Tuesday, June 21, 2005

three down one more to go.

The last two papers i did were SHITE. i really can't do this course for nuts.

Everyone's getting ready to go home.. while i still have to study cuz i only end on friday. Its not fair. Its such a rush.. end on friday leavin on sunday.. have to pack up me room by then.. have to go and hunt for boxes and all. Decided to start packin abit today.. like sort out my clothes n all. I really have too many clothes.. and 3/4 of em i don't wear.. i wish i could sell em off but dunno where to go. Ugh i can't believe i have to come back again in a month and unpack and decorate my room all over again.. so pointless.

Is it horrible if i don't wanna leave? Is it so bad if i just wanna stay here.. i mean i miss my frens n all but.. i dunno.

I'm really not lookin forward to results.. ugh. I totally blacked out durin my paper on monday.. like seriously totally blacked out. Maybe thats y i dun wanna go back.. cuz i know that i'll be thinkin about how i screwd up the paper and how i'm gonna fail and how i have to see the disappointed look on my parents' faces..

Its ok.. wats meant to be rite... i just wish i knew what i wanna do with my life. I'm already almost 22.. i should have some direction by now. It sucks bein stuck in a course you hate and knowing that this is not what u wanna do wit ya life but then again you don't exactly know what it is that you wanna do. Makes sense?

ah well... no point frettin about it now. Still hafta study for my friday paper.. shall worry about the rest of my life after that. Moo.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


ARGH! im SO annoyed wit myself. Completely overslept through dinner.. woke up at 10.30 pm. heh. I was feelin lyk damn hungry n considerin all my options..

- indo mie
- laksa cup noodles
- Hungry Jacks half eaten veggie burger from saturdae
- slice of veg. pizza from fridae

Wat temptin options ya.. decided to go wit the pizza... and finally threw out the HJ burger.. it looked quite out. So anyways.. the pizza was gross. Leftover pizza from 4 days ago is not a good idea. I feel realli quite sick now.. bleh.. why din i juz make the noodles whyeeee.. me n my layzieness.. im on the road to food poisoning. I wish i was back in spore.. could have persudaed one of mah darlinz to go haf prata.. PRATAAAA.. i miss. i want. NOW.

:( *mopes*

Juz had my first paper earlier todae.. technically yesterdae morning actually. I think it was alright.. confusing.. MCQ a bit tricky. But ya.. i dunno la juz gotta hope for the best. I'm too grossed out from the pizza to type so yes. Plus i hafta go study for my saturdae n monday paper.. i hate exams. BYE.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Oh Boy - Mariah Carey.. M lovin this song

I know its a lil old school but i juz love the video , n the lyrics, n the tune, n herrrr!

I need you(Boy)
Adore you (Boy)
Gotta have you (Oh boy)
I wanna feel your touch This ain't no little crush
So come and get my love Baby anything you want
Feeling you (Boy)
Fiending for you (Boy)
Just waiting on you (Boy)
When I see you (Oh boy)
I'm gonna wrap you up
Inside my love
And never let you go boy Never let you go boy

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

tiny photo at left:da girls n me at raffles ball
Middle photo: Bhav and I wit da perthie dat we all love n miss :)
Top right: Rivercruise'05
Bottom left: C set peeps at Miss Mauds
In between photo: Most of da Curries at Raffles Ball
Bottom Right: Me n Jinder in da cab!

To mah perthies

Heyyyy guyzzzz.. juz wanted to wish ya'll good luck for ya exams. I know some of u start ya first paper todae.. and ALL of you end earlier than i do .. especially u retz.. bloody hell leaving for S'pore on the 16th.. i wouldnt even be halfway done wit my exams. Don't come near me. heh.

Oh n lets not forget the classic "I dont have any exams" case. Miss Bhavna. YOU SUCK!

