Thursday, November 01, 2007

helluuullluuuu. I juz got back home from stock-take.. Everyday i go to work and the one thing that i keep thinking abt is how did i ever work in tt selegie place for 3 months la.. I mean the current job has its up n downs n im still new but it realli is soooo different (in a gd way) compared to the previous one.. the only redeeming factor bout the old job was tt it was near tekka! Aahh.. i love my yindian food.. ossie u owe me MT date!

Im realli so tired.. and i have alot of work tt i keep pushing to "tomorrow".. i think its also cuz its my bday week n i juz want to bask in it u know.. anyways i wanted to whine abt this traumatic thing tt happened to me last thurs.. i took e effort to dress up for work, which i really hardly do cuz im too sleepy in e morn to bother abt how i look.. n i felt quite gd n happy abt wat i was wearing and was walking along happily thinking i was the sh*t.. then.. i fell. :( In front of suntec la.. lyk full on.. so embarrasing.. i still havent gotten over the embarrasement.

Sigh im yawning every 2 mins so i think i shud go sleep.. nothin exciting's happened.. i miss e girlieessss.. have been seein kaartsyboo more often than last time which is a very gd thing.. hoping to catch up wit e rest of e lovelies this wkend.. the last time we hung out was when they came over to the restaurant for dinner. Was quite yummy la.. i absolutely love having a chillout dinner cuz i realli have no energy n patience for clubbing anymore.. mebe ONCE in a while.. i still love dressing up n i love my clubby tops so i dun think i'll b givin it up altogether anytime soon.. slowly la. Oh and another weird thing.. im not realli into sleeve-less tops anymore.. ha.. kaart's influence i say :) This also means i need to go shopping.. my clothes are really lyk from ten yrs ago.. Ah what i wouldnt give for a shopping spree in perth.. :(

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