Im realli so tired.. and i have alot of work tt i keep pushing to "tomorrow".. i think its also cuz its my bday week n i juz want to bask in it u know.. anyways i wanted to whine abt this traumatic thing tt happened to me last thurs.. i took e effort to dress up for work, which i really hardly do cuz im too sleepy in e morn to bother abt how i look.. n i felt quite gd n happy abt wat i was wearing and was walking along happily thinking i was the sh*t.. then.. i fell. :( In front of suntec la.. lyk full on.. so embarrasing.. i still havent gotten over the embarrasement.

Sigh im yawning every 2 mins so i think i shud go sleep.. nothin exciting's happened.. i miss e girlieessss.. have been seein kaartsyboo more often than last time which is a very gd thing.. hoping to catch up wit e rest of e lovelies this wkend.. the last time we hung out was when they came over to the restaurant for dinner. Was quite yummy la.. i absolutely love having a chillout dinner cuz i realli have no energy n patience for clubbing anymore.. mebe ONCE in a while.. i still love dressing up n i love my clubby tops so i dun think i'll b givin it up altogether anytime soon.. slowly la. Oh and another weird thing.. im not realli into sleeve-less tops anymore.. ha.. kaart's influence i say :) This also means i need to go shopping.. my clothes are really lyk from ten yrs ago.. Ah what i wouldnt give for a shopping spree in perth.. :(

Sunday, October 14, 2007

i really couldnt find much inspiration to blog for the longest time. Then babyoy's bday rolled around and i finally had something to blog about.. butttt.. aiyah im not even gonna make excuses for not updating la. I got layzie.

Anyways! Since i wasnt around last yr for his bday (was back in perth for my convo) i really wanted this yr to be super duper special. I wanted to bring him somewhere beyond fabulous for dinner and after much research and going back and forth between places i finally settled on indochine waterfront. Deciding on the venue was really stressing me out cuz i really was spoilt for choice. There are actually alot of nice places in spore and i only realised that while doing all my extensive research. Among the contenders were one rochester, graze, marrakesh, zambuca, al dente trattoria.. altivo (SD was really rooting for this one haha). I finally decided on waterfront when i walked past the place a wk b4 the dinner day and fell in loveeeee. I had always wanted to go to indochine waterfront and i remember walking past the area with Siva one night last year and i was going on about how gorgeous it was. After i had made up my mind i was freaking excited and i couldnt wait for sunday to get its ass here sooner. Siva din knoe where we were going cuz, u know me, i'm such a big fan of surprises whether im on the giving or receiving end it doesnt matter.

I just realised that i cant really give a detailed update cuz its quite a long story so am just gonna dive into how indochine totally blew our minds away. The place is so gorgeous la.. the atmosphere.. the food.. the service.. everything was impeccable. Siva seemed really taken in with the place too and he really enjoyed the food so i was a pretty happy camper. It started raining when we were on the way to dinner and i was abit grumpy about that at first cuz i was planning to take this "secret route" to indochine so tt he wudnt know where we were going but since it was raining i couldnt realli do that anymore.. but i didn't let it ruin my mood for long la. At indochine we got scallop rolls as our starter and let me tell you i've been craving that dish since then. For our mains we got fried rice, kway teow and some fish thingy with coconut gravy, all very very yummy. For dessert we got the fondue. I actually have to say i wasnt too crazy about the fondue. The chocolate had liquor in it and i wasnt really feeling the taste la but birthday boy seemed to be in heaven which was all that mattered. Needless to say we really stuffed our faces.. to say we were full would be an understatement. I have to mention the staff again for being top notch.. when i called to make reservations i mentioned that i was coming with someone who was celebrating their birthday and the gentleman i spoke to said he could arrange for a slice of cake on the house. I was wondering if they would remember our "little deal" and sure enough they served the cake the same time they brought out the fondue. I love love loveeeeddd the look on Siva's face.

