Saturday, January 31, 2009

i cutted my hairrrrrrrr!! I quite loves it. :)
auto-roaming is a bitchhhh! Just got my handphone bill and my roaming calls for the 3 nights i was in Phuket came up to 60 bucks! For like ten minutes! And now that i've been footing all my mobile bills with my own hard-earned cash i'm really feeling the pinch la. i'm thinking of cutting my hair tomorrowwww.. excited and nervous.. please love me still even if i look like a freak! bye bye long hairrrrr *sniffsss*

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

gong xi fa caiiiiiiiiii! The break was good.. slept alot.. ate alot.. went to Jesh's housewarming on Sunday..her house is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.. and has its own pool! Sigh. We had a great round of charades and hung out for abit b4 heading back to sho's for another fabulous round of taiti and "SNAP!"!! haha i love snap.. its so simple and uncomplicated.. and fun! On Monday i went to c triston for abit with kaart and aartsy then met mal and the rest to go gotham. Gotham again was disappointing.. lacking in something.. crowd? Yea i think it wasn't crowded enough.. the music's good though and i actually take back what i said about the band. They're actually pretty good although the sound system was kinda loud and that made it abit annoying to have to sit through. The saving grace was our own private area with the pool table that the rest discovered so we hung out there for most of the night.. left around 3ish with mal and sho and we decided to go for Prata.. after so long! Wow i cant remember the last time we had an after-clubbing prata date.. was definitely my favourite part of the night :)

Back to work today.. as usual i have a huge pile of work stacked up.. shall try to work my way through it over the next couple of days.. hopefully i finish everything by stock take this saturday so i can clear up my desk. Things are getting a leeetle too cluttered at my work station.. ah well it's no big secret that i'm not the most organised person around. Aunty nits is coming tmwwwww!!! Hopefully i get to see her though, she's coming at some un-godly hour like 3a.m. and wants to catch a catnap first so yea hopefully we get to do lunch or something.

........."It's for the best".. that's what ive been repeating like a broken record to everyone.. that and "It just wasn't working out" or "we were just too different". Can't wait for the months to pass so i can stop explaining to everyone what happened.. But.. also.. it's kinda liberating to talk about it sometimes.. i don't know. Soon it'll be old news. And that life we once shared would seem so distant.. and this nagging feeling in the back of my head will go away. Ah well..
I'm craving champagneeeeee.. maybe i'll get to do something fun this wkend ;) Singledom beckons!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

just got back from my jog.. decided to go for an early one today since i'm supposed to be hanging out with the rest later and i ate like such a peeg yesterday.. woke up feeling like crap man. The weather was so nice.. i don't usually jog in the afternoons cause of the sun but it wasn't burning today and there was a really nice breeze, it rained lightly for like 5 minutes then stopped.. was quite pleasant weather.

Watchin american idol now.. its so entertaining la.. there was this big dude who sang a michael jackson song and did some MJ "moves".. was bloody funny. Aahhh needs to go batheee.. laterzzzzz

got back from my date with sho a while ago.. was funnest. I met her n joss-wahhh in town for dinner first.. we went to lido cuz got so much variety u know :) i had my subway as usual.. i love subway la.. sho can't get over e fact tt i get e veggie delite.. but its really so good and i dun even lyk veggies usually. She n the josswah were asking me all these hypothetical situation questions.. was damn funny la.. maybe not entirely suitable for dinner-time conversation but very entertaining nonetheless. :)I went window shopping while waiting for them to get to town and i was so tempted to buy a pair of chanel shades.. which i obv cant afford haha. Sigh i'm giving myself till April this year.. i am getting a pair by then. Sho n i went window shopping and saw some gorgeous bags in the chanel botique.. sigh.. y the heck are they lyk out of this world expensive. We decided to drown our sorrows with ice-cream so headed over to Swensons.. i'll neva tire of their sundae & fries la. Just good old school stuff. It was so nice doing a saturday night thing with Sho.. i can't remember the last time we did this. Just suddenly though of phuket.. and how she and I would chill on the deck chairs by the pool b4 sleeping and we'd just talk and goss lyk a bunch of sixteen year-olds.. that stuff never gets old la.