ITS NOT FAIR! okok.. im digressing. The point of this was to be nice and wish ya'll good luck so yes. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! WE CAN DO IT!! juz a wk or two moreeee :D

To all my poor things taking monetary econs.. how the hell to study for that paper?? I'm totally clueless.. help. K hafta get back to studying now. Two more wks ragiboo n u'll be done. :)

Friday, June 10, 2005

I realli like this one

Scenario : A man walks in to the bedroom holding a sheep. His wife is lying on the bed reading.

He then says : This is the pig i have sex with when u've got a headache.
She says: I think you'll find that that's a sheep.
He says: I think you'll find that i was talking to the sheep.

Hurhurhurhurrrrrr. LAUGH!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I got this from some random blog i was browsing through n decided to try it out.

Without giving any context at all, what are five things you really wanted to say to people in the last month, but haven't said. Don't give context, just give the thing you want to say.

"hey hows it going" *insert sexy smile*

" hello excuse me why u neva call"

"umm.. eugh.. ok I think its high time u stop pickin ya nose lyk that..."

" what?? 8/15??? 8 over bloody 15?? COME ONNNNNNN!!!"

"this is a f--king waste of my time!!!" *followed by dramatic exit*


~ When u feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.. ~

FrOzEn ToeS

Current time : 4.18 p.m
Current temperature : 14 degrees
Current status : Cold n hungry
Currently listenin too : Sexy - Black Eyed Peas

Wat shitty weather. Strong winds, heavy rain and "Possible risk of thunderstorm" (according to bloody weather reports). This is the shiokest kind of weather to juz sleep in.. snuggled under my comfy oversized quilt. But no, i had to wake up at 1p.m (i slept at 7am so its only abt 6 hrs of sleep) to go for a revision lecture. I only went cuz i thought it was gonna b a useful enlightening session that would clear up my doubts. However as i soon found out( about twenty mins into the lecture) it wasn't gonna b of much help. The lecturer, was so extremely disorganised. She couldn't find her notes lyk half the time. And she was so frazzled and started complaining and saying "why does this always happen to me". Like seriously.. just get on wit the lecture la. After half an hour people started leaving. I should have left as well but i thought she was gonna cover one of the topics that i really was quite clueless about so i stayed on. But yea turns out she didn't. So i woke up, walked in the rain to the social sciences lecture theatre (anything past the arts building is far for me sorry) and sat there for two hours for basically nothing. You can imagine how annoyed i was. And after lecture ended i walked out n found the weather had gotten shittier. So i walked in the rain (that had gotten worse).. and in the cold wind( n i mean COLD).. back to currie. Grumpy from not enough sleep, useless waste of time and cold weather is a great recipie for horrible mood swings ya.

*gives grumpy face*


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

Top left : Cap that a cute black guy in Varga gave me :D

Top Right: Some of the stuff from my early morning shoppin spree

Bottom Left: Pink coat from dotti that i've been eyeing for many months!

Bottome Right: new shoes n boots!!


Fear not my faithful followers.. i am still alive. Yes.. i survived the jog. The weather wasn't too bad actually.

What a day...

Stayed over at Bhav's house last night.. we were SUPPOSED to study. heh. We reached her place at 9-ish after dinner and Gelares.. yes.. Gelares in winter.. i know. We're insane. At her house we watched Micheal Madhana Kama Rajan... the old Kamalhasan movie.. it's lyk one of the funniest movies ever. I think i've watched it like at least 20 times already and i'm still not sick of it. Then we finally got down to studying at 1a.m... and i took 4 hours to finish one chapter cuz we kept mucking around. And then at 5 we decide to walk to the 24 hour subway 15 mins away from her place.. n we had to walk past a cemetary. I think if it was a lil earlier lyk around 3-ish i wud haf been freaked.. heh.. how freaky r cemetaries man.

