Monday, November 13, 2006

i know this is kinda late but wasnt realli in a bloggy mood last wk.. so here's the slightly overdue 411 on my bdaeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

My initial plan (i always make all these plans n they dun realli work out) was to go home after work.. go 4 a jog n then meet the boyfriend at 10 for lyk a drink or smth.. hang out 4 a couple of hours then go home to get an early nite.. din realli work out la. Babylove came to pick me up frm work then we were on our way back when Mal called from town so lyk went to meet her n she was kinda hunger soooo we went 4 dinner.. courtesy of Melanie.. THANKS MELANIE! We went to Swensons at J8 and lyk stuffed our faces.. was quite the yum la.. by the time i got home it was lyk ten so i had jus enuff time to have my shower n get ready to meet Sivalam. The both of us went to Coffee Bean in town n had yummy cake n drink n he gave me my pressieee.. tommy girl perfume.. clever boy knows how to score points ah :) I got home at 2am n knocked out.. (was super stoned frm work).. and woke up at 8am to go temple wit daddy... then hung out wit sivalam 4 a while n went home to take a nap.. woke up at 6pm n got ready for the rest of my bdae celebration.

I went to Indochine at Wisma wit Sivalam for dinner.. n ohh hello yumm to everything abt Indochine. The decor, ambience.. food.. drinks.. realli was super yum la.. then we made our way to MS where all my gorgeous girlies were.. n we all went to have drinks at Day Bed bar.. The place we got at Day Bed was damn nice.. it was a fairly simple concept la just lyk a couple of white mattresses at the corner with many white cushions but the whole setting was damn nice n comfy.. the girlies had wine n the boys had beer.. thennn a bunch of us went to watch step up at 1.50 am in town.. it was sucha nice bdae... nice n quiet wit the darlings closest to my heart.. it was pretty perfect.. thanks to everyone who came to daybed n 4 the movie (nisha,jesh,mal,sho,aislin,kaart,latsy,aartsy,slutty n babyboy).. n thanks again 4 swensons melanie! And thanks to the sexy mama who put in so much effort 4 my bdae (He bought me flowers!) I is having much lau for all of ya'll :D

Sunday, November 12, 2006

its amazing how sometimes ppl can really make u feel lyk crap..

ughhh.. work tmw.. im not realli feelin work anymore la.. everyone pls listen up.. i have an important lesson in life for ya'll.. pls b nice to ur customer service officers. Ok thank u.

I miss jogging!! It was my perfect outlet.. now i have none.. my girlies r too bizzie clubbing to hang wit me sniff haha ok kidding.. but yea.. i miss uuuu darlingssss.. todae was fun la.. dinner at asylum in clarke quay in honour of miss shikin's bdae.. sighhh we're all juz a buncha girlie girls la.. the giggling is therapeutic i swear. And kaartsyka.. m loving our spontaneous sat nites together.. everyone needs a kind kaart with her kind heart ;) ok i'll shuddup if not i wont hear the end of it..

UGH WORK TMWWWW.. actually its in 12 hours.. bleh..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


i haf no social life.. i leave for work at 7.15 in the morn n come back home at 7.30 in e evening.. if i dont go out anywhere after work la.. n i need to b asleep by 10.30.. i'm 12yrs old all over again.. im beyond exhausted.. and i jus want my life back.. i dun care abt being broke.. sigh.. ok bye.. i realli need to sleep now.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

From left to right:
-dinner at lana thai on the first nite we were in Perth
-Malibu n I at Metro City
-Dinner to celebrate my graduation wit mal,nitya n my parents
-At feddys after watchin John Tucker Must Die
-Malibu and I at Cottesloe Beach
-Myself wit the gorgeous Satyakalyani
-At blue duck cafe
-In Margx toilett
-At lana thai again wit mal n sharmi Posted by Picasa
At my graduation ceremony.. really kickin myself now for returning my gown early.

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I know its been a while.. wanted to blog when i got back from Perth but was waitin 4 Malibu to post the pics up on the internet.. i know i know *excuses excuses* : ok so i was also abit layzie la.. wakin up late n bummin all day can be quite tiring u know.

