Thursday, June 02, 2005

Its that time of the semester (Part II)

Today was the end-of-semester farewell dinner in currie. I hate these things.. it gets me really depressed. I din even knoe that farewell dinner was today until i saw the kitchen staff setting up the tables n deco and balloons.. i was like oohh hell no is it really farewell dinner already? I cant believe exams are comin soon and then we'll all b goin away for the 3 wk break.. it seems to fast. Although i miss my frens back home terribly.. im juz not ready to go back yet. Even if its just for three wks.. i think its e whole thought of studying for exams.. and having to pack up all da shit in my room just to come back 3wks later n un-pack n re-decorate my room all over again. So lecheh. And i realli hate good-byes. Especially permanent ones. Why do people hafta graduate and leave.. why can't we all just stay on in Perth and Currie like one happy family.. then malibu would still be here.. and Karen wouldn't be leaving. Karen Chu.. i'm actually gonna miss you.. you're the one psycho that follows me for meals and stalks paiyan with me.. and u actually enjoy it. I've neva met anyone who was more boy-crazy than me.. n then i met u. Heh.. u take the crown anytime la. Its not fair.. all through dinner i was lyk in one depressed state.. it juz feels lyk all my frens r leavin Perth one by one and i'm stuck here.. thank God Bhav's still gonna b arnd next sem.. and that aunty was even thinkin abt takin a semester off .. Bauna i will kill u if u leave me here.. im serious. Really. I don't care how homesick you r.. ure stayin here wit me :P Its all about me!!!
I dunno.. i just can't seem to shake this whole feeling off.. i've never ever wanted to turn back the hands of time so much.. i really juz want to go back to this time last yr.. my first semester in Perth.. When everyone was still around and in Currie and not lyk half in s'pore n half scattered around Perth. When we all used to go for meals at the dining hall together.. I miss having my bunch of girls around.. with them i never really felt home-sick. Especially wit Mal n Bhav.. there was hardly any politics.. none of that backlash that's SO common in currie now.. juz good solid frenship.. and fun times.. With them i felt lyk i actually belonged.. Sometimes now when i go for meals.. i just don't feel lyk i'm part of the group. I mean sure the guys are great.. and we have some great laughs together.. but its just not the same. Its unfair how all good things have to come to an end sooner or later. I guess its a growing up process we all have to go through.. and it makes us stronger. This is how i learn to be independent.. whether i like it or not.

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