Sunday, January 08, 2006

shobanathan is my idol

ok i know i JUST blogged lyk about 2 mins ago but i was readin shnow's blog and she mentioned something abt how its time we started appreciating what God gave us instead of what he didn't. I tell u ah that girl can seriously write man.. i'm lyk totally inspired by her words. U go shnowmie! I feel quite the stupid now for lyk goin on in my previous blog abt how sad n lonely n self-pitified( ??) Im feeling.. i guess the big picture is that i'm here and in one n a half months i'll be a graduate and have my degree and i have parents n friends that think the world of me n my cute papa who realli doesn't ever say no to me and a bunch of gorgeous girlies that will drop everything to come meet me when i need to whine. I realli do appreciate all these.. i hope God knows that heh.. i realli do leave everything in His hands n know that He knows wats best for me. And now i'm preaching. Heh ok will be off now.. went for a jog 3 hours ago n i still havent showered mwaha. Can i pls stress again how bloody hot it is.. ugh... TORTUREEEEEE

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shO said...

yess you KNOW we love u and we'll be there for u for eternityyy. u dont need to be sad over ppl that dont deserve ur time. and god was in a great mood when he made you so be happy and thankful that ur such an amazing person. less than two months, and we'll be suppering and hyatting till the cows go home. much love babygirl.