Friday, September 09, 2005

**I'm a PriNcEsS**

wooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I bought my dress!! I finally bought my dressss.. the dress that i've been eyeing since june that cost lyk close to $200.. and it was on sale! And it was the very last piece! Its e most gorgeous dress.. I felt lyk a mermaid fairy princess.. if that makes sense.. im sure there are mermaid fairies rite..? K wateva.. I BOUGHT MY DRESSSSSSSSSSS! :D Now i juz hafta wait for the perfect occasion to show it off at..

K i'm done celebrating..

I had much better luck dress hunting today.. got a nice black dress at a decent price from Miss Shop.. Now im actually looking forward to the Ball tomorrow.. i just wish i didn't have Uni at ten.. stupid make-up tute..
I'm hoping that i have fun at the Ball.. i just wish i had my digicam wit me.. it's possibly my last Ball n i wanna take heaps of photos.

I am so sleepy.. Went to margeaux last nite.. was fun.. ran into a few ppl i haven't seen in a while.. Was trying to be a social butterfly.. it was nice to be in a non anti-social mood for once.. im usually very anti. I'm a grumpy biatch especially when im sleepy or hungry. Like right nowww... i juz wanna sleep but nooo i have to do my stupid tute.. i'm a grumpy "last minute queen" biatch.
Oh but now since i have my dress i'm a grumpy "last minute queen" fairy mermaid princess biatch.
Apart from bein grumpy from lack of sleep.. i also tend to blabber.


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