Friday, August 12, 2005

Malibu's in town!!!

malibu's in townnnnn!! Actually she arrived on tuesdae and the reason why i'm blogging about it only now is because i completely forgot i owned a blog. Heh.

It's been a pretty eventful wk so far. My mondays and tuesdays are crazy cuz most of my classes haf been crammed into those its like 5 hours on mon n tues each then i'm left with a two-hr lecture on wed and a one hour tute on friday. Actually im quite happy wit my timetable la... my earliest class is eleven on tuesdays.. other than that i usually start uni at one.. so i can sleep in and i don't hafta worry about the horribly cold winter mornings. And the fact that my mon and tues r quite packed means that the rest of my wk is slacckkk so by wednesday it feels lyk its the wkened already. After the crazy first two days of the wk.. margx on wednesday night is the perfect way to unwind.. and last night was more special cuz malibu was there. Just lyk old times.. *sigh* Margx followed by base (pretty happenin too) and foooooddd at fast eddy's. I luff the after clubbin slackin bit.. its the best part abt clubbin.. yummy food and gossipin abt the events of the night. I got home at 6 but couldnt get to sleep till 11am(was watchin desperate housewives on the currie network) and then woke up at 5.. and went to Bhav's house for dinner around 9-ish. Was suppossed to go for MamboRed but plans got cancelled in the end which was alright by me cuz then i can psych myself up for masala mix tmw night.. technically its tonight cuz its already friday.. do u get it..(the "do u get it" bit is a private joke *Grins at rajin*)

Anywaysss.. i got back from Bhav's house at 2.30 and was postponin doin my tute.. im so layzie la.. and i haf no clue as to what's goin on for this particular unit. Its all about compounding interest rates and crap.. meek. K betta go n start on it.. i want to get at least 6 hours of sleep b4 my tute.. *yawns*

Night ya'll. :D

p.s ... m totally lovin mal's presence! Malibu dont go backkkkkkkkkkk :(

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Rajin said...

OI! dont make fun of my "do u get it" ok!!!! :P & yeah!!!! i cant believe malibu is here :)