Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Fear not my faithful followers.. i am still alive. Yes.. i survived the jog. The weather wasn't too bad actually.

What a day...

Stayed over at Bhav's house last night.. we were SUPPOSED to study. heh. We reached her place at 9-ish after dinner and Gelares.. yes.. Gelares in winter.. i know. We're insane. At her house we watched Micheal Madhana Kama Rajan... the old Kamalhasan movie.. it's lyk one of the funniest movies ever. I think i've watched it like at least 20 times already and i'm still not sick of it. Then we finally got down to studying at 1a.m... and i took 4 hours to finish one chapter cuz we kept mucking around. And then at 5 we decide to walk to the 24 hour subway 15 mins away from her place.. n we had to walk past a cemetary. I think if it was a lil earlier lyk around 3-ish i wud haf been freaked.. heh.. how freaky r cemetaries man.

Anyways we got back to her place n i tried to study for a bit more and finally left at 7.15 for Currie. All the buses from her place to the bus port were like so crowded from the peak hour crowd n i realli realli hate crowded buses so i decided to walk to the city. Thought it'd b a good way to work off the chips n subway cookies that i had gutsed earlier. So at around 7.40 i reached the city n was walkin to the bus stop when i came across the ATM n decided to check if the money my dad sent me had come in.. and it had. So here i was.. 7.45 am in the mornin. In the city. With money in my bank. So what do i do.. of course.. SHOP! Yeaaa.. it's been forever since i shopped.. lyk crazy shopped... so that's exactly what i did.. crazy-shopped.

Aaahhh the power of retail therapy.. *satisfied smile* I got back to currie at 11.30.. and finally went to sleep at 12.30 n woke up juz in time for dinner. I kinda feel more motivated to study now.. shopping helps. I swear.

16 more days n i'll b done.. :D

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