Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I want yummy food.

BABYBOY SHAVED!! Doesn't he look yummy.. i know.. i can't take it either. *sighs* I actually miss e moustache though.. he looked lyk a stylo mylo tamil movie villain.. the look grew on me la.. Anyways moustache or not he's 100% hot stuff so it's all good.

Job search is gettin a bit better la.. jus went for some interview thingy at starhub.. they sed they'll get back to me by the end of e day if im shortlisted.. i realli want the job mannnn.. mainly becuz i can wear jeans to work! The one thing ive been stresin abt when it comes to working life is the dress code.. i have zilch formal wear.. not a single pair of pants or knee length skirt.. heh.. im gonna shop for em in perth la.. when i go back in septmeber babyyyyyyy.. i realli can't wait la.. i'm super psyched.

I miss e girlssss... jus saw them last wk actualli but i dunno it jus feels we havent chilled in a while.. n clubbing doesn't count.. this shobanathan planned some dinner party thing at her house purposely on a day tt i cudnt make it.. fine... i can take a hint! haha.. we will haf another one sooonnn ok and u are alllll invitedddddddddd. Except sho. Haha ok fine sho can come if she promises to do her toilet dance on the table top.

Has anyone been followin Miss Vasantham.. there r some pretties in it..

Hmmm.. i cant realli think rite now.. m juz anxious abt the job.. i realli want it.. i need moneyzzzz..


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SumiSweet said...

I applied to Starhub too! But I applied online..So am waiting..and waiting..Good luck babe..