Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Remember the starhub job i was waiting for.. the agent guy actualli called me.. n tole me i got the job! Yes! BUT.. (there's always a but isnt there..) then he asked me if i reminded the starhub peeps tt i was goin to Perth for a wk for my graduation.. n i tole him i din get a chance to cuz it was a group interview. So he sed he'll call them n call me back.. n then when he called me back he sed tt they realli need people to work so they can't give me a week off.. and they gonna KIV me.. ugh.. i mean... its so unfair. I was so excited when he tole me i got the job k.. i was lyk makin all these big plans in those 5 seconds wit my potential cash flow.. now i hafta wait till i get back from Perth to c if anything works out.. i dunno la... its so unfair.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the famous 3 at NYDC.. wit our babygirl..

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I want yummy food.

BABYBOY SHAVED!! Doesn't he look yummy.. i know.. i can't take it either. *sighs* I actually miss e moustache though.. he looked lyk a stylo mylo tamil movie villain.. the look grew on me la.. Anyways moustache or not he's 100% hot stuff so it's all good.

Job search is gettin a bit better la.. jus went for some interview thingy at starhub.. they sed they'll get back to me by the end of e day if im shortlisted.. i realli want the job mannnn.. mainly becuz i can wear jeans to work! The one thing ive been stresin abt when it comes to working life is the dress code.. i have zilch formal wear.. not a single pair of pants or knee length skirt.. heh.. im gonna shop for em in perth la.. when i go back in septmeber babyyyyyyy.. i realli can't wait la.. i'm super psyched.

I miss e girlssss... jus saw them last wk actualli but i dunno it jus feels we havent chilled in a while.. n clubbing doesn't count.. this shobanathan planned some dinner party thing at her house purposely on a day tt i cudnt make it.. fine... i can take a hint! haha.. we will haf another one sooonnn ok and u are alllll invitedddddddddd. Except sho. Haha ok fine sho can come if she promises to do her toilet dance on the table top.

Has anyone been followin Miss Vasantham.. there r some pretties in it..

Hmmm.. i cant realli think rite now.. m juz anxious abt the job.. i realli want it.. i need moneyzzzz..


Monday, August 21, 2006

- Life Keeps Bringin Me Back To You-

-Life Keeps Bringing Me Back To You-

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Do you think
That I could be the girl of your dreams
Sometimes I don't let things go
Get emotional and sometimes I'm just out of control
You need to stop for a minute
Before you get too, deep up in it
Cause everything ain't what it seems
It's hard loving a woman
-A woman like me-

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

+Random Thoughts+

Would it b really horrible if i ate mutton satay.. i mean i dun realli crave it or anything but its jus when i go to SCC wit ma parents or to gardens wit da girls n they order it.. it juz looks so super tempting.. :( Will someone make 4 me mock mutton satay please.. i think that'll curb my desire 4 a bit.. ive been so good wit this only fish (n on rare occasions squid and even rarer occasions crab) and otherwise vegetarian diet.. n i like itt... its not lyk im forcin myself to give up meat cuz i dun realli lyk it anyways... until someone orders mutton satay.. ughhhhhh.. *mope*

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gothamfying on a Saturdae Nite

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U know he's perfect when....

-he owns a pink mp3 player
-u neva get tired of smotherin him wit smoochies
-he brings u for ice-cream at swensons
-he comes down to gotham to surprise u
-he listens to ur fashion advice on wat to wear for the night (dont he look yaaa-meee in that pullover)
-he enjoys hanging out wit u n ya girlies
-he lets u play dressup in his army uniform Posted by Picasa

sundae morninnnn

Fireworks are amazing.. went to watch them at the esplanade on Tuesdae wit Sivalam.. n they realli were quite breathtaking la.. the atmosphere was perfect.. the fireworks were perfect.. n the company was beyond perfect.. its amazing how there were so many others at the spot.. it was super crowded.. but once the fireworks started it felt lyk it was just him n me there.. everyone else din seem to exist.. im startin to sound all cliched so i'll get on wit the rest of e wk now heh..


- Went for the funeral [:( ]
- Took a short nap in btwn
- Went to serangoon rd for yummy indian veggo food
- Watched "Click" at cine at lyk 2ish a.m. (Click was niceeeee.. thot it was funny la.. was in luv wit all e doggiesSSss)
- Had teh tarik near my house afta movie
- Babyboy left for camp at six in da morn..


- Woke up late (at 5.30 p.m.)
- Watched movies n slacked till 10pm
- Went 4 a jog
- Came home n slacked somemore b4 fallin asleep at 8am


- woke up at 2pm
-met mal n sivalam at p.s at 6
- went 4 dinner wit mal , steph n shola at nydc (OHHH HELLOOO MUDPIEEE.. i want.. m addicted.. it is to die for..) and coffee at starbucks
- met Siva afta dinner n coffee n chilled till 7ish.. was dozing off alreadi by then.. needed sleep big timeeeee.. came home n slept at lyk 9am..


- woke up at 5.30pm
- went to church
- went 4 dinner at SCC (Massive crowds cuz of e fireworks display)
- went to Asoka 4 a couple of hours
- went to Gotham till 5.. was actually damn fun.. its been a while since i had fun clubbin wit ma girls.. been pretty out of it lately.. but todae was great.. thanks 4 draggin me down girlies..
- now m back home.. gonna go 4 a jog in a bit.. i love joggin at this time when its still a bit dark.. n nice n cool.. n got nice music to listen to somemore.. thanks for lettin me steal ya mp3 player temporarily sexyyyyyyy

wooooohooo joggie timeeeeeee

Thursday, August 10, 2006