So anyhoo.. Perth trip.. was goooddd.. and coldddddd.. wow.. i so wasn't prepared for winter.. its supposedly spring la but i realli was freezing my ass off lyk 99% of the time.. thank God i had my winter stuff in Bon's house so i was barely surviving with my winter jackets. The main reason for my trip was my graduation.. it was ok la.. freezin my ass off again.. the ceremony was 2 hours long and surprisingly it wasn't as boring and unbearable as i thot it would be.. i was too bizzie freakin out for the first 1 hr 15 mins b4 they called my name to b bored.. dun ask me y i was freakin out la.. im jus not very into the whole walkin onto stage with everyone's attention focused on me.. n i realli was very paranoid abt tripping.. I wanted to wear a nice sari but i can't walk around for nuts in a sari so jus stuck to a peach coloured punjabi suit (picked out by my fabulous punjabi suit Guru Miss Rajesh Uma) andddd my undoh pointy shoes.. my parents had alot to say(none of it good) abt my shoes but i realli din care i jus wanted to wear smth that i could walk comfortably in.

After the ceremony there's usually one major photo takin session goin on.. Graduants in their graduation gowns takin pics wit frens n family.. but i dunno y i very smartly returned my gown b4 i cud take pics wit anyone haha.. its jus tt the gown was realli not keepin me very warm so i jus returned it n wore my winter jacket.. totally unglam but i din really care.. i still took pics wit my frens but not wearing the gown kinda defeated e whole purpose of them comin down 4 my graduation la.. I'm an undoh i know.. sorry guys to those who came down..

Rest of the trip was cool la.. mal n i went to the beach on wednesdae.. blue duck cafe baby! aahh wedges are yum la.. and the garlic bread.. n the wine that came in tiny glasses.. and the sunset.. was realli nice. It was basically a food trip.. piggin out on thai food, pizza, junk, potatoes in all forms and yummy sinful milkshakes.. it was all very yumm but not stuff that i could survive on for long.. i'm a local food freak la.. i love thosai! And i love not having to pay 9 bucks for a plate of fried rice.. ha.

The highlight of my trip was definately seeing the kiddies la.. Miss S.K is lyk the cutest thing ever.. *sigh* The shopping was alrite.. not great.. prints were lyk the in-thing and im not realli big on prints so i din get that much stuff.. mostly stuff for work la.. but its all good cuz i saved some cash frm the trip n im gonna use it to bring the bf out for a belated bdae dinner.. i was in Perth durin his birthday la so i wanna make it up to him.. :)

I start work this thursdae! M excited n scared.. dunno if im gonna make any frens considering im not exactly the friendliest person around.. i hope my colleagues are nice and not lyk cliqueish and completely chinese speaking.. then im doomed la. It all the way in freakin Bedok.. jus my luck rite.. ok la.. very tired alreadi.. laterz!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my life has been one big bore.. i can't blog if the only things i do all day for 7 days a wk are watch tv, eat n sleep. Went to mal's house 4 dinner last nite.. food at malibu's house is da yummiest la.. i can't take it.. i want it nowwww.. *salivates*

We found a little kittyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. ohhh its damn cute la we were walkin to the shop to get ice cream (cuz we hadnt stuffed our faces enuff wit all e yummy food rite) and we heard this lil meowing.. aahhh.. so cute la.. damn adorable.. realli realli realli.. anyways sho decided to take it home so we put the lil fella in a box n it was hanging out wit us in mal's room until we left.. and sho had to hide it frm her parents (who came to pick her up by the way) so we were all talkin very loudly in e car in an attempt to muffle the incessant meowing.. was quite a mini drama.. but it was all worth it la the little thing is realli super cute.. -its a little kitten wit diamonds for eyes-.. and when it was peering at us from inside the box it realli looked lyk the cat frm shrek.. ugh.. we were all dying.. except bhav.. who din realli show any emotion.. she very weird leh.

I WANT THE KITTEN.. im so jealous of this shobanathan.. and irritated wit my diva dog.. who wud probably go into one mood if i brought home another pet.. ugh.. no fair *sulks* ive tried bringin home a stray kitty b4 n we brought over my grandma's puppy once n she was sooo mopey.. juz sulkin in one corner.. such a jealous thing.. dunno where she got it from man.. *shakes head cluelessly*

Ok gonna sleeppp.. *twirl n poof*

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ugh.. i dun wanna talk abt the contract.. or e agency.. basically they forgot abt my convocation and wanted me to start work on thurs n then i reminded them so now i hafta wait till my convo is over and yes basically went down today to the agency for N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

I know it seems that as of late all i can talk and blog about is my cutie.. Firstly.. IZ NOT TRUE. Secondly.. can u blame me.. if ur boy was as yummy and adorable as mine u'd wanna talk abt him 24/7 too. True dat.

