Thursday, June 09, 2005

FrOzEn ToeS

Current time : 4.18 p.m
Current temperature : 14 degrees
Current status : Cold n hungry
Currently listenin too : Sexy - Black Eyed Peas

Wat shitty weather. Strong winds, heavy rain and "Possible risk of thunderstorm" (according to bloody weather reports). This is the shiokest kind of weather to juz sleep in.. snuggled under my comfy oversized quilt. But no, i had to wake up at 1p.m (i slept at 7am so its only abt 6 hrs of sleep) to go for a revision lecture. I only went cuz i thought it was gonna b a useful enlightening session that would clear up my doubts. However as i soon found out( about twenty mins into the lecture) it wasn't gonna b of much help. The lecturer, was so extremely disorganised. She couldn't find her notes lyk half the time. And she was so frazzled and started complaining and saying "why does this always happen to me". Like seriously.. just get on wit the lecture la. After half an hour people started leaving. I should have left as well but i thought she was gonna cover one of the topics that i really was quite clueless about so i stayed on. But yea turns out she didn't. So i woke up, walked in the rain to the social sciences lecture theatre (anything past the arts building is far for me sorry) and sat there for two hours for basically nothing. You can imagine how annoyed i was. And after lecture ended i walked out n found the weather had gotten shittier. So i walked in the rain (that had gotten worse).. and in the cold wind( n i mean COLD).. back to currie. Grumpy from not enough sleep, useless waste of time and cold weather is a great recipie for horrible mood swings ya.

*gives grumpy face*


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