Tuesday, June 21, 2005

three down one more to go.

The last two papers i did were SHITE. i really can't do this course for nuts.

Everyone's getting ready to go home.. while i still have to study cuz i only end on friday. Its not fair. Its such a rush.. end on friday leavin on sunday.. have to pack up me room by then.. have to go and hunt for boxes and all. Decided to start packin abit today.. like sort out my clothes n all. I really have too many clothes.. and 3/4 of em i don't wear.. i wish i could sell em off but dunno where to go. Ugh i can't believe i have to come back again in a month and unpack and decorate my room all over again.. so pointless.

Is it horrible if i don't wanna leave? Is it so bad if i just wanna stay here.. i mean i miss my frens n all but.. i dunno.

I'm really not lookin forward to results.. ugh. I totally blacked out durin my paper on monday.. like seriously totally blacked out. Maybe thats y i dun wanna go back.. cuz i know that i'll be thinkin about how i screwd up the paper and how i'm gonna fail and how i have to see the disappointed look on my parents' faces..

Its ok.. wats meant to be rite... i just wish i knew what i wanna do with my life. I'm already almost 22.. i should have some direction by now. It sucks bein stuck in a course you hate and knowing that this is not what u wanna do wit ya life but then again you don't exactly know what it is that you wanna do. Makes sense?

ah well... no point frettin about it now. Still hafta study for my friday paper.. shall worry about the rest of my life after that. Moo.


SumiSweet said...

Oooo..I've always loved your clothes!! Sell to ME!! Haha..Doubt I'll fit though coz you have gotten soo skinny!! *Pouts*

Thiagesh said...

Do i know you from smwhere?