Friday, January 23, 2009

just wanted to claim ownership rights for my main display pic.. don't go trying to steal it! Isnt it gorgeous though.. sigh.. was taken at my new love - Phi Phi Island which is off phuket.

M so bloody sleepy.. i didn't finish as late as i thought i would which is always a good thing. Ended around 8ish.. had yummy fish bites at Outback for dinner.. omg the fish bites are really damn yummy la.. I recommend to everyone! Then thought of going down to lil india cuz mal & all were there but she was totally avoiding my calls!! haha.. so ended up just comin home instead. I should go sleep but i'm kinda hooked onto top model so gonna stay up to watch tt first.. quite the tv junkie i am. :)

Its gonna be flydayyyyyy.. not as exciting for me cuz i got work on saturdays but there's still some level of excitement. I met Bon & Gehe for lunch a couple of days ago.. its been 5 million years since the three of us hung out together.. we were having yummy drink/dessert @ gloria jeans.. glad to see we have progressed from the lido days haha. It was lyk pretty routine.. we'd go to lido and get lasagna from pizza hut and somemore unhealthy crap from the likes of LJS and just bum our lives away.. ahhhh the joys of being 16. Was so nice catching up with them.. i really need to get my ass to Perth soon la it's been too long.. and i kinda cornered bon into inviting me to stay with her haha.. her place is right smack in the city!!! Paradise for me la.. just need to work out leave issues and i shud be off. If only it was forever.. why is everywhere else more exciting than singapore.. with Perth its the gorgeous people and shopping and food.. and with phuket its the bloody awesome sun,sand & the sea.. and phi phi island.. oh phi phi island. U and I are one. My dream job would be one where i rotate btwn Perth and Phi Phi.. think the only way to achieve that is to set up my own business with branches in both places :) ha.

Like i told him yesterday.. everyday is 5 steps forward and 3 steps back.. but at least at e end of the day its still a lil bit of progress.. day by day.. baby steps. Me hates the low-points.. need more distractions. Hopefully i have many eggciting (lovin sho's new word) things to do durin the long wkend.. though i have very limited funds. I so badly want to run away somewhere.. KL? saint cinnamon would be heaven-sent right now. Pun not intended. :)

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