Tuesday, May 17, 2005

i just don't get it..

To Weird ass guy no. 1 : Why would you ask me for my number.. twice.. and not call? i don't get it.. if you didn't want to call.. then dont ask for my number.. it saves us both alot of trouble and akwardness.. i mean i really won't be offended if you don't ask for my number.. just because we danced a bit here and there and sure there was the occasional flirting and the subtle my hand on your arm "im into you" hints.. but so what?? I'm not expecting you to marry me because of that.. it's all good.. i really don't care.. i just hate it when you take my number down and don't call!!!! it's rude.. and un-necessary.. and just plain weird..

And while we're on the topic of weird ass guys...

To Weird ass guy no. 2 : when we happen to be standing around in the same area.. why on earth do u have to stand at the other end of the world?? i really don't smell bad.. and i'm not gonna turn around and like jump on u n tear off ur clothes (although id really like too..).. so like.. why did u have to stand so bloody far away from me.... it's just weird..

guys.. i really just dont get them..

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