Monday, June 06, 2005

Note To Self :

Top ten things i need to get done by this wk...

10) file claim with my insurance health provider.. i'm so broke that i could do with the insurance money :(
9) Run many extra km (im quite unfit so i dun really run by the miles heh) to work off the many extra junk food
8) Grocery n toiletry shopping.. need to stock up on "exam time stress" junk food plus ive run out of body wash n i need to smell nice when i strut past hot boys
7) Have cake at Fast Eddy's.. i've got pregnant womanish cravings
6) Photocopy S.E Asia Economic History notes from Anu
5) Do long overdue laundry.. its been 3wks.. runnin out of underwear
4) Finish up at least half my monetary econs revision
3) Finish up all my micro revision
2) Try n get over Paiyan.. or under.. ;)
1) BUY BATTERIES!! cuz e damn thing keeps quittin on me unsatisfying.. hahah

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