Anyways we got back to her place n i tried to study for a bit more and finally left at 7.15 for Currie. All the buses from her place to the bus port were like so crowded from the peak hour crowd n i realli realli hate crowded buses so i decided to walk to the city. Thought it'd b a good way to work off the chips n subway cookies that i had gutsed earlier. So at around 7.40 i reached the city n was walkin to the bus stop when i came across the ATM n decided to check if the money my dad sent me had come in.. and it had. So here i was.. 7.45 am in the mornin. In the city. With money in my bank. So what do i do.. of course.. SHOP! Yeaaa.. it's been forever since i shopped.. lyk crazy shopped... so that's exactly what i did.. crazy-shopped.

Aaahhh the power of retail therapy.. *satisfied smile* I got back to currie at 11.30.. and finally went to sleep at 12.30 n woke up juz in time for dinner. I kinda feel more motivated to study now.. shopping helps. I swear.

16 more days n i'll b done.. :D

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

To jog or not to jog..

A simple equation i think everyone should know:

jogging + 7a.m on a winter morning = not good idea

Exam stress does funny things to you.. while studying on sunday night i decided i was gonna stay up n study through the night into the morning n then go for a jog. Mainly because the weather forecast for monday said it was gonna rain later in the day.. so i figured i should go for a jog in the morning.. and damn it was cold. I mean seriously.. i was so scared abt gettin an asthma attack halfway.. its so hard to breathe when the wind is blowing so strongly n ure freezing.. heh.

And now one day later at 1 p.m.. when it's been raining the whole day so far and forecasts predict rain for the rest of the day.. hell for the rest of the week even.. i'm back to making psycho life-threating decesions abt going jogging. I just luv the whole exhausted but worked out feeling u get after a jog.. it's so satisfying. So should i or should i not? Lookin out of my window now the skies seem alright.. rain's let up for now.. but wat if i'm halfway through my jog and it decides to pour and i'm stuck in some ulu part of Matilda Bay. I hate getting wet in the rain durin winter.. and plus i juz washed my hair! Sorry for the bimbotic comment.. but my hair is lyk realli quite high maintenance. I mean washing it is really one big chore.. i hafta plan my day around washing my hair.. so obviously i'd hate for it to get ruined.

Speakin of gettin wet in the rain n hating it.. with all the bloody money we pay to Currie Hall.. the least they could do was build a sheltar from the C to B block. Last night alvie n I were goin to the dinin hall n when we opened the door of the C house it was POURING. Like thunderstorm kinda rain.. n we had to run in the bloody rain to the B block for sheltar. How come A and B blocks r sheltered n C, D and E arent. WE're the seniors.. seniors shouldn't have to run around in the rain.. i'm gonna have a talk with managament. Rite.

Ok i've decided im goin jogging. If i dun blog within the next 24 hours.. ya'll know wat happened. Heh. :D

Monday, June 06, 2005

I Don'T NeeD A maN... i'Ve goT BatteRieS!!! ;)

Note To Self :

Top ten things i need to get done by this wk...

10) file claim with my insurance health provider.. i'm so broke that i could do with the insurance money :(
9) Run many extra km (im quite unfit so i dun really run by the miles heh) to work off the many extra junk food
8) Grocery n toiletry shopping.. need to stock up on "exam time stress" junk food plus ive run out of body wash n i need to smell nice when i strut past hot boys
7) Have cake at Fast Eddy's.. i've got pregnant womanish cravings
6) Photocopy S.E Asia Economic History notes from Anu
5) Do long overdue laundry.. its been 3wks.. runnin out of underwear
4) Finish up at least half my monetary econs revision
3) Finish up all my micro revision
2) Try n get over Paiyan.. or under.. ;)
1) BUY BATTERIES!! cuz e damn thing keeps quittin on me halfway..how unsatisfying.. hahah


Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

I want him!!

