Saturday, May 28, 2005

chocaholics annoynomous (i dunno how to spell!)

So i was feelin EXTREMELY grumpy and out of it due to reasons that i won't disclose and realli needed someone to whine to.. and above all.. i realli needed chocolate. So i went online Msn n saw alvie n complained about the annoying surroundings and in two minutes she was knocking on my door with two boxes of chocolates in her hands. YOU ROCK ALVINAAA!! She's a life saver man.. much love.. anyways on the back of one of the boxes the following was written and i thought it was extremely apt so i had to share this chocolate knowledge wit e rest of the world.

"Chocolate! It's sensual,alluring,comforting,and of life's necessary luxuries. Long recognised as the food of the Gods, it's now a decadent mortal indulgence."

mmm.. i likeeeeeee :)

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