My perth trip's comin up.. next saturdae.. woooooohoo.. can't wait man. I haf so much of junk to bring back.. and more shopping to do.. and clubbing.. and pigging out.. mal n i are bringing our trackie shoes to do some serious jogging.. to counter our many food dates. But heck.. its a holiday man.. wat else are u suppossed to do rite..

Ugh realli hope it doesnt rain later.. realli badly need to jog.. the Ramba thighs are starting to kick in full swing man.. *jiggle jiggle it to da left uhhuhhuh*

Sleepy as hell laaaa.. been up 4 almost 13 hrs.. which means its an hour past my bed time.. yea thats how i function.. 12 hrs of beauty sleep is essential. Think im gonna take a short nap..
Has my heart loved 'till now? Forswear it, sight!
For I never saw a true beauty 'till this night.

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Ughhhh i hate e rainnnnnnnn. Was gonna go 4 a jog last nite until it started raining.. so decided to sleep early n get up at lyk 6 in the morn todae to jog.. n i woke up n it was raining AGAIN. How irritating is this weatherrrrrrrrrr. I know there's always the gym but i'm not realli in a gym moood... so lecheh to take the bus all.. and jogging is free somemore. Oh btw.. is ya'll likin my new bloggie..

I kinda got like a "job prospect" from DBS.. to work in the call center.. i'm supposed to go down to the agency todae and then i'll know 4 sure if i got the job.. but it's all the way in lyk Eunos or something and i'm a thomson baby so the commute is gonna be a bitch.. but i guess beggars can't be choosers hey.

Ok i'm super duper hungry.. havent eaten anything since i woke up at 6.. im still annoyed wit the rain. Hopefully it doenst rain in the evening.. k gonna hunt 4 food now.. m craving tofu cheese! yum..

Have a great day ya'll.

Monday, September 04, 2006

"I kissed a buncha frogs and finally found my prince " - britney spears

"I KisSed A BunCha FroGs n FinaLLy FounD My PrinCe" - Britney Spears

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Remember the starhub job i was waiting for.. the agent guy actualli called me.. n tole me i got the job! Yes! BUT.. (there's always a but isnt there..) then he asked me if i reminded the starhub peeps tt i was goin to Perth for a wk for my graduation.. n i tole him i din get a chance to cuz it was a group interview. So he sed he'll call them n call me back.. n then when he called me back he sed tt they realli need people to work so they can't give me a week off.. and they gonna KIV me.. ugh.. i mean... its so unfair. I was so excited when he tole me i got the job k.. i was lyk makin all these big plans in those 5 seconds wit my potential cash flow.. now i hafta wait till i get back from Perth to c if anything works out.. i dunno la... its so unfair.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the famous 3 at NYDC.. wit our babygirl..

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I want yummy food.

BABYBOY SHAVED!! Doesn't he look yummy.. i know.. i can't take it either. *sighs* I actually miss e moustache though.. he looked lyk a stylo mylo tamil movie villain.. the look grew on me la.. Anyways moustache or not he's 100% hot stuff so it's all good.

Job search is gettin a bit better la.. jus went for some interview thingy at starhub.. they sed they'll get back to me by the end of e day if im shortlisted.. i realli want the job mannnn.. mainly becuz i can wear jeans to work! The one thing ive been stresin abt when it comes to working life is the dress code.. i have zilch formal wear.. not a single pair of pants or knee length skirt.. heh.. im gonna shop for em in perth la.. when i go back in septmeber babyyyyyyy.. i realli can't wait la.. i'm super psyched.

I miss e girlssss... jus saw them last wk actualli but i dunno it jus feels we havent chilled in a while.. n clubbing doesn't count.. this shobanathan planned some dinner party thing at her house purposely on a day tt i cudnt make it.. fine... i can take a hint! haha.. we will haf another one sooonnn ok and u are alllll invitedddddddddd. Except sho. Haha ok fine sho can come if she promises to do her toilet dance on the table top.

Has anyone been followin Miss Vasantham.. there r some pretties in it..

Hmmm.. i cant realli think rite now.. m juz anxious abt the job.. i realli want it.. i need moneyzzzz..