The Longest Yard

Oh my god NELLYYYY.. ahh.. i can't take it.. he's so yummy. When i found out he was acting in The Longest Yard i was like okkk i have to watch that movie! Me n da currie peeps watched it today.. decided on it rather spontaneously durin dinner.. thankz to Retz haha. Although i kinda wanted to wait till tuesdae cuz its half price on tuesdaes i juz couldn't wait and now after having watched it i think it was worth every bit of the $11. I mean.. NELLY! hello!? Anyone who knows me well knows im lyk his biggest fan.. so ya.. i'm sorry if ya'll go watch e movie n find it boring k ya'll muz understand i'm only in love with it cuz of dat boy. He's most cute. Ok enough with the swooning. Apart from the eye-candy the movie itself was really funny. I mean with both Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in the same movie how can u go wrong. And although i think Adam Sandler movies r usually the stupid humor kind i thought this actually had a nice story line. So yea i really did enjoy the movie although i had to hyperventilate quietly everytime Nelly came on screen cuz i was sittin next to this random cutie in the theatre n i din want him to think i was an idiot. Heh. *nelly nelly nelly*

Anyways i think the story line n acting deserves 7.5/10.. but with the added drool-factor i'd give it 5 million/10 haha. I'm biased! He's so cute! Oh ya.. for all of ya'll who haven't watched it yet.. Chris Rock dies in da movie. MWAHAHA.. ima spoiler! WHeeee :) Enjoy peeps! hahaha. Must go study now.. ugh.. 9 more days to my first paper.. crap.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

some other half of my room

Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

i actually cleaned up e place abit for this photo!

half of my room

Originally uploaded by royal ragi.

check out my mess study table man..


i need sleep! in the last three days ive had lyk a grand total of 9 hours of sleep.. i think my head's gonna explode. I always tell myself tt im gonna come home and sleep by midnight.. but i can never keep to my word.. there's always juz so much stuff to do at night! Like.. MSN.. n blog.. and my vibrator.. heh haha rite but ya my point is i'm juz meant to be nocturnal.. this whole sleepin early n gettin up early business doesn't work for me. But it was a pretty good day.. it was my darlin ANU'S bdae... HAPPY BDAE GIRLIEEEE!!!! So yeaaa i met up wit her n we went to da city to shop.. actually she was suppossed to shop while i gaze longingly at all the things i want but haf absolutely no money to buy heh. I'm so broke its not funny.. and its only now during my broke-ass times that everywhere has to have some major sale going on.. Myers is havin a crazy sale.. i saw the most gorgeous sparkly sea-green dress and im in love. There was jus so much stuff i saw that i really really wanna buy.. i really need to join some self-help group for shoppaholics.. :( and den after dat we went for dinner at Annalakshmi n den chilled at her house. Was most fun.. her place is lyk most gorgeous man.. the view n everything.. I WANT!!! ugh.. to come back to my pigeon-hole excuse of a room in Currie after that was lyk so depressing.. haha. But ya.. i think i did up my room pretty decently.. comfy enough.. and i can't complain cuz its like juz outside Uni.. so ya..

Ohhh i hate winter. I actually woke up at 8.20 for my 9am class after havin 2 hrs of sleep.. n dragged myself for lecture.. n it was rainin quite bad but i was like NOOO Ragi its e last lecture u hafta go.. n the stupid lecture ended after 20 mins.. i was like bLoody hell la.. then i went for my tutorial at 10 n lecture at 11 which also ended after 20 mins. It really was a stupid waste of time.. At least the rest of my day kinda made up for it. Anu's a blast.. love hangin out wit her n i hate tt she has to leave at the end of the sem. Bleh. Much luv darlin :D

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Speak Out, Stand Up

people.. i am most shocked.. and disgusted.. for whoevea's interested pls go read my darlin girlie's blog http://www.suhashini.com/blog/ .. the post tittled "In My Skin I Love".. tsk tsk *shakes head*..

Extremely disappointed.. its gonna b a while b4 i get over this one heh.