After dinner we took a nice long walk (to the mrt station, how romantic) to work off our dinner and were psyching ourselves up for the next thing on the agenda. I told him i was taking him somewhere for drinks but of course didnt reveal the place again. I had been checking out the Oosh website for the longest time and had been dying to go there so decided this was the perfect time to check it out. I made reservations for us at the lookout but when we were reaching Oosh - oh might i please add that since Oosh was a surprise, and since we couldnt get a cab in town, we had to take a bus and i had the huge responsibility of figuring out where this place was all by myself cuz i'd neva been there.. and Siva, knowing that my sense of direction is way way off kept asking if i was sure i knew where we were going.. and i kept reassuring him that i did.. altho i obviously didnt.. but yes i finally figured out where to get down and im so proud of myself! I did it all on my own without any help at all! :) Anywayss yes back to the story haha.. i called to inform the staff that i was on my way and to hold e reservation and the girl i spoke to said the lookout was closed due to the rain but we could still chill at the bar. I went back into grumpy mode (poor siva.. making him go thru that even on his bday) and he was trying to pacify me. We settled for a table at the bar and got our drinks. He got a beer and i got a chocolate martini. My martini was alrite, not fantastic.. he seemed pretty happy with his beer.. and somewhere btwn us analyzing the oosh layout and me getting high on my one drink as usual, it was finally midnight and officially his birthday. YAY! HAPPY BDAY SIVALAM! :D
Not only was it his bday.. it was also happy hour at oosh! (happy hour from 12-1) and so we had to get another drink (duh). He insisted on buying me a lychini and even tho i was already havin a headache which is my body's way of telling me to stop drinking.. how to say no to birthday boy right. Ha. So i got my cocktail n he got another beer and we decided to walk around Oosh. Aahh.. its another gorgeous place i tell you.. there was this waterfall thingy and if it wasnt for the rain we would have been able to sit at the chillout couches in that area. Im such a sucker for water bodies.. i cant wait to go back thereee!

After oosh we cabbed it to my place and hung out for a while b4 he left for home. It was such a fabulous night and it had been ages since we did something fun like that so we were both pretty psyched. I'm so happy that Singapore has such gorgeous places and even happier that i have someone so special to share the experience with. I wanted him to feel like the prince that i think he is and m pretty sure i succeeded. I cant wait to go back to oosh.. i mean i love waterfront its without a doubt hands down my favourite restaurant.. but oosh is a lil easier on the wallet and still very pretty so u know.. more practical. Next time we ooshfy im bringin the rest of the crew.. its the perfect place for gorgeous company to come together.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIVARAM! I know its lyk almost a month since ya bday.. but.. ya.. bdays only come once a yr so might as well make it last as long as we can right ;)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

its been a while i know. Im realli juz too layzie la.. N nothing exciting's happened. I think i shud juz delete my blog.. but it's got all these posts from way back then.. i like readin the previous entries.. its all i have left of the past.. and all i need.. m glad to have left most of it behind. But PERTH.. u are dearly missed.. everyday. Im comin back soon baby.. i promise.

Friday, April 27, 2007

GUYSSSSSSSSSSSS can someone PLEASE tell me wats e deal with the Richard Gere n Shilpa Shetty thing.. i mean they want to jail my poor babyboy for kissin shilpa cuz he violated some indian law?????? Seriously man.. India needs to get a clue.. im so irritated with this bloody indian mentality.. why the fuss? "CULTURE".. and where has this culture gotten India.. it's still in the bloody freakin dumps.. instead of fretting about the celebs they should start lookin at the important stuff that REALLY needs attention. And wat was so obscene la.. if that's obscene then wat do u call bloody mumtaz n what's-her-face dancin around in tamil songs clad in just a saree blouse and some skirt wit their glorious stomachs and boobies jigglin around.. that's more obscene than any porn (not that ive watched porn ;)) man has ever created. And they're also condemning Shilpa for not resisting his kisses.. um hello? Its Richard Gere! Who in their right mind would resist.. i mean.. how cute was he in that credit card advert... sigh

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Okkkk I have to give a huggeee shoutout to my babygirl shola for bein such a precious diamond and doin up my bloggie for mee.. so much laus to u shobana!! Eesss ya'll likin my new blogskin.. i'm sorta ok with it la.. havent realli found THE ONE hahah.. i want smth simple n nice.. recommendations are welcome!!

