Sunday, May 29, 2005

I miss my girls. Everytime i read sho's blog and she mentions meeting kaart n mal and all of em chillin n clubbin n havin fun i get a lil sad.. Everytime i think on all the stuff in their lives that im missing out on i think how unfair it is that im so far away. All the dinners,the shopping sprees, the gossip sessions.. the important things in their lives.. how i want to be there for them when they need me. Especially sho.. i hate bein so far away from you.. especially now.. at this time.. when i think u need me the most. I hate that sometimes you go to bed at nite feelin depressed and confused about things that are happening and that i'm not there to meet you and help you take your mind off things whenever u want. I hate that i hardly find time to call Kaart and Mal anymore. I hate that i don't really know wat's been goin on in Kaart's life anymore and i hardly bother to find out. I hate that mal's not here with me anymore and that i don't have my darling niece living next door to me, the one that i can run to after Uni and slack with, no one to go Broadway to grocery shop with, to play pool in the games room with, to go clubbing just the two of us alone n have the best time ever like that last time in Paramount. I hate that jesh probably doesn't realize how much i love her and she's my OS the one that i kept warm in India.. that i hate not having seen her in so long and she's the one person that i hardly get to meet up with when i'm back for holz.

These are the things that make me hate the distance so much. But somehow i can still survive. When im hanging wit Bhav or chillin wit da guys in Currie and im havin so much fun i realize that things aren't so bad. Im so glad that i have bhav to keep me company cuz i can talk to her about anything and everything and i found in a her sucha good friend that i never knew i had. And there's that one person that keeps me going.. that one person who doesn't know the effect he has on me. The one person that makes me want to crawl out of bed and go for meals when i'm feelin so anti-social and out of it. The one person that makes me actually want to stay on in Perth.. just to see his face.

These are the people in my life that i can't do without.. near or far it doesn't make a difference.. i still love them all the same.. What i though i hated the most was not being around for them when they need me.. but now i realize that maybe its not so much abt them needing me.. but more about me needing them.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Nani n mEeee

Nani n mEeee
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I LurVe diS Gorgeous biTch to BitZ!

Will you ever know

"Baby, baby, baby, from the day I saw you
I really, really wanted to catch your eye
there's something special 'bout you I must really like you
'cause not alotta guys are worth my time
Oooh baby, baby, baby It's gettin kinda crazy
'cause you are takin over my mind
And it feels like OooOooooOOo...U don't know my name
I swearIt feels like OooOooooOOo...U don't know my name
round and round and round we go
Will you ever know?"

chocaholics annoynomous (i dunno how to spell!)

So i was feelin EXTREMELY grumpy and out of it due to reasons that i won't disclose and realli needed someone to whine to.. and above all.. i realli needed chocolate. So i went online Msn n saw alvie n complained about the annoying surroundings and in two minutes she was knocking on my door with two boxes of chocolates in her hands. YOU ROCK ALVINAAA!! She's a life saver man.. much love.. anyways on the back of one of the boxes the following was written and i thought it was extremely apt so i had to share this chocolate knowledge wit e rest of the world.

"Chocolate! It's sensual,alluring,comforting,and of life's necessary luxuries. Long recognised as the food of the Gods, it's now a decadent mortal indulgence."

mmm.. i likeeeeeee :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Malibu n me durin our Monkey Mia trip

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Malibu! I dont think u understand how much i miss u.. :(

Last Minute Queen.. not anymore

Why do i leave things to the last minute. Everytime i tell myself that im going to get a head start on my uni stuff i just get layzie and bum around till the last minute and then stress myself out trying to finish my work in time. I put myself through all this un-necessary stress which could have been avoided if i had just started even just a bit earlier.. one or two days makes a whole lot of difference. During the final hours of rushing to finish up an essay wat usually runs through my mind is.. i could really just use one more day.. if i had started even just a day earlier i could have accomplished so much and saved on the stress. And i do this everytime... everytime. I just never learn. Even now.. i have an essay due next wednesdae.. a week from today.. One week is ample time to finish it off if i do a little bit everyday. But right now getting down to doing an essay after a tiring day at Uni is the last thing i want to do. I tell myself that i'll definately start tomorrow.. but i know that when tmw comes i'll have some other excuse to postpone doing it. So i'm going to do something that i really don't think i've ever done in my life before.. i'm gonna start on my essay.. right now.. I'm taking a new step in life.. a mark of a new era.. I am starting my essay one whole week b4 its due date. Aren't ya'll so proud of me. I know i am.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Just for Jinder

