Monday, July 31, 2006

Wahhhhh.. this bilingual in English and Mandarin thing is seriously pissin me off to the mighty max.. UGHHHHH!! Will some tamileh gimme a job pleaseeeeeeeee.. where is ya loyalty to ur fellow indian citizen!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Is it realli the wkend..

Wat a laid back weekend.. i was cramping n bein a layzie anti-social bum.. met the cutie for a couple of hours on fridae.. went church todae n chilled wit sholabum n jeshness for a bit then had dinner wit parents then came home n slepptttttt.. i dunno y ive been so tired la.. Think sho n jesh r clubbin now but i realliiii m too tired to go out.. i mite juz drop dead in the middle of e club so ya think i shall juz b a goot girl n stay home.. saved quite a bit of cash from stayin at home the past 2 days woohoo.. m very hungry thoughhh.. cravin tom yum cup noodles 4 some weird reason.. its been ages since i had cup noodles.. muz b all this pms i say.

Why isnt there anything nice on tv.. i wish video ezy was lyk open 24 hours.. m in e mood for some super fab comedy.. oohhh i realli miss sex and the city man.. whyyyy don't they show it hereeeee.. boring country BLEH. I dunno y ive been so not in e clubbing mood 4 e longest time.. think im realli past cheekys la.. wouldnt mind goin gotham the place is gorgeous n its sooo nice to chill.. but i rather jus do dinner n a movie. Sivalam n I chilled in sho's house a couple of nites ago n we were all watchin Dirty Dancing 2 n eatin many yummy junkies.. it was realli nicee.. m very into the chillin n watchin a movie thing now as u can see.. then after that he n i decided to walk back to Bishan to save cash on cab (it was 4 a.m n midnite surcharge n all..) and this stray dog on the opposite side of e road ran out frm dunno where n started barkin at us.. n me bein the complete coward that I am started freakin out completely on Siva n jumped into the next cab that passed our way.. these stray dogs realli scare me sometimes... dunno when they're gonna attack n all..

Wish i cud take a walk to e petrol station to get cup noodles n yummy ice-cream.. but my area is very ulu at this time of the day/nite wateva.. n now on top of potential rapists/robbers n wandering spirits i have a new worry.. stray dogs.. so i think i'll just stay in and deal. Gonna go hunt for a vcd n some munchiez now.. nite all.. :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Meesaikara Mama

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Sivalam is a grumpy sexy mama

Malibu's in Indiaaaaaaa :( My hootchie mama left me to go to ooruland sniffless.. Its been ages since i went to India.. i think the last time i was there was on a school trip in Secondary 3 wit my IJ babies.. was definately most fun.. mebe i shud organzie some trip wit da girlies i'm sure we'll haf a blast.. hurry back malibuuuuuuuuuuu i miss uuuuuuuu *msn crying face*..

The job hunt is proving to be absolutely unsuccessful.. someone hurry gimme a job please... i havent shopped in eternity n its DEFINITELY getting to me.. i need perfume.. and yummy cocktails.. n a new mp3 playa cuz my old one isnt even working at all anymoreee.. all these stupid things hafta happen when i'm broke la.. i hafta run out of my fav perfume n haf a million tops to alter and haf my mp3 screw up on me all at the same time.. how typical..

Ok im supa sleepy now.. din realli get much sleep the day b4 and went clubbin at nite so m super buggered rite nowwww.. Went to cheekys last nite.. was alrite la.. realli not feelin e clubbin scene that much anymore.. i think its kaart's influence.. well done kaartsy pls pass over more of ur fabulous qualitives to me ok im lacking greatly in most things positive.. i realli m so tired now la i think i dun wanna club 4 e next few wks.. i rather spend my money on other things.. lyk FOOD! Im suddenly realli addicted to chinese rojak.. jus realized that its been a wk since our rojak date at gardens.. when Malibu was hereeee *all sad again* haha ok think i shud sleep b4 i start my "written diarrhoea".. nite all :)

p.s. i think my boyfriend's moustache is makin him cranky but its ok.. i laus him..

Friday, July 21, 2006

Rojak at Gardens is da bomb!