Anyways i have to tell ya'll bout the horror story tt happened to me juz now. I was gettin into the lift at my block rite.. and i looked to my right.. and i froze.. cuz there on the wall of the lift.. was.. a.. HUGE FREAKING MOTH/BUTTERFLY!!!!!!!!! I swear it was the biggest hugest thing i've ever seen.. it was lyk the size of my thighs!!! TIMES TEN!!!! Ok fine.. but realli it was damn huge la.. i saw the damn thing and i was lyk "oh F8$3k!" n totalli ran to the other side of my block.. n i was lyk loittering at my void deck for a good ten mins cuz the other normal lift was on the 6th floor n i had to wait for someone to use tt moth infested lift so i cud used the safe lift.. and yeaaa finallyyyy this aunty n her kid came along and they were gettin into the lift when they saw the monster and they were lyk oh my goddd and the aunty pressed the button of one of the floors so the lift wud go up then she got out.. smart aunty.. I actually was thinkin of doin that but i juz cudnt bring myself to be in the same vicinity as that creature. Ya'll know me n my "LAU" for these things with wings rite.. Heh.. and yaaa so finally the kid, the smart aunty and i got into the safe lift.. n they were talkin abt the scary fella the whole time.. it really was damn big guys.. And i dunno if it was a moth or butterfly or alien.. cuz lyk moths are usually black or brown rite? But this was lyk Yellow n blue.. and some funky colour.. so i wasnt lyk as scared as i usually wud have been cuz it was kinda colourful.. if it was black then i wud have died on the spot la.. ugh i shud have taken a photo! But i was too paralyzed wit fear to think of all these brilliant things. I hope that thing's gone by now.. i dun wanna get another heart attack tmw mornin on my way to work..

Speakin of work.. it's goin alrite so far. Still training.. I love the fact that its at selegie.. near tekka laaaa makkal. Indian fooddddd! *big happy smile* im sucha pig rite.. then i complain abt my thighs.. WOMEN.. *Tsch* haha.. ahhh totalli lookin forward to the wkend to c my lovely ladiesssss... :) ok i shud go sleep.. much laus!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

so qweetttttt
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Saturday, April 14, 2007

When you were here before,
Couldn't look you in the eye
You're just like an angel,
Your skin makes me cry
You float like a featherIn a beautiful world
I wish I was special
You're sov very special

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doin' here?
I don't belong here

I don't care if it hurts, I wanna have control
I want a perfect body I want a perfect soul
I want you to notice when I'm not around
You're so very special
I wish I was special

But I'm a creep
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doin' here?
I don't belong here,

ohhhh, ohhhh
She's running out again
She's running out
She runs runs runs runs...runs...

Whatever makes you happy
Whatever you want
You're so very special
I wish I was special
But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doin' here?
I don't belong here
I don't belong here...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

ok i juz realised i made a weird typo in my last post..

OKKK gonna watch idol on American idol now.

heh. Ya'll know wat i actually meant riteee. ok bye.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

omg i so totally need to get my body clock in working order. Ive been sleepin at the weirdest of hours.. ugh..

Just got back from dinner wit the girlies.. went to Gardens.. mal sho n cher were at Cartel when i got there and they were done eating which was a good thing cuz i din really feel lyk Cartel.. i was in a thosai mood (yes i am yindian girl) butttt the closest thing to thosai at Gardens was prataaaa.. so i settled for prata.. cuz apparently i lyk sweat and oil in my food *glares at mal*
The prata was ok la.. im so in love with the Prata Cafe near my place.. i swear the prata is e yummiest.. sadly it closes at 2am (and 4 am on wkends) sooo if i have a weird craving at lyk 3am then u know.. too bad for meeeee. Anywaysss gardens was fun.. Nish joined us lyk 15 mins after i got there.. aiyah i laus the girlies laa.. how often do u find a bunch of gorgeous darlings that are all stylo n sophisticated on the outside but secretly major psychotic freaks on the inside. And i mean that in a good way! And we all go way back.. Nish,jesh n kaart i knew from sec sch.. cheryl i knew since i was 15.. i grew up with mal (She's my niece!).. and even tho i only knew sho when i was 17 she's the one i used to club alone with.. n have sleepovers and suppers with.. wat a bond i say :)

Aiyo im so sleepy.. i vaant to hybernate for a million years. OKKK gonna watch idol on American idol now. Somethings are more impt than sleep.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

hello vanakkam. I just got back from India 2 days ago. It was crap.

Ok i don't mean to be a traitor to my motherland and all but the last time i went there was 8 yrs ago and let me tell u that Chennai looks worse than the last time i was there. How is that possible.. No offence to anyone but the mentality of the people there is soooooo freaking typical and i was just irritated 24/7 la. I've never felt so visually violated before. My mom was on some major shopping spree and my job was to tag around and help her with the shopping bags :( ok fine maybe i'm exaggerating a bit but i wasn't psyched about my share of the shopping dough cuz all i could shop for was indianish outfits.. n how often do i wear indian stuff right. Ugh i need to go back to Perth la my wardrobe is totally lyk from a million years ago.. and NO i can't shop in Singapore cuz nothing here fits me. Anyways i ended up buyin lyk 7 punjabi suits, one saree and a couple of indianish tops tt u can wear with jeans, which is really nothing compared to the shopping my Mom did. OOOHH and i bought a Guess bag from DFS. I LAUS! Ahhh my fatal attraction to anything Guess is proving to be very costly.. but so worth it.