Yes.. since Miss RajinderKaur insists that i update my blog.. i shall.. sorry la jinder.. people not so free ya know :P Besides im in one shit mood... friday night n im all alone in my room doing work.. wat the hell.. But its ok.. its not like i've been doing work diligently since like evening or something.. went to Annalakshmi for dinner and GUTSEDDDD!!! The food there is seriously so yummy.. ahh.. the potato.. and the raita... and the chapati.. yum. And like that wasn't enough.. came back to currie and two hours later went to go get TimTam from the canteen.. i blame it on the weather. What is it with winter and food cravings.. its bad! Then TRIED to do work for abit but got distracted by the cross-dressers who just got back from OPPOSITE SEX (for all u non-currie hallers.. opp sex is a Currie Hall event organized every semester and basically the guys dress up as girls n vice-versa n everyone goes n gets sloshed at some pub)..
Karen and I sat at the smoking point for like half an hour perving at all the boys in dresses.. it was seriously damn funny la... angmoh guyz in these little tight skirts n dresses.. n fishnet stockings.. kudos to them man. We could hear the nice r&b music blastin from the party room.. im guessing its the opposite sex after-party.. n that made me (n especially Karen) wanna go clubbing even more.. but yes.. i do have self-control.. and a ton of work to do.. so i decided against it. Im so proud of myself!!! Sorry Karen.. tmw we'll go Metros ok.. then u can go c ya stupid annoying guy.. n ditch me n Rajin.. as usual :D
So yes after all that.. i finalllyyyyy tried to get started on my presentation.. and then Rajin had to msn me n tell me to update my blog.. n because i'd find any excuse to slack-off.. i thought why not.. and now that i really have nothing else to type, i guess i'm forced to get back to my presentation. Bummer.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

i just don't get it..

To Weird ass guy no. 1 : Why would you ask me for my number.. twice.. and not call? i don't get it.. if you didn't want to call.. then dont ask for my number.. it saves us both alot of trouble and akwardness.. i mean i really won't be offended if you don't ask for my number.. just because we danced a bit here and there and sure there was the occasional flirting and the subtle my hand on your arm "im into you" hints.. but so what?? I'm not expecting you to marry me because of that.. it's all good.. i really don't care.. i just hate it when you take my number down and don't call!!!! it's rude.. and un-necessary.. and just plain weird..

And while we're on the topic of weird ass guys...

To Weird ass guy no. 2 : when we happen to be standing around in the same area.. why on earth do u have to stand at the other end of the world?? i really don't smell bad.. and i'm not gonna turn around and like jump on u n tear off ur clothes (although id really like too..).. so like.. why did u have to stand so bloody far away from me.... it's just weird..

guys.. i really just dont get them..

my two darling perthies

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the most happening start to my 21st birthday :D

The love of my life

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my 21st at Burswood Hotel

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The good old days :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

To all mah single ladies :)

I juz bought the May issue of Cosmopolitan.. and a couple of articles caught my eye. One of them was about single women. Writer Shane Watson gives the readers(especially the non-single ones) some insight on why it is so wonderful being single. Personally, as someone who has been single for more or less the past 5 years (and loving it!) i could totally relate to the article. Shane explains that it takes time to get hooked on being single, usually months or years of doing exactly what u want to do. How true.. when i first broke up wit my boyfriend like 5 million years ago.. it was so weird being single again. I was desperate to get into a relationship and feel that whole love smitten warm fuzzy feeling u get when u're with someone you like.. it took me a whole year of being single and getting used to not having a boyfriend to realize that singledom rocks..
Shane goes on to state the advantages of being single.. both superficial and practical. "You no longer have to consult anyone about any decision in you life-from what music to have on in the car to where you both live. You never have to compromise about the friends you want to see, when to leave a party or what's a suitable amount of cleavage for you to show... You don't have to indulge someone else's moods and paranoias, get in sync with their body clock,shore up their ego... In short, you can be wickedly,gloriously,selfishly you." Everytime i think about how i would never change who i am for the guy i'm with.. i realize it is a bit impossible cuz relationships are all about compromise. Sometimes you do have to change yourself to make your partner happy, and make sacrifices like lesser outings with ya girlfriends. No offence to all my attached girlies.. i luv u guys all the same.. but how many times have ya'll not been able to meet cuz ya had "other commitments".. wouldn't it be nice to just be spontaneous and not worry about checking with ya other half or having to "report strengh" in the middle of a girl's night out?