Monday, August 21, 2006

- Life Keeps Bringin Me Back To You-

-Life Keeps Bringing Me Back To You-

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Do you think
That I could be the girl of your dreams
Sometimes I don't let things go
Get emotional and sometimes I'm just out of control
You need to stop for a minute
Before you get too, deep up in it
Cause everything ain't what it seems
It's hard loving a woman
-A woman like me-

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

+Random Thoughts+

Would it b really horrible if i ate mutton satay.. i mean i dun realli crave it or anything but its jus when i go to SCC wit ma parents or to gardens wit da girls n they order it.. it juz looks so super tempting.. :( Will someone make 4 me mock mutton satay please.. i think that'll curb my desire 4 a bit.. ive been so good wit this only fish (n on rare occasions squid and even rarer occasions crab) and otherwise vegetarian diet.. n i like itt... its not lyk im forcin myself to give up meat cuz i dun realli lyk it anyways... until someone orders mutton satay.. ughhhhhh.. *mope*

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gothamfying on a Saturdae Nite

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U know he's perfect when....

-he owns a pink mp3 player
-u neva get tired of smotherin him wit smoochies
-he brings u for ice-cream at swensons
-he comes down to gotham to surprise u
-he listens to ur fashion advice on wat to wear for the night (dont he look yaaa-meee in that pullover)
-he enjoys hanging out wit u n ya girlies
-he lets u play dressup in his army uniform Posted by Picasa

sundae morninnnn

Fireworks are amazing.. went to watch them at the esplanade on Tuesdae wit Sivalam.. n they realli were quite breathtaking la.. the atmosphere was perfect.. the fireworks were perfect.. n the company was beyond perfect.. its amazing how there were so many others at the spot.. it was super crowded.. but once the fireworks started it felt lyk it was just him n me there.. everyone else din seem to exist.. im startin to sound all cliched so i'll get on wit the rest of e wk now heh..


- Went for the funeral [:( ]
- Took a short nap in btwn
- Went to serangoon rd for yummy indian veggo food
- Watched "Click" at cine at lyk 2ish a.m. (Click was niceeeee.. thot it was funny la.. was in luv wit all e doggiesSSss)
- Had teh tarik near my house afta movie
- Babyboy left for camp at six in da morn..


- Woke up late (at 5.30 p.m.)
- Watched movies n slacked till 10pm
- Went 4 a jog
- Came home n slacked somemore b4 fallin asleep at 8am


- woke up at 2pm
-met mal n sivalam at p.s at 6
- went 4 dinner wit mal , steph n shola at nydc (OHHH HELLOOO MUDPIEEE.. i want.. m addicted.. it is to die for..) and coffee at starbucks
- met Siva afta dinner n coffee n chilled till 7ish.. was dozing off alreadi by then.. needed sleep big timeeeee.. came home n slept at lyk 9am..


- woke up at 5.30pm
- went to church
- went 4 dinner at SCC (Massive crowds cuz of e fireworks display)
- went to Asoka 4 a couple of hours
- went to Gotham till 5.. was actually damn fun.. its been a while since i had fun clubbin wit ma girls.. been pretty out of it lately.. but todae was great.. thanks 4 draggin me down girlies..
- now m back home.. gonna go 4 a jog in a bit.. i love joggin at this time when its still a bit dark.. n nice n cool.. n got nice music to listen to somemore.. thanks for lettin me steal ya mp3 player temporarily sexyyyyyyy

wooooohooo joggie timeeeeeee

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Monday, July 31, 2006

Wahhhhh.. this bilingual in English and Mandarin thing is seriously pissin me off to the mighty max.. UGHHHHH!! Will some tamileh gimme a job pleaseeeeeeeee.. where is ya loyalty to ur fellow indian citizen!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Is it realli the wkend..

Wat a laid back weekend.. i was cramping n bein a layzie anti-social bum.. met the cutie for a couple of hours on fridae.. went church todae n chilled wit sholabum n jeshness for a bit then had dinner wit parents then came home n slepptttttt.. i dunno y ive been so tired la.. Think sho n jesh r clubbin now but i realliiii m too tired to go out.. i mite juz drop dead in the middle of e club so ya think i shall juz b a goot girl n stay home.. saved quite a bit of cash from stayin at home the past 2 days woohoo.. m very hungry thoughhh.. cravin tom yum cup noodles 4 some weird reason.. its been ages since i had cup noodles.. muz b all this pms i say.

