Tuesday, August 30, 2005

At margx!!

At margx!!
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B4 Masala Mix.. buzzed on wine

B4 Masala Mix.. buzzed on wine
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Karen Chu.. ur presence is sorely missed :D

the infamous scorpiosss :D
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My darlin niece and I

My darlin niece and I
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I wonder if there's a Myer in Hell..

Its the last few days of winter. I still can't decide if i like or hate winter.. its got its ups and downs. The fashion is a definate plus point.. the jackets and the boots.. but then the horrible cold and rain and wind can really get to me. Today was one of those annoying windy showery periods kinda days.. Am so glad to be in my room with my heater.

Today was a pretty good day considering i thought it was gonna b really crap when it first started out. To begin.. i locked myself out of my room. That's the second time this semester.. And then.. my lecture was kinda intense.. had loads of stuff to copy from the slides n my lecturer kept removing the notes really fast so i din realli haf time to copy all the stuff n i was scribbling most of it.. its was like one n a half hours of frantically copying notes.. I think all of us in the lecture were gettin damn annoyed. I know it prob doesnt sound like a big deal but it realli was annoying sittin there at the back of the lecture theatre being blocked by tall guys infront of u and trying to copy notes as fast as u can for one n a half hours. She didn't even give us a break. Boo. Then after my lecture i went to the library to top up my snap account.. n i was standin in the queue right.. actually there wasnt really a queue i was the only one in line waitin for the staff to finish wit this other girl.. and i was waitin for 15 mins. Which is a long time.. and all i wanted to do was top up my account which wud take a grand total of 30 seconds. So all my negative feelings from b4 with the key issue and the intense lecture was just building up.. then FINALLY i got to top up my account n then came back to currie, found someone to open my door for me and i guess my day got better from there. Mainly cuz i ditched my other classes.. heh.. i realli wasn't in the mood to go for my tute. So i stayed in my room and watched desperate housewives for 2 n a half hours.. i'm goin to hell right.
And thennn much later at around 9pm i met Bhav n we went for Pasta.. and then we had sticky date puddin for desert. ANDDD.. i haf a mid-sem tmw.. that i havent realli started on..
Yup.. definately going to hell.

Monday, August 29, 2005

wow its been ages since i properly blogged. Ive been too caught up in the routine. Malibu left for home on tuesdae.. and Karen's gone as well. My currie hall biatch is goneeeee.. its sucks comin back to my floor n not havin someone's room to run too.. why do ppl leave.

I've got two mid-sems in the coming week.. the first one's on tuesdae and i really couldn't be arsed to study. Its so boring.. i just wanna watch Friends all day. Actually that's what i've been doing the whole weekend.. friends marathon in my room.

Everything's a mess.. especially my room.. half my posters have fallen off the wall and clothes are everywhere. I just know that there's no point in cleanin up cuz its gonna be messy again in two days.. i think i need a bigger room.. or an extra chair to dump my clothes on so at least i'll haf space to walk :(

i feel realli.. un-inspired.. Very "blah".. ive been feelin lyk this for the past 2-3 wks.. n i realli dunno y.. i think i need a change in life. I need to clean up my room.. n stop eatin so much junk.. n start sleepin n wakin up at normal hours. And i need to start goin for class regularly..
And i need to go to church! Alot has happened this semester so far.. but at the same time it feels lyk its been one big old bore.. i hope i get to the source of this "blah"-ness soon. Moo.

Monday, August 22, 2005


you know someone's not good for you. You know you should get over him. You know you shouldn't even be thinking about him.
Knowing isn't enough.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

-i feel like something's missing in my life..and i don't know what it is-

Friday, August 12, 2005

Malibu's in town!!!

malibu's in townnnnn!! Actually she arrived on tuesdae and the reason why i'm blogging about it only now is because i completely forgot i owned a blog. Heh.

