Wednesday, April 27, 2005

movie review

heyy guyzz.. juz got back from the city.. was actually supposed to meet bhav juz for dinner but we ended up watchin a movie as well cuz movies are like 5 bucks on tuesdaes ($11.50 otherwise) .. so yea.. we watched "The Pacifier" starring Vin Diesel... damn he's hot. I mean like seriously.. he's juz woah.

The movie was pretty funny.. big macho guy playing baby-sitter... oh and the scene where Diesel walks into the kitchen after his shower in his towel... ddaayyaammmmmm... was worth every penny :) I'd give the movie a 8/10 but im obviously biased cuz its Vin Diesel.. but still i think it was a good show.. like a "feel-good" flick.

After the movie we finally went for dinner at northbridge (Billy Lee's) and had HOT PLATE TOFU!!! hot plate tofu is like my favouritest chinese dish.. and we had sambal kangkong as well which we couldn't finish cuz there was so much.. but yea dinner was pretty satisfying though i still can't believe we paid $14 for a plate of sambal kangkong.. but this is perth so i guess i shud be used to it by now heh.

So now here i am after my long and pretty eventful day.. oh did i mention i had a mid-sem in the afternoon.. heh.. yeaa it was crap as usual.. me and economics are juz not meant to be. You guys are gonna here me whine about my stupid course ALOT so better start getting used to it :)
Guess i should call it a day.. i can barely keep my eyes open.. sigh.. night darlinz *muackss*

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