Today was a pretty cool day.. i woke up around my usual time, 6.30 pm.. lazed around for abit.. then met jesh n shola for dinner n coffee! Ahh shola n i had calamari from BQ for dinner... it wasnt as yummy as i remember but still undeniably yummy la. Then we got a white chocolate dream frappe from coffee bean which was sinful (but worth sinning for) and jesh joined us there. for a mini chilling session. I totally missed my girlies la.. m hoping mal can meet tonight. Then i met babyboy around 1 and we walked to the 24hr mackerz at AMK park cuz we wanted to watch a movie on my laptop but my laptop can only run on electricity cuz i dunno where the battery is (heh my bad) so we needed a power point.. plus tt Mackerz is dammnnnn nice la. It has some pond thingy at the seating area outside and i'm a sucker for all these water-body thingies. Watched about an hour of 10 things i hate about you then i chased him home cuz i wanted to go for a jog haha. It was my kind of nice chillout friday night.. me loves.

Who's been following idol? I cant believe Sanjaya's still in.. i literally cringe everytime he's performing. I mean lyk Simon keeps stressing, its a singing competition not a popularity contest.

And on that random note, I shall end this entry.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

i'm soo irritateddddd.. ok for all those who have been faithful followers of my blog (Ha!) u'll know that i was quite into Nip/Tuck at one point of time when i was in Perth.. borrowed the dvdz from Video Ezy n had some massive marathon in my room all.. so i've finished watchin season 1 & 2 and now they're showin season 3 in Singapore on Channel 5.. Mondays at 10.30 BUT u knoe me right i'm hardly ever home at that time.. so i've only watched maybe one episode.. so i went to peekvid and alluc to check out if they had season 3.. peekvid only has seasons 1 & 4 and alluc only has seasons 1& 2! Where's 3????

Anywaysss.. had my second test for my fin. planning thing yesterdae.. i passed! Quite happy n proud of myself haha.. i actualli did study for this test lyk a wk before the date.. i don't think i've done that for any test in Uni.. of course for exams i would study la but not for tests.. i remember going clubbin the night before my S.E.A economic history test haha.. and in my first semester i had a micro-econz midsem and i only found out the day before.. i juz casually asked my neighbour in Currie who was also doin the same course when our micro econz midsem was and she was lyk "umm.. tmw??" .. haha needless to say i failed the mid-sem AND the module :( My only repeat module in Uni la.. but so un-necessary.. it really could have been avoided.. one of the few regretz in life heh.. anyways i digress.. So yes i've done two out of three tests for fin. planning and m left with the last one which is supposedly some scary maths module.. hopefully i clear it on the first try as well.

Shola's most prob goin aussie on saturdae.. i'm so so so unbelievably jealous.. argh i can't even talk abt the place la i'll get all emo haha.. i realli realli love it there.. would give anything to back.. *mope* OKKK i hafta go do this major chore now (wash my hair) and get ready to meet my yummy boy.. Dun worry sexy if i go aussie i'll lyk smuggle u in with me ok.. and u'll see why i'm so in love with the place. I think its mostly the fact that my hair is so damn nice in Perth haha.. amazing wat wonders the lack of humidity can do.. and dont even get me started on the shopping.. OK NO MORE! I'm off now!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Shola sent me this link to lyk this slogan website and i swear it's lyk my new hobby.. its so entertaining! You jus type in any word into the space and it generates lyk a random slogan.. And i dunnooo i was feelin kinda out of it juz now and so i started messing around at the website (tho i'm supposed to be studying) and all e silly slogans realli did cheer me up.. here's a few i tried wit my name

Hungry? Why Wait? Grab a Ragi.
Give That Man A Ragi.
Wouldn't You Like To Be A Ragi Too?
Because Ragi is Complicated Enough.

