Monday, August 29, 2005

wow its been ages since i properly blogged. Ive been too caught up in the routine. Malibu left for home on tuesdae.. and Karen's gone as well. My currie hall biatch is goneeeee.. its sucks comin back to my floor n not havin someone's room to run too.. why do ppl leave.

I've got two mid-sems in the coming week.. the first one's on tuesdae and i really couldn't be arsed to study. Its so boring.. i just wanna watch Friends all day. Actually that's what i've been doing the whole weekend.. friends marathon in my room.

Everything's a mess.. especially my room.. half my posters have fallen off the wall and clothes are everywhere. I just know that there's no point in cleanin up cuz its gonna be messy again in two days.. i think i need a bigger room.. or an extra chair to dump my clothes on so at least i'll haf space to walk :(

i feel realli.. un-inspired.. Very "blah".. ive been feelin lyk this for the past 2-3 wks.. n i realli dunno y.. i think i need a change in life. I need to clean up my room.. n stop eatin so much junk.. n start sleepin n wakin up at normal hours. And i need to start goin for class regularly..
And i need to go to church! Alot has happened this semester so far.. but at the same time it feels lyk its been one big old bore.. i hope i get to the source of this "blah"-ness soon. Moo.

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