Monday, May 02, 2005

boring weekend

What an uneventful weekend.. i was realli lookin forward to Varga on fridae nite cuz i was hopin to bump into mah cute cap guy.. but yea.. SOMEONE had assignements to do *ahem* (stares at Bhav) hahah juz kidding bhaaavvvv.. i still luff ya.. i lurveee uu aunty bhavana!! :D
But i did go to Metro City last night.. it was alright.. not great. Clubbing in perth jus isnt the same without malibu la. The atmoshphere itself at Metros juz wasnt the same last night as well.. something was missing.. (besides malibu n bhav) i think its cuz the cute MC isn't there anymore!! After the whole shooting incident at Metros i think most of the staff got fired(including my cute MC) n now its some new managment with a whole new crew.. so now there's some other weirdo jumpin around on stage in place of the cute MC.. i want mah cutie backkkk!! I think he actually took part in some australian talent competition.. X-factor or something.. there was a contestant that looked excatly like him.. hmm i dont know but anyways the dancers at Metros were happenin as usual. Man can they move.. especially the black girl.. i jealous!!!!

My dearez Alvie was keepin me company most of the night.. she looked realli hot last nite in her new top.. *wolf whistles* haha. Ohhh yaaaa n i saw my stripper!! My stripper from my 21st birthday.. i didnt even recognize him till alvie pointed him out.. i guess i juz cudnt recognize him with all his clothes on haha ;) Anyways i smiled at him n sed hie n he smiled back but i dunno if he recognized me.. prob thot i was tryna pick him up or something.

Speaking of picking up boys.. me n Rajin went around lookin for eye-candy in Metros n i juz casually mentioned that i want a black guy.. n the next thing i know Miss Rajinder Kaur grabbed some random black guy n asked him to dance with me.. rajin!! next time can u pls chose a guy that i think is cute at least?!?! not some random fella.. sigh.. hahah :P

The highlight of my night was probably bumping into JASONNN!! Jason's mah biatchhh .. we were in ngee ann together.. he'z like the most fun person at times.. AT TIMES haha but yeaa he's down in perth for holz so guess i'll be meetin up wit him here n there. SO FUN! Well.. that was all for my weekend.. now i hafta get back to studying for my stupid mid-sem on tuesdae.. why am i doing this course again.. bleh.. hope u guyz had a more exciting wkend than me.. niteeee

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J.E.S.H. said...

Ragibooo!!! I love you. How romantic are we? We have the same blog design thing. but how come u have pics and I still cant fig how to have em!!!!!