Ok mebe ya'll are lyk lookin at this n going "heh??" but i dun careee i think its entertaining n it realli did cheer me up! Here's are a few more i tried wit a couple of the girls' names (ok yes i was very bored n sick of studying)

But I'd Rather Have a Bowl of Shobanathan.
Double the Pleasure, Double the Shobanathan.
Lipsmackin' Thirstquenchin' Acetastin' Motivatin' Goodbuzzin' Cooltalkin' Highwalkin' Fastlivin' Evergivin' Coolfizzin' Malini.
Probably The Best Malini In The World.

My Favs:

8 out of 10 Owners who Expressed a Preference said Their Cats Preferred Shobanathan.
Only a Fool Breaks the Malini.

Good Honest Ragini Since 1896.

For all u easily amused freaks like yours truly.. n to those who are in need of some cheering up.. eat ur hearts out here

As to why i needed some cheering up.. ah well.. wat can i say.. sometimes its hard to please everyone.. especially for me cuz i dunno how to say No.. so sometimes in the midst of trying to please everyone and trying to divide my time smartly and equally i end up irritating others.. bleh. Dunno la.. maybe it is better to be alone.. just stay in my room n watch tv.. maybe that's why i'm usually an anti-social cow.. who says u can't have your cake and eat it too.. i think you can if u have no one to answer to.. if u're lucky to just go wherever u wanna go n do whatever u wanna do.. then you don' t have to worry about taking other people's feelings into consideration. You wont have to worry about hurting someone's feelings by not showing up when promised.. or trying to mix two groups of friends because you wanna spend time with both cuz you love both groups equally n dont wanna have to choose between one or the other..

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.. don't get me wrong i'm not complaining about my life.. every day has its ups n downs and i'm juz tryna do my best to deal.. sometimes i juz wish i was cut some slack thats all. At least give me some credit and acknowledge the fact that im trying. Ok i hope no one' s tryna analyze this post.. haha dont worry i'm not talking about YOU.

or maybe i am.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

i haf no comments.

ok maybe i have one comment.

NUS was good.. but acidhouz was better.
ok second round is over n i still think acidhouz should win

mann its sucha slack sundae.. i feel lyk watchin many movies n eatin many junk food.. and i want calamari!!!!! i wish there was some yummy cafe place near my house.. besides liquid kitchen.. actually cafe cartel @ J8 isn't that far away la i'm juz bein a layzie bum. J8 has got heaps of cool stuff now.. n by "cool stuff" i mean yummy places to eat haha.. ok i'm such a pig ah.. ok dhool's started again!! I HOPE ACIDHOUZ WINS!!!
GUYSSSSS i hope acidhouz winssssssss.. i lyked tridiac,anarchy,acidhouz n borders.. n i thot diversity was quite power as well.. but its onlee e first round so my views might change later.. ok dhool's starting again ta!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

wahhh.. ya'll velli impatient leh.. think i so free to update my blog regularly lyk ya'll ah.. im very busy sleeping n bein a couch potato ok!!!

I've been on a sorta clubbing roll lately.. i think it all started cuz of Valentine's day.. i guess this wud b a gd time to update on my v-day happeningz.. well basically i had lunch with yummy boy.. then went home to slack for a couple of hours.. then met yummy boy again for dinner.. he bought me flowersss!! :D We went to eat at TCC in cineleisure then headed down to boat quay to meet the girls at beez.. Ok im sorry to any beez crew reading this but im not a fan of the place so i din have tt much fun at beez but after that we went to N9 cuz Ban decided to make a guest appearance in the last hour at beez n he wanted to club somemore so he, sivalam n I went to N9 n it was MOST FUN!!! I laus the indian and english mix la. So since that day i was in some clubbing spell and wanted to go every other day.. in fact i just got back from Raaga (ha!) but i think its safe to say that i'm finally over my mini fascination. I'm finally all clubbed out.. and no i assure you it's not lyk one of Shola's "i'm not clubbing for the next 2 wks" kinda story :P (i laus u sho)

Raaga was alrite but i was very tired and i din lyk the live band.. actually come to think of it i'm not a big fan of indian club live bands in general.. the only indian club i seem to lyk is N9 and all their music is supplied by an extremely adorable DJ who in my opinion is just fabulous. His mixes are lyk awesome and i feel lyk dancing for every song. The only times i had fun in raaga was when the live band took a break n the DJ was doin his thing.. and also when Ban n Jesh took part in some mini dance competition thingy (and they won!!).. very entertaining i say.. oh and also when sho was making eyes and romantic lausing faces at mamafied fellas walking past :)

