Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Last Minute Queen.. not anymore

Why do i leave things to the last minute. Everytime i tell myself that im going to get a head start on my uni stuff i just get layzie and bum around till the last minute and then stress myself out trying to finish my work in time. I put myself through all this un-necessary stress which could have been avoided if i had just started even just a bit earlier.. one or two days makes a whole lot of difference. During the final hours of rushing to finish up an essay wat usually runs through my mind is.. i could really just use one more day.. if i had started even just a day earlier i could have accomplished so much and saved on the stress. And i do this everytime... everytime. I just never learn. Even now.. i have an essay due next wednesdae.. a week from today.. One week is ample time to finish it off if i do a little bit everyday. But right now getting down to doing an essay after a tiring day at Uni is the last thing i want to do. I tell myself that i'll definately start tomorrow.. but i know that when tmw comes i'll have some other excuse to postpone doing it. So i'm going to do something that i really don't think i've ever done in my life before.. i'm gonna start on my essay.. right now.. I'm taking a new step in life.. a mark of a new era.. I am starting my essay one whole week b4 its due date. Aren't ya'll so proud of me. I know i am.

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