Wednesday, May 11, 2005

To all mah single ladies :)

I juz bought the May issue of Cosmopolitan.. and a couple of articles caught my eye. One of them was about single women. Writer Shane Watson gives the readers(especially the non-single ones) some insight on why it is so wonderful being single. Personally, as someone who has been single for more or less the past 5 years (and loving it!) i could totally relate to the article. Shane explains that it takes time to get hooked on being single, usually months or years of doing exactly what u want to do. How true.. when i first broke up wit my boyfriend like 5 million years ago.. it was so weird being single again. I was desperate to get into a relationship and feel that whole love smitten warm fuzzy feeling u get when u're with someone you like.. it took me a whole year of being single and getting used to not having a boyfriend to realize that singledom rocks..
Shane goes on to state the advantages of being single.. both superficial and practical. "You no longer have to consult anyone about any decision in you life-from what music to have on in the car to where you both live. You never have to compromise about the friends you want to see, when to leave a party or what's a suitable amount of cleavage for you to show... You don't have to indulge someone else's moods and paranoias, get in sync with their body clock,shore up their ego... In short, you can be wickedly,gloriously,selfishly you." Everytime i think about how i would never change who i am for the guy i'm with.. i realize it is a bit impossible cuz relationships are all about compromise. Sometimes you do have to change yourself to make your partner happy, and make sacrifices like lesser outings with ya girlfriends. No offence to all my attached girlies.. i luv u guys all the same.. but how many times have ya'll not been able to meet cuz ya had "other commitments".. wouldn't it be nice to just be spontaneous and not worry about checking with ya other half or having to "report strengh" in the middle of a girl's night out?

This doesn't mean that i wanna remain single for the rest of my life.. i mean sure, i do get a little jealous everytime i see a really sweet couple together, and i do go a teeny bit sad everytime they play slow love songs in the clubs, but i just think that right now.. i'm definately in the right place at the right time.. i wouldn't change anything for the world. No doubt i'm probably the biggest boy-crazy biatch around.. i love my eye candy and i definately have my fair share of harmless fun, but that's just all it is and that's just all i want at the moment.. im having way too much fun being single and i'm not giving that up for any boy.. no matter how hot he is ;)

The last thing about the article that realli hit home was something Shane said about hope.. "... the most seductive part of being single. The bit that's hard to relinquish-the bit that puts a spring in my step every time i head out to a party or meet a new group of people- is hope. Hope is ultimately what seperates the single from the unsingle. When you're single, the world is full of opportunities. .. Being single means never having to say you got it wrong. No one has to know it's because you couldn't really make up your mind."
Yup.. no one has to know :)

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