Why isnt there anything nice on tv.. i wish video ezy was lyk open 24 hours.. m in e mood for some super fab comedy.. oohhh i realli miss sex and the city man.. whyyyy don't they show it hereeeee.. boring country BLEH. I dunno y ive been so not in e clubbing mood 4 e longest time.. think im realli past cheekys la.. wouldnt mind goin gotham the place is gorgeous n its sooo nice to chill.. but i rather jus do dinner n a movie. Sivalam n I chilled in sho's house a couple of nites ago n we were all watchin Dirty Dancing 2 n eatin many yummy junkies.. it was realli nicee.. m very into the chillin n watchin a movie thing now as u can see.. then after that he n i decided to walk back to Bishan to save cash on cab (it was 4 a.m n midnite surcharge n all..) and this stray dog on the opposite side of e road ran out frm dunno where n started barkin at us.. n me bein the complete coward that I am started freakin out completely on Siva n jumped into the next cab that passed our way.. these stray dogs realli scare me sometimes... dunno when they're gonna attack n all..

Wish i cud take a walk to e petrol station to get cup noodles n yummy ice-cream.. but my area is very ulu at this time of the day/nite wateva.. n now on top of potential rapists/robbers n wandering spirits i have a new worry.. stray dogs.. so i think i'll just stay in and deal. Gonna go hunt for a vcd n some munchiez now.. nite all.. :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Meesaikara Mama

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Sivalam is a grumpy sexy mama

Malibu's in Indiaaaaaaa :( My hootchie mama left me to go to ooruland sniffless.. Its been ages since i went to India.. i think the last time i was there was on a school trip in Secondary 3 wit my IJ babies.. was definately most fun.. mebe i shud organzie some trip wit da girlies i'm sure we'll haf a blast.. hurry back malibuuuuuuuuuuu i miss uuuuuuuu *msn crying face*..

The job hunt is proving to be absolutely unsuccessful.. someone hurry gimme a job please... i havent shopped in eternity n its DEFINITELY getting to me.. i need perfume.. and yummy cocktails.. n a new mp3 playa cuz my old one isnt even working at all anymoreee.. all these stupid things hafta happen when i'm broke la.. i hafta run out of my fav perfume n haf a million tops to alter and haf my mp3 screw up on me all at the same time.. how typical..

Ok im supa sleepy now.. din realli get much sleep the day b4 and went clubbin at nite so m super buggered rite nowwww.. Went to cheekys last nite.. was alrite la.. realli not feelin e clubbin scene that much anymore.. i think its kaart's influence.. well done kaartsy pls pass over more of ur fabulous qualitives to me ok im lacking greatly in most things positive.. i realli m so tired now la i think i dun wanna club 4 e next few wks.. i rather spend my money on other things.. lyk FOOD! Im suddenly realli addicted to chinese rojak.. jus realized that its been a wk since our rojak date at gardens.. when Malibu was hereeee *all sad again* haha ok think i shud sleep b4 i start my "written diarrhoea".. nite all :)

p.s. i think my boyfriend's moustache is makin him cranky but its ok.. i laus him..

Friday, July 21, 2006

Rojak at Gardens is da bomb!

Met e girlies for dinner today.. Went to Gardens wit Malibu, Shola n Jesh.. the chinese rojak in gardens is to die forrrrrrr.. and there's this cake shop selling yummy banana cake for a dollar.. n they have all these other yummy cakes at pretty reasonable prices.. its very exciting really.. Oh and then b4 dinner Mal n I went to NTUC cuz she wanted to get something n we found e yummy red rock deli chips that we always eat in Perth.. i had no idea they had it in Singapore.. i know it sounds sad but it realli realli made my day.. i mean those r the yummiest chips in e world! It was such a yummy food day.. i think im growing old cuz i'm starting to prefer these dinner dates to clubbing.. i'm an old fogeyyy.. bleh

Was watchin e Ellen Degeneres (or howeva u spell it) show on tv earlier todae n one of her guests was Julie Andrews.. THE Julie Andrews.. i mean Sound of Music was my favourite movie as a child.. it's one of my all time favourites la it realli is such a good movie rite.. n Julie Andrews has such an amazing presence.. I think i will always see her as Mary Poppins.. I hear Julie Andrews and i think big bag with possibly the whole world inside.. Ive been tryna get Sivalam to watch sound of music wit me for a while now but i havent quite gotten around to renting it yet.. so i think the fact that she was on the Ellen show todae was a sign! Hope they have it at video ezy..

