Friday, May 20, 2005

Just for Jinder

Yes.. since Miss RajinderKaur insists that i update my blog.. i shall.. sorry la jinder.. people not so free ya know :P Besides im in one shit mood... friday night n im all alone in my room doing work.. wat the hell.. But its ok.. its not like i've been doing work diligently since like evening or something.. went to Annalakshmi for dinner and GUTSEDDDD!!! The food there is seriously so yummy.. ahh.. the potato.. and the raita... and the chapati.. yum. And like that wasn't enough.. came back to currie and two hours later went to go get TimTam from the canteen.. i blame it on the weather. What is it with winter and food cravings.. its bad! Then TRIED to do work for abit but got distracted by the cross-dressers who just got back from OPPOSITE SEX (for all u non-currie hallers.. opp sex is a Currie Hall event organized every semester and basically the guys dress up as girls n vice-versa n everyone goes n gets sloshed at some pub)..
Karen and I sat at the smoking point for like half an hour perving at all the boys in dresses.. it was seriously damn funny la... angmoh guyz in these little tight skirts n dresses.. n fishnet stockings.. kudos to them man. We could hear the nice r&b music blastin from the party room.. im guessing its the opposite sex after-party.. n that made me (n especially Karen) wanna go clubbing even more.. but yes.. i do have self-control.. and a ton of work to do.. so i decided against it. Im so proud of myself!!! Sorry Karen.. tmw we'll go Metros ok.. then u can go c ya stupid annoying guy.. n ditch me n Rajin.. as usual :D
So yes after all that.. i finalllyyyyy tried to get started on my presentation.. and then Rajin had to msn me n tell me to update my blog.. n because i'd find any excuse to slack-off.. i thought why not.. and now that i really have nothing else to type, i guess i'm forced to get back to my presentation. Bummer.

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Anonymous said...

*muahahhahaahah* yippeeeeee...thank u!! :)