Monday, June 06, 2005

The Longest Yard

Oh my god NELLYYYY.. ahh.. i can't take it.. he's so yummy. When i found out he was acting in The Longest Yard i was like okkk i have to watch that movie! Me n da currie peeps watched it today.. decided on it rather spontaneously durin dinner.. thankz to Retz haha. Although i kinda wanted to wait till tuesdae cuz its half price on tuesdaes i juz couldn't wait and now after having watched it i think it was worth every bit of the $11. I mean.. NELLY! hello!? Anyone who knows me well knows im lyk his biggest fan.. so ya.. i'm sorry if ya'll go watch e movie n find it boring k ya'll muz understand i'm only in love with it cuz of dat boy. He's most cute. Ok enough with the swooning. Apart from the eye-candy the movie itself was really funny. I mean with both Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in the same movie how can u go wrong. And although i think Adam Sandler movies r usually the stupid humor kind i thought this actually had a nice story line. So yea i really did enjoy the movie although i had to hyperventilate quietly everytime Nelly came on screen cuz i was sittin next to this random cutie in the theatre n i din want him to think i was an idiot. Heh. *nelly nelly nelly*

Anyways i think the story line n acting deserves 7.5/10.. but with the added drool-factor i'd give it 5 million/10 haha. I'm biased! He's so cute! Oh ya.. for all of ya'll who haven't watched it yet.. Chris Rock dies in da movie. MWAHAHA.. ima spoiler! WHeeee :) Enjoy peeps! hahaha. Must go study now.. ugh.. 9 more days to my first paper.. crap.

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