Saturday, June 04, 2005


i need sleep! in the last three days ive had lyk a grand total of 9 hours of sleep.. i think my head's gonna explode. I always tell myself tt im gonna come home and sleep by midnight.. but i can never keep to my word.. there's always juz so much stuff to do at night! Like.. MSN.. n blog.. and my vibrator.. heh haha rite but ya my point is i'm juz meant to be nocturnal.. this whole sleepin early n gettin up early business doesn't work for me. But it was a pretty good day.. it was my darlin ANU'S bdae... HAPPY BDAE GIRLIEEEE!!!! So yeaaa i met up wit her n we went to da city to shop.. actually she was suppossed to shop while i gaze longingly at all the things i want but haf absolutely no money to buy heh. I'm so broke its not funny.. and its only now during my broke-ass times that everywhere has to have some major sale going on.. Myers is havin a crazy sale.. i saw the most gorgeous sparkly sea-green dress and im in love. There was jus so much stuff i saw that i really really wanna buy.. i really need to join some self-help group for shoppaholics.. :( and den after dat we went for dinner at Annalakshmi n den chilled at her house. Was most fun.. her place is lyk most gorgeous man.. the view n everything.. I WANT!!! ugh.. to come back to my pigeon-hole excuse of a room in Currie after that was lyk so depressing.. haha. But ya.. i think i did up my room pretty decently.. comfy enough.. and i can't complain cuz its like juz outside Uni.. so ya..

Ohhh i hate winter. I actually woke up at 8.20 for my 9am class after havin 2 hrs of sleep.. n dragged myself for lecture.. n it was rainin quite bad but i was like NOOO Ragi its e last lecture u hafta go.. n the stupid lecture ended after 20 mins.. i was like bLoody hell la.. then i went for my tutorial at 10 n lecture at 11 which also ended after 20 mins. It really was a stupid waste of time.. At least the rest of my day kinda made up for it. Anu's a blast.. love hangin out wit her n i hate tt she has to leave at the end of the sem. Bleh. Much luv darlin :D

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