Ok that was a small digression from food talk.. back to more pressing issues now.. the wedges at cafe cartel ROCKS!!!! Oh and there's this place near my house called RedLine.. its a cafe and they have this yummy thing called isquid.. it realli is super yum.. and i don't even lyk squid in the first place.. and it comes with this yummy dip.. i highly reccomend it. :) Oh well.. that was my mini food review for u.. i'm starting to falter in my anti-meat plan.. mainly becuz of mutton satay.. the smell la.. it smells sooo good.. it's the only thing i miss about my meat days.. and sausage mcmuffin from mackerz.. these two will bring me down one day i can tell.. but i will hold on n persevere! Yes im a drama queen.. gonna go for a jog n work off that rojak.. n chips.. and banana cake.. heh.. Laterzz!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ok i jus saw this online in a job recruitment ad.. "must be bilingual in english and chinese and malay".. ok no really.. most amusing i say..
Aloha.. im such a lump of lard! Since i'd been deprived of the internet 4 so long i kinda went overboard wit my internet usage yesterdae.. was online lyk e whole nite.. and morning.. and day.. heh think i ended up sleepin lyk at 12p.m... and woke up at 7.45 in the evening.. I was havin a very important msn conversation wit Malibu la.. but then again all our conversations are highly important. It was such an unproductive day.. i was infront of e t.v. 4 most of it.. was watching legally blonde 2 at 1 a.m jus now n then i lyk kinda fell asleep halfway through.. i realli am one layzie bum la... It was just one of my "i only want to sleep n eat n watch tv" days.. i wasnt even talkin properly to poor Sivalam.. e boy deserves an award 4 putting up wit all my pmsing mood swings n crap.. its ok sweetie i'll make it up to u when i c u tmw ok ;) Haha dun get any ideas guys.. babyboy is bein all pious n fasting 4 something .. m not quite sure what (me and my religious inclinations) so ya we hafta act lyk a couple of "Malinis" for e next 42 days.. haha sorry Mal u know i lau u many rite :D

Miss Malini was the least sympathetic when i told her i can't make out wit my yummy boyfriend for 42 days.. 6yrs of frenship n i'm still amused by ur un-emoness.. Maybe i got ur share of hormones.. its ok malibu we're still the "i lau u, u lau me" pair ok.. many smooches.

My laptop is highly screwed.. the "q" key keeps poppin up randomly when im typing.. i think i need a new laptop. And a table 4 my laptop.. m sittin on e floor now n typing... lyk my back isn't screwed up enough as it is.. i need a job dammit..

Just started my job search abt 3-4 wks ago.. and this so-called multiracial country is very annoying cuz almost all the ads in the papers state tt u hafta be bilingual in mandarin n english.. and the ones that don't require u to be bilingual require previous working experience.. i'm neva gonna get a job at this rate.. *pout*

Ok well i think its time i go shower.. went for a jog lyk 5 hours ago n i havent showered yet mwaha.. Laterz!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

-June 10th- was a fun dress up day..

many wardrobe changes i say Posted by Picasa
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at gotham

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how u doin

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guess who's back

i finally got my internet!!!!! FINALLYYYYYY!!! Damn it feels so good.. i cant believe i took so long to get it fixed.. i am queen procrastinator..

hmm.. updates updates.. where do i even start.. wat can i say.. 2006 has been realli interestin so far.. heh

Kinda had a mini house party last nite.. was super fun man.. dinner parties r the bombest.. yummy food n super fabulous company.. i had a blast thats for sure.. Although the cookie bottle (wit yummy cookies inside) kinda disappeard at the end of the nite.. its very amusing..

Ok im not gonna even bother wit e updates cuz its too overwhelming... i shall let the pics speak for themselves..


Thursday, April 20, 2006

how long has it been man.. i have no internet!! Im at some internet cafe thingy at thomson plaza.. its very sad i tell u. Annoyed to the max.. realli dun feel lyk blogging so ya.. jus needed to give some form of update and keep my blog abit active la. Laterz.

p.s. KL ROCKED!!

Monday, February 06, 2006


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stick a fork in me.. im done

Was brought back into civilisation for a short while.. bon was here on tuesdae n just left yesterdae morning. I finally got to do normal things like.. watch tv.. go shopping with a friend.. have waffles at gelares on half price day.. ahhh these simple things in life that we take for granted. My mom's comin down on tuesdae! When she n my dad realised i was gonna be stayin in Bon's house all alone after she left they decided she should come n make sure i dun go insane with paranoia.. which i totally forsee myself doing. I keep lookin around suspciously everytime im walkin down the road to her house.. only because Perth doesn't realli believe in street lights and the road leadin to her house is completely pitch dark at night and abit spooky.. and that's when all my worst-case scenarios of lurking rapists start flashin thru my brain. It's a very gruelling 1 minute walk in i tell ya.