I'm just about ready to pass out now.. lookin forward to having a semi-quiet wkend.. most prob dinner wit e girls tonite and juz chillin at home on sat nite.. n hopefully Dhool on sundae!! Girliess wats happening wit dhool??? Did we get tix?? I WANNA GO!! *mopes*

Sunday, February 11, 2007

oohh man i'm so stuffed.. i'm sucha pig la.. i juz got home half hour ago.. went for dinner wit parents at e cricket club n then met the girls for a bit at BQ cuz of cheddars bdae celebration.. and i was eating non stop la.. had some salmon salad thingy at cricket club n a glass of wine and champagne.. then walked my high self to bq and ate somemore there!! Ya'll know my love for BQ calamari rite.. so was stuffing my face with that.. n then we had a bdae cake for cher.. and ya'll know my love for cake also riteeee haha :( I'm so full now.. n for some reason still feelin abit high.. but maybe its cuz im jus tired la. I have to go study now for my test on tuesdae.. am not really in a studying mood la so irritating.. everyone's out partying but nooo i hafta STUDY *mopes*

Friday was cool stufffff.. went to dxo wit the ladies.. its freakin ladies nite la on friday.. free flow n free entry so it was quite crowded.. it was my first time at dxo and my take on the place is that jts ALRIGHT la.. i'm such a Gotham freak la my loyalties n love will always lie with Gotham.. i juz love the place and the music and the crowd.. but DXO's ok i suppose.. i mean it was free so im not complaining haha. After DXO around 3ish we went to chillies n boyfriend was there wit his boyzzz.. so ya that was fun la.. i was really lookin forward to chillies cuz i wanted indian music.. haha who's disowning me? Well too bad!! I'm indian! Tamilachi!! DEAL WITH IT! But sadly they din really play much tamil songs.. i wanna go asoka laaa.. malibu when when whennn.. we need to set a date.. ure my asoka makkal haha.. ok i can feel the bulk of my frens slowly slippin away hahah :)

boooo.. im actually quite sleepy.. but i will peserve (or howeva u spell it). Must study.. tmw most prob goin to watch dhool.. so i need to get most studying n revising done b4 i sleep. Im so addicted to smoked salmon.. m thinking abt it while typin this entry.. its so yummy n light n healthy.. not tt i really give a crap abt healthy food.. its just that with all my prata n cakes n meehoon goreng and fatty north indian food it wudn't hurt to squeeze in a healthy dish once in a while ya :)

wokaywokay.. must tear myself away from the laptop.. *poof*

Monday, February 05, 2007

my babygirl

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the supposed miss 24/7 pms queen..

oh my god.. i'm very confused.. for e longest time i tried logging into blogger with my password and username n i couldnt find my blog at the login page so i decided to set up a new blog using the same password n username.. n when i logged in i found my blog!! Sounds confusing? IT IS!! ok whatever the important thing is i got my blog back!!! Ahhh yayyyy.. i missed thisssss!!

hello vanakkam to one n all.. its 4am.. im goin for a jog in 2 hours.. i havent jogged in forever cuz ive been sick 4 e longest time. I was havin sore eyes and then i had the flu immediately after.. was quite a bad couple of weeks la. But i'm almost recovered nowwwww.. no more sexy voice hahah.. lets seee wat's the most recent exciting thing tt happened? THAIPUSAM! Ahh yes thaipusam is the bomb diggity la.. n i hafta say sivalam looks super cute in a veshti man.. if he lived in a village in India he'd be lyk the village hunk yaar.. yum :D Went clubbing last night with him n the girlies.. was fun la but as usual end of e nite there'll b some immature idiot who has to talk trash.. but its ok unlike some dumb mamafied idiots i don't believe in fighting so let the loser talk as much shit as he wants.. stupid old fart clubbing with a bunch of undohs way younger than him.. he's in way too much denial so we shall not bother!

I'm officially broke.. i cant believe im back to being broke again! But its ok i rather b broke than work in the DBS call center.. Singaporeans can really be super rude man.. and we all know patience isn't exactly one of my shining qualities haha.. think i'm too fussy for my own good.. but its really cool la thinking about the nightmarish customers and the bitch of a commute i think im better off.

I will be back with more updates.. in e meantime.. pls remember to b nice to ur customer service officers.. and to the losers who can't deal with the fact that i just don't like them.. keep tellin yaself its pms if it'll make u feel better!