Should go sleep soon.. still cant believe i finished work at 4.45..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

its almost 4pm on a saturday afternoon and i'm still stuck at work.

NOT HAPPY. Good thing its a longish wkend. But still.. im not happy.

Friday, January 23, 2009

just wanted to claim ownership rights for my main display pic.. don't go trying to steal it! Isnt it gorgeous though.. sigh.. was taken at my new love - Phi Phi Island which is off phuket.

M so bloody sleepy.. i didn't finish as late as i thought i would which is always a good thing. Ended around 8ish.. had yummy fish bites at Outback for dinner.. omg the fish bites are really damn yummy la.. I recommend to everyone! Then thought of going down to lil india cuz mal & all were there but she was totally avoiding my calls!! haha.. so ended up just comin home instead. I should go sleep but i'm kinda hooked onto top model so gonna stay up to watch tt first.. quite the tv junkie i am. :)

Its gonna be flydayyyyyy.. not as exciting for me cuz i got work on saturdays but there's still some level of excitement. I met Bon & Gehe for lunch a couple of days ago.. its been 5 million years since the three of us hung out together.. we were having yummy drink/dessert @ gloria jeans.. glad to see we have progressed from the lido days haha. It was lyk pretty routine.. we'd go to lido and get lasagna from pizza hut and somemore unhealthy crap from the likes of LJS and just bum our lives away.. ahhhh the joys of being 16. Was so nice catching up with them.. i really need to get my ass to Perth soon la it's been too long.. and i kinda cornered bon into inviting me to stay with her haha.. her place is right smack in the city!!! Paradise for me la.. just need to work out leave issues and i shud be off. If only it was forever.. why is everywhere else more exciting than singapore.. with Perth its the gorgeous people and shopping and food.. and with phuket its the bloody awesome sun,sand & the sea.. and phi phi island.. oh phi phi island. U and I are one. My dream job would be one where i rotate btwn Perth and Phi Phi.. think the only way to achieve that is to set up my own business with branches in both places :) ha.

Like i told him yesterday.. everyday is 5 steps forward and 3 steps back.. but at least at e end of the day its still a lil bit of progress.. day by day.. baby steps. Me hates the low-points.. need more distractions. Hopefully i have many eggciting (lovin sho's new word) things to do durin the long wkend.. though i have very limited funds. I so badly want to run away somewhere.. KL? saint cinnamon would be heaven-sent right now. Pun not intended. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ughh.. can't wait for this week to end. Reallyyy looking forward to the CNY break.. need to catch up on my sleep. The boss is coming down tmw for her monthly visit.. she was supp to come on friday so i was nicely taking my time to do my work and then at lyk 5ish she tells me she's coming tmw instead. Ha.. i guess its a good thing i like her.. she's really nice so i'm not dreading her visit or anything.. but its just gonna be a mad rush tmw trying to finish up everything for her to check. Oh well. .serves me right for being a slacker i guess.

Finally bought my proactiv facial wash!! Have been using proactiv ever since i got some weird pimple breakout 4 years ago and i thought it was a really good product.. kinda kept the pimples at bay.. then in aug/september i started buying the proactiv kit from Mustafa instead of Watsons cuz it was $10 cheaper (10 bucks is a big deal when ure broke ok!).. and i started getting pimples again.. don't know if its just a coincidence.. then the facial wash ran out and for the last 3-4 weeks ive been using this OXY facial wash which i thought we be good since it was OXY.. but my complexion has gotten reallyyyy worse.. sigh. i dunno.. am i still supposed to be having pimple problems..I thought i was done with this hormonal thing after i turned 21.. Don't tell me i'm gonna be battling with my skin till im wrinkly. I'm just hoping the proactiv works its wonders again.. i miss having normal skin :(

I've been having this urge to cut my hair.. not lyk boy-short but maybe around shoulder length.. or a lil bit shorter? I don't know.. does it sound lyk some post-breakup syndrome? I dont think it is though.. i've been toying with the idea for quite a while now.. im just soooo sick of my hair.. i love the curls n all but i just want a new look. Think i need to do more research and find a tried & tested fabulous hairdresser b4 i take the big leap.

