Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I wonder if there's a Myer in Hell..

Its the last few days of winter. I still can't decide if i like or hate winter.. its got its ups and downs. The fashion is a definate plus point.. the jackets and the boots.. but then the horrible cold and rain and wind can really get to me. Today was one of those annoying windy showery periods kinda days.. Am so glad to be in my room with my heater.

Today was a pretty good day considering i thought it was gonna b really crap when it first started out. To begin.. i locked myself out of my room. That's the second time this semester.. And then.. my lecture was kinda intense.. had loads of stuff to copy from the slides n my lecturer kept removing the notes really fast so i din realli haf time to copy all the stuff n i was scribbling most of it.. its was like one n a half hours of frantically copying notes.. I think all of us in the lecture were gettin damn annoyed. I know it prob doesnt sound like a big deal but it realli was annoying sittin there at the back of the lecture theatre being blocked by tall guys infront of u and trying to copy notes as fast as u can for one n a half hours. She didn't even give us a break. Boo. Then after my lecture i went to the library to top up my snap account.. n i was standin in the queue right.. actually there wasnt really a queue i was the only one in line waitin for the staff to finish wit this other girl.. and i was waitin for 15 mins. Which is a long time.. and all i wanted to do was top up my account which wud take a grand total of 30 seconds. So all my negative feelings from b4 with the key issue and the intense lecture was just building up.. then FINALLY i got to top up my account n then came back to currie, found someone to open my door for me and i guess my day got better from there. Mainly cuz i ditched my other classes.. heh.. i realli wasn't in the mood to go for my tute. So i stayed in my room and watched desperate housewives for 2 n a half hours.. i'm goin to hell right.
And thennn much later at around 9pm i met Bhav n we went for Pasta.. and then we had sticky date puddin for desert. ANDDD.. i haf a mid-sem tmw.. that i havent realli started on..
Yup.. definately going to hell.

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