Saturday, September 10, 2005


Currie Ball
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C-Set peepz at Currie Ball

Da C-Set peepz
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This is a verse from one of my favourite songs "Baby" by Ashanti.. m totally lovin this song

Baby, I can't see my worth
living here on God's green earth,
you don't know what you've done to me,
I never thought I'd need you desperately,
it's kind of sick how I'm stuck on you
but I don't care cause I'm needing you
and how I feel will remain the same
cause your're my baby
and when the world starts to stress me out
(where i run) it's to you boy withouta doubt
(you're the one) who keeps me sane and I can't complain
you're like a drug you relieve my pain
you're like the blood flowing through my vain,
keeps me alive and feeding my brain
now this is how another human life
could have the power to take over mine
cause you're my baby

DeNiaL.. It ain't just a river in egypt (sorry i stole ya nick Bhav :D)

Currie Ball was a blast! I didn't think i was gonna have fun and was kinda skeptical about the whole night but i am so glad i went. Ok food was kinda crappy cuz i had the vegetarian dish and it was some crumbly bread thingy wit some gravy and ya.. bottom line is it was bad la.. though the tandoori chicken wit rice looked really good. Desert was not too bad.. choice of cheescake or mudcake.. i had a bit of both.. was quite yummy. Things were moving quite slowly until they opened the dance floor.. at first they were playing crappy aussie-fied songs so i wuz jus sittin down lookin all bored.. then finally they started playing r&B.. good r&b.. and everyone at my table was on the dance floor. It's been a long time since i hung out wit da currie peeps so i was really havin a blast.. n not to mention the highlight of my night.. lets just say the eye candy factor was top notch ;)

It was a perfect night more or less.. i wouldn't have changed anything about it.. except maybe i wish i had the courage to juz go up n talk to my cutie.. but i'm a wuss.. i wuz juz really glad he was there. To say that it was a pleasant surprise is a definate understatement.. i really hadn't thought twice about him going.. i had just automatically written off the possibility of him being there. It was so nice seeing him there all dressed up n lookin yummy.. havin fun wit his friends. I didn't think there was anything more he could possibly do to make me like him even more.. i thought i had reached my peak of "payian"-ness.. but i was so wrong.

Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end sooner or later and b4 i knew it .. it was time to leave.. but i was really satisfied with how the night turned out. This was my first n last Currie Ball.. n to think i almost didn't go in the first place. I can't believe this is possibly my last semester in Currie.. i don't even want to think about it.. i'm kinda like in denial. Im trying to block out the fact that i've got only two months more here. I guess ive gotten really attached to this place.. and he's definately part of the reason. Four semesters of seeing him almost everyday.. im addicted. I dont even wanna start thinkin about leaving. I'm not ready to face up to that reality just as yet.

For now.. i'm jus gonna go wit da flow n have my fun and make the most of my remaining months. I'm gonna do my best to make it a semester to remember.. in every sense of the word.

Friday, September 09, 2005

**I'm a PriNcEsS**

wooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I bought my dress!! I finally bought my dressss.. the dress that i've been eyeing since june that cost lyk close to $200.. and it was on sale! And it was the very last piece! Its e most gorgeous dress.. I felt lyk a mermaid fairy princess.. if that makes sense.. im sure there are mermaid fairies rite..? K wateva.. I BOUGHT MY DRESSSSSSSSSSS! :D Now i juz hafta wait for the perfect occasion to show it off at..

K i'm done celebrating..

I had much better luck dress hunting today.. got a nice black dress at a decent price from Miss Shop.. Now im actually looking forward to the Ball tomorrow.. i just wish i didn't have Uni at ten.. stupid make-up tute..
I'm hoping that i have fun at the Ball.. i just wish i had my digicam wit me.. it's possibly my last Ball n i wanna take heaps of photos.

I am so sleepy.. Went to margeaux last nite.. was fun.. ran into a few ppl i haven't seen in a while.. Was trying to be a social butterfly.. it was nice to be in a non anti-social mood for once.. im usually very anti. I'm a grumpy biatch especially when im sleepy or hungry. Like right nowww... i juz wanna sleep but nooo i have to do my stupid tute.. i'm a grumpy "last minute queen" biatch.
Oh but now since i have my dress i'm a grumpy "last minute queen" fairy mermaid princess biatch.
Apart from bein grumpy from lack of sleep.. i also tend to blabber.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Searchin for the perfect LBD

Im in the most foul mood.. my laptop crashed.. my life.. my baby.. all gone. All my pictures.. all my songs.. *poof*
Its one of the worst feelings in the world. I hate not having my music.. damn you spyware..

Juz had a mid-sem today.. was crappy.. i always buckle under pressure and get my info mixed up.. i hate that feeling when u're takin an exam and ure lookin at the question and you know the answer its just there in the back of your head but you jus can't seem to recall wat it is exactly.. u know when your mind goes blank.. don't you just wanna throw something at someone.

I'm still thinking if i should go for the Currie Ball.. its not really my thing but it is my last semester and i get to shop for a nice dress so im kinda tempted. It was also everyone's favourite monster's birthday today.. Miss Satyakalyani(crap i hope i spelt her name right).. she turned three.. and I went to the city to attempt to get her a birthday present although i have no experience whatsoever in shopping for kiddies. Since i was already in the city, i decided to look around for dresses in case i ended up goin for the ball.. and it was so disappointing. Almost every dress had some weird ruffle thingy or "gather" thingy at the waist.. its so weird.. don't they make simple halter dresses anymore? The nicer ones that i saw were lyk $200-$300 which is wayyy above my budget.. especially since i'm not even suppossed to b shopping anymore. There was one realllyyy gorgeous turquoise dress though.. which was $280 that really caught my eye..

I ended up meetin Bhav(thank God.. i wud haf done some serious damage to my bank balance otherwise) and we shopped for Miss S.K and bought her some pretty clothes. Baby clothes are the cutest.. i wanted to make a baby right there lookin at all those clothes. I don't want to scare away the already very long queue of good looking eligible bachelors linin up for me but.. I REALLY WANT A BABY! There was this cutest little t-shirt for a 1 yr old wit a pretty pink sequiny butterfly and stringy things at the side that i was so tempted to buy for my future daughter(Yes.. im sure im having a girl) but i decided to sleep on it for a couple of days n go back and get it when i'm sure. Wouldn't it be realli sweettttt.. i could tell her when she's older "Mommy was already thinkin of you years before she had you and bought this for you back then".. sucha Hallmark moment. :D

So i didn't buy the turquoise dress.. n i didnt buy the baby t-shirt. I did end up buying a book though.. by Candace Bushnell.. i luff herrrrrrrrr! So i guess my shopping spree in the city wasn't totally un-productive. I shall go dress shoppin again on thursday.. hopefully i'll have more luck wit findin the perfect dress then.. Laterz!