Been countin down my return.. 3 wks to go.. my exam's in eight daysssss.. ugh. Just started studyin a couple of days ago.. I miss exam period durin normal semester.. where everyone's studying n bein serious together.. and goin down for hot brekkie.. n stayin up till ulu hours to study.. n bein all cranky n moody n breakin out in pimples from the stress.Fun times.

I was talkin to mah darlin shola jus now on msn n came to the conclusion that i really hate the word "closure". Its a horrible word. I mean why do we need closure.. why does it have to exist. Why is it that when a stupid boy leaves u hanging .. ur brain is telling u to move on and he's not worth it n u can do so much better.. but ur heart is refusing to listen. When things end abruptly.. why cant we just move on.. why do we need CLOSURE. Things wud b alot easier if we didnt.. if we were programmed to block out this needy totally un-powerish feeling. I know alot of my girlies who haf been left hangin.. breakups.. and they're totally gorgeous, intelligent and independent STRONG girls but were unable to let go as quickly as they would have hoped because this totally useless male refused to at least have the decency to realise he owes it to their relationship to have a clean and proper break.

Another case scenario.. ure dating someone.. things r going alrite.. pretty ok.. and then he suddenly MIAs. Oh yes ive had my fair share of boys with this defect.. up to the point where im wondering if ive been cursed for breakin a bathroom mirror when i was 16.. 7 or 8 yrs of bad luck they say? So anyways.. he MIAs... u dun hear from him.. dunno wats goin on with him.. he doesnt have the decency to call and apologise or explain.. u KNOW u shud get over it n move on cuz he's a useless bum n u deserve better.. ur head's tellin u to be smart.. but ya heart's sayin to hold on.. wait to c if he does turn up to explain.. the heart is tellin u to have a lil hope.. when clearly he shud b the one havin hope.. hopin n prayin that he doesnt run into you.. cuz hunny u're gonna introduce him to a whole new level of killer-stares. But yes.. we end up not followin our head cuz its just hard to get over someone when everything was goin so well.. hell its hard gettin over someone period. But its just different when things end unexpectedly.. and u need some sort of explanation.. and a reason to realli let go.. as if him disappearing on ur ass isnt reason enough. Girl please.. ive had enuff of this bullshit. I'm banning the word closure in my life. From now on if we hit it off, u ask for my number then u dun call.. u dun get even a second of my thoughts. We date for a bit, everything's goin gd.. then u jus disappear.. ure as good as havin disappeared from my memory.

That's one of my new yr resolutions.. no more wastin time on unnecessary guys... i admit that ive definately done more than my fair share whining about some guy or other for the most part of my years.. and I AM DONE.

I now realise that i have to do whatever it takes to block out my heart n listen to my head more often.

I also realise this whole post is being written due to alot of much needed venting and i will probably not follow thru with the above resolution.


But my opinion on closure still stands.. i wish it din exist. The world wud be a better place. Well.. My world at least..

P.S.. none of the above applies to Paiyan as he is my beautiful VIP (private joke) and he's perfect and i love n want to have many muslim kids with him.

--------------------------------------------THE END------------------------------------------

Monday, January 16, 2006

Hard to be sure
Sometimes I feel so insecure
And love so distant and obscure
Remains the cure
All by myself

Don't wanna be
All by myself

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shopping is badddddddddd

Been in perth for onlee one n a half wks but it feels lyk its been much longer.. but i don't feel as crappy as i did when i first got here. I still feel abit crappy la but not as much as b4.. Boni's comin in 2 wks so ill juz hafta keep sane till then. Juz had my tutorial presentation yesterdae.. the 25% one.. it was ok i guess.. i'm realli bad at this whole presenting in front of a class thing so was shaking and stammering here n there n completely reading off my notes.. ugh wateva la i realli don't care man its OVERRRR.. now juz hafta study for my mid-sem next thurs. I'm trying to stay in my room and avoid the city cuz everywhere is having a SALEEE and i have absolutely no self-control.. i'm almost broke alreadi. It's bad i know but i'm so bored and there's nothin else to do but shop and watch dvdz.. so right now its 4.15pm, been lazing in bed the whole day.. waitin for the weather to cool down so i can go for a quick jog then i'm gonna head out to video ezy around seven.. thus having successfully avoided the city for one day. I'll just have to keep this up for the next week at least.. maybe i shud get a job.