Met e girlies for dinner today.. Went to Gardens wit Malibu, Shola n Jesh.. the chinese rojak in gardens is to die forrrrrrr.. and there's this cake shop selling yummy banana cake for a dollar.. n they have all these other yummy cakes at pretty reasonable prices.. its very exciting really.. Oh and then b4 dinner Mal n I went to NTUC cuz she wanted to get something n we found e yummy red rock deli chips that we always eat in Perth.. i had no idea they had it in Singapore.. i know it sounds sad but it realli realli made my day.. i mean those r the yummiest chips in e world! It was such a yummy food day.. i think im growing old cuz i'm starting to prefer these dinner dates to clubbing.. i'm an old fogeyyy.. bleh

Was watchin e Ellen Degeneres (or howeva u spell it) show on tv earlier todae n one of her guests was Julie Andrews.. THE Julie Andrews.. i mean Sound of Music was my favourite movie as a child.. it's one of my all time favourites la it realli is such a good movie rite.. n Julie Andrews has such an amazing presence.. I think i will always see her as Mary Poppins.. I hear Julie Andrews and i think big bag with possibly the whole world inside.. Ive been tryna get Sivalam to watch sound of music wit me for a while now but i havent quite gotten around to renting it yet.. so i think the fact that she was on the Ellen show todae was a sign! Hope they have it at video ezy..

Ok that was a small digression from food talk.. back to more pressing issues now.. the wedges at cafe cartel ROCKS!!!! Oh and there's this place near my house called RedLine.. its a cafe and they have this yummy thing called isquid.. it realli is super yum.. and i don't even lyk squid in the first place.. and it comes with this yummy dip.. i highly reccomend it. :) Oh well.. that was my mini food review for u.. i'm starting to falter in my anti-meat plan.. mainly becuz of mutton satay.. the smell la.. it smells sooo good.. it's the only thing i miss about my meat days.. and sausage mcmuffin from mackerz.. these two will bring me down one day i can tell.. but i will hold on n persevere! Yes im a drama queen.. gonna go for a jog n work off that rojak.. n chips.. and banana cake.. heh.. Laterzz!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ok i jus saw this online in a job recruitment ad.. "must be bilingual in english and chinese and malay".. ok no really.. most amusing i say..
Aloha.. im such a lump of lard! Since i'd been deprived of the internet 4 so long i kinda went overboard wit my internet usage yesterdae.. was online lyk e whole nite.. and morning.. and day.. heh think i ended up sleepin lyk at 12p.m... and woke up at 7.45 in the evening.. I was havin a very important msn conversation wit Malibu la.. but then again all our conversations are highly important. It was such an unproductive day.. i was infront of e t.v. 4 most of it.. was watching legally blonde 2 at 1 a.m jus now n then i lyk kinda fell asleep halfway through.. i realli am one layzie bum la... It was just one of my "i only want to sleep n eat n watch tv" days.. i wasnt even talkin properly to poor Sivalam.. e boy deserves an award 4 putting up wit all my pmsing mood swings n crap.. its ok sweetie i'll make it up to u when i c u tmw ok ;) Haha dun get any ideas guys.. babyboy is bein all pious n fasting 4 something .. m not quite sure what (me and my religious inclinations) so ya we hafta act lyk a couple of "Malinis" for e next 42 days.. haha sorry Mal u know i lau u many rite :D

Miss Malini was the least sympathetic when i told her i can't make out wit my yummy boyfriend for 42 days.. 6yrs of frenship n i'm still amused by ur un-emoness.. Maybe i got ur share of hormones.. its ok malibu we're still the "i lau u, u lau me" pair ok.. many smooches.

My laptop is highly screwed.. the "q" key keeps poppin up randomly when im typing.. i think i need a new laptop. And a table 4 my laptop.. m sittin on e floor now n typing... lyk my back isn't screwed up enough as it is.. i need a job dammit..

Just started my job search abt 3-4 wks ago.. and this so-called multiracial country is very annoying cuz almost all the ads in the papers state tt u hafta be bilingual in mandarin n english.. and the ones that don't require u to be bilingual require previous working experience.. i'm neva gonna get a job at this rate.. *pout*

Ok well i think its time i go shower.. went for a jog lyk 5 hours ago n i havent showered yet mwaha.. Laterz!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

-June 10th- was a fun dress up day..

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at gotham

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how u doin

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guess who's back

i finally got my internet!!!!! FINALLYYYYYY!!! Damn it feels so good.. i cant believe i took so long to get it fixed.. i am queen procrastinator..

hmm.. updates updates.. where do i even start.. wat can i say.. 2006 has been realli interestin so far.. heh

Kinda had a mini house party last nite.. was super fun man.. dinner parties r the bombest.. yummy food n super fabulous company.. i had a blast thats for sure.. Although the cookie bottle (wit yummy cookies inside) kinda disappeard at the end of the nite.. its very amusing..

Ok im not gonna even bother wit e updates cuz its too overwhelming... i shall let the pics speak for themselves..