This doesn't mean that i wanna remain single for the rest of my life.. i mean sure, i do get a little jealous everytime i see a really sweet couple together, and i do go a teeny bit sad everytime they play slow love songs in the clubs, but i just think that right now.. i'm definately in the right place at the right time.. i wouldn't change anything for the world. No doubt i'm probably the biggest boy-crazy biatch around.. i love my eye candy and i definately have my fair share of harmless fun, but that's just all it is and that's just all i want at the moment.. im having way too much fun being single and i'm not giving that up for any boy.. no matter how hot he is ;)

The last thing about the article that realli hit home was something Shane said about hope.. "... the most seductive part of being single. The bit that's hard to relinquish-the bit that puts a spring in my step every time i head out to a party or meet a new group of people- is hope. Hope is ultimately what seperates the single from the unsingle. When you're single, the world is full of opportunities. .. Being single means never having to say you got it wrong. No one has to know it's because you couldn't really make up your mind."
Yup.. no one has to know :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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mE wit mah SinGlE n NoT so SinGle LadIes :)

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Its da C-Set gang at Miss Maud's!!

Monday, May 02, 2005

boring weekend

What an uneventful weekend.. i was realli lookin forward to Varga on fridae nite cuz i was hopin to bump into mah cute cap guy.. but yea.. SOMEONE had assignements to do *ahem* (stares at Bhav) hahah juz kidding bhaaavvvv.. i still luff ya.. i lurveee uu aunty bhavana!! :D
But i did go to Metro City last night.. it was alright.. not great. Clubbing in perth jus isnt the same without malibu la. The atmoshphere itself at Metros juz wasnt the same last night as well.. something was missing.. (besides malibu n bhav) i think its cuz the cute MC isn't there anymore!! After the whole shooting incident at Metros i think most of the staff got fired(including my cute MC) n now its some new managment with a whole new crew.. so now there's some other weirdo jumpin around on stage in place of the cute MC.. i want mah cutie backkkk!! I think he actually took part in some australian talent competition.. X-factor or something.. there was a contestant that looked excatly like him.. hmm i dont know but anyways the dancers at Metros were happenin as usual. Man can they move.. especially the black girl.. i jealous!!!!

My dearez Alvie was keepin me company most of the night.. she looked realli hot last nite in her new top.. *wolf whistles* haha. Ohhh yaaaa n i saw my stripper!! My stripper from my 21st birthday.. i didnt even recognize him till alvie pointed him out.. i guess i juz cudnt recognize him with all his clothes on haha ;) Anyways i smiled at him n sed hie n he smiled back but i dunno if he recognized me.. prob thot i was tryna pick him up or something.

Speaking of picking up boys.. me n Rajin went around lookin for eye-candy in Metros n i juz casually mentioned that i want a black guy.. n the next thing i know Miss Rajinder Kaur grabbed some random black guy n asked him to dance with me.. rajin!! next time can u pls chose a guy that i think is cute at least?!?! not some random fella.. sigh.. hahah :P

The highlight of my night was probably bumping into JASONNN!! Jason's mah biatchhh .. we were in ngee ann together.. he'z like the most fun person at times.. AT TIMES haha but yeaa he's down in perth for holz so guess i'll be meetin up wit him here n there. SO FUN! Well.. that was all for my weekend.. now i hafta get back to studying for my stupid mid-sem on tuesdae.. why am i doing this course again.. bleh.. hope u guyz had a more exciting wkend than me.. niteeee