I just finished watching nine months.. the hugh grant n juliane moore movie.. its pretty old. BUT so sweet.. ugh hugh grant is a cutieeeeee man... and can i pls say that childbirth looks lyk scary shit.

*my mind is blank*

i think its from doing nothing the whole day.. withdrawal symptoms from shopping. I'll juz hafta go cold turkey for a few days.. i know the pain will go away.. *drama queeN*

Think im gonna go take a walk outside for a bit. LATERZZZ.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


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how to be angry with this one la..

Please look up my nose!

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shobanathan is my idol

ok i know i JUST blogged lyk about 2 mins ago but i was readin shnow's blog and she mentioned something abt how its time we started appreciating what God gave us instead of what he didn't. I tell u ah that girl can seriously write man.. i'm lyk totally inspired by her words. U go shnowmie! I feel quite the stupid now for lyk goin on in my previous blog abt how sad n lonely n self-pitified( ??) Im feeling.. i guess the big picture is that i'm here and in one n a half months i'll be a graduate and have my degree and i have parents n friends that think the world of me n my cute papa who realli doesn't ever say no to me and a bunch of gorgeous girlies that will drop everything to come meet me when i need to whine. I realli do appreciate all these.. i hope God knows that heh.. i realli do leave everything in His hands n know that He knows wats best for me. And now i'm preaching. Heh ok will be off now.. went for a jog 3 hours ago n i still havent showered mwaha. Can i pls stress again how bloody hot it is.. ugh... TORTUREEEEEE

its a new yr

So im stuck in perth doin summer.. parents made me come back.. guess it makes more sense rather than comin back in semester 1 juz to do one unit. But still.. im all alone here in perth and terribly homesick. Feels lyk my holz ended abruptly.. and my year din exactly get off to a great start.. un-resolved issues... there's jus this weird feeling.. lyk this unsettled air around me. I juz wish i was back in spore la.. at least for now.. or i wish some of my frens were here. I know that when uni's abt to start n everyone starts flyin back to Perth then things will go back to bein normal n i'll be less insanely bored out of my brains but right now all i do is sit around and feel sorry for myself.. and i'm not even ashamed abt it. Yes.. i feel sorry for myself.. i think i've been put in a horrible situation.. and being alone is the worst feeling in the world. Oh just shut up n let me wallow for a while.. i'll get over it i know.. i'm just taking my time. The things that used to seem important don't anymore.. it feels lyk the last two years was this big routine.. and now im forced to come out of that routine and start a new one.. i hate change. I want things to go back to normal. I just want to go back to liking paiyan and look forward to seeing him in currie hall and hanging out wit bhav n da rest here n watchin dvdz n stuff.. i want my normal perth life back. I wish december din happen.. i know this is juz a feeling that won't last that long and i'll be back to normal sooner or later (hopefully sooner). Actually scratch that.. i AM glad december happened.. i mean all the crap issues aside.. hanging with my girls was the absolute best.. malibu, kaartsy, sho, jesh (finally!) n bhav(even tho it was juz that one time).. they realli each bring something different to my days and i cant imagine my life without these darlings. So maybe it wasn't such a bad ending to a pretty cool year.. and maybe i jus hafta learn from my other experiences and deal. No point worrying now that im so far away rite.. now that i'm here i shud juz concentrate on my one unit and hope that the days will get better (n cooler.. its burning in Perth man Summer is cruel!!) and that i dun gon insane from the loneliness.. can someone i know pls come to perth! Ugh.. ok.. im gettin sleepy. Been tryna live a normal life n so far so good... been goin to bed at normal times n wakin up b4 noon which is good enuff for me. Its only the first wk of summer sch n alreadi i haf a presentation due tuesdae.. but its cool cuz after that i can more or less slack off. Mid-sem's in 2 wks and final's 3.5 wks after that.. so i guess time mite fly pretty fast.. or it mite feel lyk the day's neva gonna end. I'll just hafta wait n see what 2006 has in store for me. It mite haf gotten off to a rotten start.. but i refuse to let anyone spoil my year.. i don't have any regrets.. and at the end of it all.. after all that's happened.. i still smile when i think of him.. so maybe it's not as bad as it seems.