Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shopping is badddddddddd

Been in perth for onlee one n a half wks but it feels lyk its been much longer.. but i don't feel as crappy as i did when i first got here. I still feel abit crappy la but not as much as b4.. Boni's comin in 2 wks so ill juz hafta keep sane till then. Juz had my tutorial presentation yesterdae.. the 25% one.. it was ok i guess.. i'm realli bad at this whole presenting in front of a class thing so was shaking and stammering here n there n completely reading off my notes.. ugh wateva la i realli don't care man its OVERRRR.. now juz hafta study for my mid-sem next thurs. I'm trying to stay in my room and avoid the city cuz everywhere is having a SALEEE and i have absolutely no self-control.. i'm almost broke alreadi. It's bad i know but i'm so bored and there's nothin else to do but shop and watch dvdz.. so right now its 4.15pm, been lazing in bed the whole day.. waitin for the weather to cool down so i can go for a quick jog then i'm gonna head out to video ezy around seven.. thus having successfully avoided the city for one day. I'll just have to keep this up for the next week at least.. maybe i shud get a job.

I just finished watching nine months.. the hugh grant n juliane moore movie.. its pretty old. BUT so sweet.. ugh hugh grant is a cutieeeeee man... and can i pls say that childbirth looks lyk scary shit.

*my mind is blank*

i think its from doing nothing the whole day.. withdrawal symptoms from shopping. I'll juz hafta go cold turkey for a few days.. i know the pain will go away.. *drama queeN*

Think im gonna go take a walk outside for a bit. LATERZZZ.

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