Its that time of the semester (Part II)

Today was the end-of-semester farewell dinner in currie. I hate these things.. it gets me really depressed. I din even knoe that farewell dinner was today until i saw the kitchen staff setting up the tables n deco and balloons.. i was like oohh hell no is it really farewell dinner already? I cant believe exams are comin soon and then we'll all b goin away for the 3 wk break.. it seems to fast. Although i miss my frens back home terribly.. im juz not ready to go back yet. Even if its just for three wks.. i think its e whole thought of studying for exams.. and having to pack up all da shit in my room just to come back 3wks later n un-pack n re-decorate my room all over again. So lecheh. And i realli hate good-byes. Especially permanent ones. Why do people hafta graduate and leave.. why can't we all just stay on in Perth and Currie like one happy family.. then malibu would still be here.. and Karen wouldn't be leaving. Karen Chu.. i'm actually gonna miss you.. you're the one psycho that follows me for meals and stalks paiyan with me.. and u actually enjoy it. I've neva met anyone who was more boy-crazy than me.. n then i met u. Heh.. u take the crown anytime la. Its not fair.. all through dinner i was lyk in one depressed state.. it juz feels lyk all my frens r leavin Perth one by one and i'm stuck here.. thank God Bhav's still gonna b arnd next sem.. and that aunty was even thinkin abt takin a semester off .. Bauna i will kill u if u leave me here.. im serious. Really. I don't care how homesick you r.. ure stayin here wit me :P Its all about me!!!
I dunno.. i just can't seem to shake this whole feeling off.. i've never ever wanted to turn back the hands of time so much.. i really juz want to go back to this time last yr.. my first semester in Perth.. When everyone was still around and in Currie and not lyk half in s'pore n half scattered around Perth. When we all used to go for meals at the dining hall together.. I miss having my bunch of girls around.. with them i never really felt home-sick. Especially wit Mal n Bhav.. there was hardly any politics.. none of that backlash that's SO common in currie now.. juz good solid frenship.. and fun times.. With them i felt lyk i actually belonged.. Sometimes now when i go for meals.. i just don't feel lyk i'm part of the group. I mean sure the guys are great.. and we have some great laughs together.. but its just not the same. Its unfair how all good things have to come to an end sooner or later. I guess its a growing up process we all have to go through.. and it makes us stronger. This is how i learn to be independent.. whether i like it or not.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Its that time of the semester

its one of those days that u get up feelin damn annoyed wit the world. When u wake up and u juz know that u're gonna have a shit day.. for starters.. i completely overslept and missed all my lectures.. i woke up at bloody 5 in the evening. I'm so pissed off at myself.. five in the freakin evening. One whole day wasted just like that.. bloody hell! And then i go down for dinner n that stupid shit feels lyk ignoring me today. I give up on that boy.. dunno wats his problem.. suddenly suddenly he'll be lyk soo friendly.. n then on other days he'll juz completely ignore me lyk i dont exist.. i don't know if its something im doing wrong.. he always gets me over-analysing like this.

And remember that essay that i started on a week b4 the due date.. well its due tmw.. n i havent done jack shit. I mean i did start on it last wednesdae n ive been tryin to do a lil bit everydae for the last 6 days.. but it is soooo freakin dumb.. its e stupidest essay ive ever done in my life.. and im stuck.. i have absolutely no motivation to do it. But its bloody 20%.. n i realliiii need all e extra marks i can get so i dun hafta stress abt the exam.. ugh. So now i have to go write a 2500 essay about the monetary policy.. do i realli care abt the monetary policy!? WHYYEEEEE.. i juz wanna slack and watch TV!! And talk rubbish n eat ice-cream.. n bitch n whine about paiyan cuz im still sore that he ignored me juz now.. its juz one of those days that u realli dont wanna do any work. And nooo i do not feel lyk this all the time in case u were wondering.. there r actually some days where i am bothered to be hard-working and study.. especially if its days like this where i haf an assignment due the next day. But really.. im so put off by this assignment that i juz feel lyk not bothering abt it. :( STRESS!!! Its ok.. at first i tole myself to just get it over n done with and then i can enjoy tmw onwards.. oh but wait..then i realised exams r in 14 days.. heh. Great. Im gonna b stressed for many more wks to come then. Just great.