Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Searchin for the perfect LBD

Im in the most foul mood.. my laptop crashed.. my life.. my baby.. all gone. All my pictures.. all my songs.. *poof*
Its one of the worst feelings in the world. I hate not having my music.. damn you spyware..

Juz had a mid-sem today.. was crappy.. i always buckle under pressure and get my info mixed up.. i hate that feeling when u're takin an exam and ure lookin at the question and you know the answer its just there in the back of your head but you jus can't seem to recall wat it is exactly.. u know when your mind goes blank.. don't you just wanna throw something at someone.

I'm still thinking if i should go for the Currie Ball.. its not really my thing but it is my last semester and i get to shop for a nice dress so im kinda tempted. It was also everyone's favourite monster's birthday today.. Miss Satyakalyani(crap i hope i spelt her name right).. she turned three.. and I went to the city to attempt to get her a birthday present although i have no experience whatsoever in shopping for kiddies. Since i was already in the city, i decided to look around for dresses in case i ended up goin for the ball.. and it was so disappointing. Almost every dress had some weird ruffle thingy or "gather" thingy at the waist.. its so weird.. don't they make simple halter dresses anymore? The nicer ones that i saw were lyk $200-$300 which is wayyy above my budget.. especially since i'm not even suppossed to b shopping anymore. There was one realllyyy gorgeous turquoise dress though.. which was $280 that really caught my eye..

I ended up meetin Bhav(thank God.. i wud haf done some serious damage to my bank balance otherwise) and we shopped for Miss S.K and bought her some pretty clothes. Baby clothes are the cutest.. i wanted to make a baby right there lookin at all those clothes. I don't want to scare away the already very long queue of good looking eligible bachelors linin up for me but.. I REALLY WANT A BABY! There was this cutest little t-shirt for a 1 yr old wit a pretty pink sequiny butterfly and stringy things at the side that i was so tempted to buy for my future daughter(Yes.. im sure im having a girl) but i decided to sleep on it for a couple of days n go back and get it when i'm sure. Wouldn't it be realli sweettttt.. i could tell her when she's older "Mommy was already thinkin of you years before she had you and bought this for you back then".. sucha Hallmark moment. :D

So i didn't buy the turquoise dress.. n i didnt buy the baby t-shirt. I did end up buying a book though.. by Candace Bushnell.. i luff herrrrrrrrr! So i guess my shopping spree in the city wasn't totally un-productive. I shall go dress shoppin again on thursday.. hopefully i'll have more luck wit findin the perfect dress then.. Laterz!

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