Ok am off to be a couch potato now.. gonna go for my jog in a bit.. m very happy to report that i've been going for my jogs earlier! No more 11/11.15p.m. jogs.. i try to go by 10.15p.m these days and it feels really good plus i've been taking my old route which is longer than the 11pm route.. can't take that route when i jog later cuz it gets kinda quiet.. Yay.. hopefully i lose some weight too.. ahh the never-ending battle with my weight and skin.. wat a bummer.
and the craziness of work continues.. its been a never-ending pile since i got back from my phuket trip ( which i will blog about soon enough).. wish i was as lucky as mal who wasnt dreading going back to work after our vacay. Can't wait for the CNY break.. wish i was going on another holiday though.. haha.. too greedy.

So the boyfriend and i broke up.. yep.. after almost three years im single again. Feels alright.. its definitely for the best. Had my first proper night out as a single gal ( i hate spelling it as "gal" but "girl" just doesnt have e same effect ya?) on Saturday and it was pretty awesome. Ended work then made my way to novena to meet kaartsy and we went over to latsy's house for some quality time wit baby T. We had lunch first at this cafe near latsy's house and the food there was really quite good and very affordable! I had this yummy veggie pasta for 6 bucks and kaart n i shared a veggie pizza that was 9 bucks and it was big enough for two.. Wish i had a nice cafe-ish chillout place near my house tooooooo. Actualli there's tons of eateries near my house.. just havent really explored la.. should get on that *makes mental note*. Latsy and shina's new place is soooooo nicely done up.. very very tasteful. We were hanging out in latsy's room for abit and would have probably just camped out there if not for triston repeating over and over about how he wants to go "twimming". TWIMMING! How cute la.. i'm so loving the fact that he's talking more and more.. the other day Aunty Nancy called and put him on the phone and he was like "yagi come house".. haha.. how not to love him madly.

I left to go home and get ready before meeting sho & kam.. we were suppossed to do dinner at Timbre but the place was so super packed and there was a major waiting list so we decided on good old BQ Bar instead.

Its been a while since i went to BQ and i was excited about the yummy falafel.. we got that and calamari to share.. so good man.. BQ rocks. Sho brought a bottle of champagne wine for us to share so the three of us made our way to UE square.. i wanted to drink by the river but my suggestion was veto-ed by the spoilers :( haha.. actualli thinking back i guess its a good thing we were at UE square instead cuz all three of us were too scared to pop the champagne so for ten minutes we were tugging at the Cork in an attempt to pop it gently. Ten minutes i kid you not.. Sho finally got it open hahah.. wish we had taken a video of the whole "process". The champagne was really really good.. i'm the kind that doesn't drink to get high.. i really actually enjoy my wine and champagne and was really lapping this one up.. needless to say i ended up a lil tipsy :) We decided to check out the scene at Gotham and got there at 2ish.. close to 3. Ok.. what is with the band!? No offence to anyone but i wasnt really feeling the band. Other than bumping into some friends that i havent seen in a while Gotham in my opinion was a flop.. hope its not indicative of the future of that place cuz its one of my favourite clubs.

We left Gotham at 4ish and made our way to JEANS!!! haha.. dont judge me.. i just knew it would be the happening ending to my night since Gotham was such a disappointment.. and we werent even planning to go up.. some of our friends were clubbing there so wanted to meet them after the club closed. Was pretty much an IJ reunion outside jeans la.. there's really too many of us running around.. not that i'm complaining :) After some bonding sessions and a couple of pep-talks we finally bit adieu to boat quay. I got home at 6.. wow.. its been forever since i hung out till that late.. it was good fun but i still stand by my "not so much into clubbing" policy so don't think i'd be repeating very often.. or maybe i don't know.. things don't always happen the way you plan so maybe i shouldn't speak to soon hey.. plus clubbing IS alot more fun when ure single and ready to mingle :)

First night out as a "single gal".. pretty much a success i would say.. thanks to everyone who rocked it. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!

I've been somewhat inspired by mali to revamp my blog.. i don't know, there's something about a new blog that makes you want to blog more. Was kinda sick of the layout of the old one.. and alot's changed so an update was much needed. Gonna get some sleep now.. work's been crazy.. will blog more tmw! *lovess*