It's been a pretty eventful wk so far. My mondays and tuesdays are crazy cuz most of my classes haf been crammed into those days..so its like 5 hours on mon n tues each then i'm left with a two-hr lecture on wed and a one hour tute on friday. Actually im quite happy wit my timetable la... my earliest class is eleven on tuesdays.. other than that i usually start uni at one.. so i can sleep in and i don't hafta worry about the horribly cold winter mornings. And the fact that my mon and tues r quite packed means that the rest of my wk is slacckkk so by wednesday it feels lyk its the wkened already. After the crazy first two days of the wk.. margx on wednesday night is the perfect way to unwind.. and last night was more special cuz malibu was there. Just lyk old times.. *sigh* Margx followed by base (pretty happenin too) and foooooddd at fast eddy's. I luff the after clubbin slackin bit.. its the best part abt clubbin.. yummy food and gossipin abt the events of the night. I got home at 6 but couldnt get to sleep till 11am(was watchin desperate housewives on the currie network) and then woke up at 5.. and went to Bhav's house for dinner around 9-ish. Was suppossed to go for MamboRed but plans got cancelled in the end which was alright by me cuz then i can psych myself up for masala mix tmw night.. technically its tonight cuz its already friday.. do u get it..(the "do u get it" bit is a private joke *Grins at rajin*)

Anywaysss.. i got back from Bhav's house at 2.30 and was postponin doin my tute.. im so layzie la.. and i haf no clue as to what's goin on for this particular unit. Its all about compounding interest rates and crap.. meek. K betta go n start on it.. i want to get at least 6 hours of sleep b4 my tute.. *yawns*

Night ya'll. :D

p.s ... m totally lovin mal's presence! Malibu dont go backkkkkkkkkkk :(

Friday, August 05, 2005


Yay!! I went to carousel!!! I love the weekend.. apart from the fact that i have a presentation due on monday im totally lookin forward to slackin over the wkend. Its third wk of uni and already i've got presentations and assignments due. I hate hard work. Actually i just hate work period.

Whateva... carousel was fun though we were only there for a bit over an hour. After i introduced Bhav to the heavenly pancakes wit bananas at Feddy's she's been hooked and was cravin it when we were at carousel so we crashed the Feddy's there. We only found out after having settled in comfotably and after Karen had ordered her disgustin looking veg. soup that they were out of pancakes!! OUT OF BLOODY PANCAKES!! But being the determined pancake-loving young women that we are.. we took a cab to the Feddy's in the city (20 bucks) and had our pancakes. And it was worth it.. yummy hot pancakes wit slices of banana, maple syrup,butter and ice-cream.. how can you go wrong. It is right up there with Baskin's cookie dough icecream, peanutbutter n nutella sandwhiches and Nelly.

That was my favourite things to eat list in case you hadn't figured it out already ;)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

its thursday morning 8am.. which means abt 10 hours ago it was Wednesdae night (call me a genius!). Around that time on a typical wednesdae night the girlz n i wud usually hit margx.. but last night was different.

*Warning: Shocking news ahead"

I actually didn't feel like clubbing..

I KNOW! I crashed at Bhav's place and had a "Sex and the City" marathon.. she'd rented the complete season 2 from video ezy so yeap... juz vegged out infront of the tv for lyk 10 hours or something. And usually after spendin the night at her place im too layzie to take the bus back so i usually just cab it but i was totally determined to stop wasting my money on these un-necessary things so i actually took the two buses back to Currie. Im so proud of myself! i saved lyk 40 buckz altogether from not clubbin n cabbing. More money to shop!

ANDDDDD.. apart from tuesdae where there was minor setback(i overslept) ive been goin for all my classes. And i don't have uni on thursdays so i get to bum around today.. my favourite past-time! Andddd I also love thursdays cuz its late night shopping at carousel... shopping! My 2nd favourtie past-time! Plus carousel is lyk disney land.. ive neva actually been to disneyland but i really feel lyk a kid at disneyland when im at carousel. So many shops!! So little time!! Now all i hafta do is convince bhana to go with me.

Hafta go practice my puppy-dog look.