Thursday, August 04, 2005

its thursday morning 8am.. which means abt 10 hours ago it was Wednesdae night (call me a genius!). Around that time on a typical wednesdae night the girlz n i wud usually hit margx.. but last night was different.

*Warning: Shocking news ahead"

I actually didn't feel like clubbing..

I KNOW! I crashed at Bhav's place and had a "Sex and the City" marathon.. she'd rented the complete season 2 from video ezy so yeap... juz vegged out infront of the tv for lyk 10 hours or something. And usually after spendin the night at her place im too layzie to take the bus back so i usually just cab it but i was totally determined to stop wasting my money on these un-necessary things so i actually took the two buses back to Currie. Im so proud of myself! i saved lyk 40 buckz altogether from not clubbin n cabbing. More money to shop!

ANDDDDD.. apart from tuesdae where there was minor setback(i overslept) ive been goin for all my classes. And i don't have uni on thursdays so i get to bum around today.. my favourite past-time! Andddd I also love thursdays cuz its late night shopping at carousel... shopping! My 2nd favourtie past-time! Plus carousel is lyk disney land.. ive neva actually been to disneyland but i really feel lyk a kid at disneyland when im at carousel. So many shops!! So little time!! Now all i hafta do is convince bhana to go with me.

Hafta go practice my puppy-dog look.

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Anonymous said...

babe...... so tomz on ah? varga n paramount...esp since u didnt go out last nite..HONESTLY *gasp*horror* or sms me pls. i m so TOTALLY out of credit- jinda.