Tuesday, June 07, 2005

To jog or not to jog..

A simple equation i think everyone should know:

jogging + 7a.m on a winter morning = not good idea

Exam stress does funny things to you.. while studying on sunday night i decided i was gonna stay up n study through the night into the morning n then go for a jog. Mainly because the weather forecast for monday said it was gonna rain later in the day.. so i figured i should go for a jog in the morning.. and damn it was cold. I mean seriously.. i was so scared abt gettin an asthma attack halfway.. its so hard to breathe when the wind is blowing so strongly n ure freezing.. heh.

And now one day later at 1 p.m.. when it's been raining the whole day so far and forecasts predict rain for the rest of the day.. hell for the rest of the week even.. i'm back to making psycho life-threating decesions abt going jogging. I just luv the whole exhausted but worked out feeling u get after a jog.. it's so satisfying. So should i or should i not? Lookin out of my window now the skies seem alright.. rain's let up for now.. but wat if i'm halfway through my jog and it decides to pour and i'm stuck in some ulu part of Matilda Bay. I hate getting wet in the rain durin winter.. and plus i juz washed my hair! Sorry for the bimbotic comment.. but my hair is lyk realli quite high maintenance. I mean washing it is really one big chore.. i hafta plan my day around washing my hair.. so obviously i'd hate for it to get ruined.

Speakin of gettin wet in the rain n hating it.. with all the bloody money we pay to Currie Hall.. the least they could do was build a sheltar from the C to B block. Last night alvie n I were goin to the dinin hall n when we opened the door of the C house it was POURING. Like thunderstorm kinda rain.. n we had to run in the bloody rain to the B block for sheltar. How come A and B blocks r sheltered n C, D and E arent. WE're the seniors.. seniors shouldn't have to run around in the rain.. i'm gonna have a talk with managament. Rite.

Ok i've decided im goin jogging. If i dun blog within the next 24 hours.. ya'll know wat happened. Heh. :D

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SumiSweet said...

I hate jogging..But I don't have a bloody choice..Remember our gym dates at the yio chu kang gym girl!!! Sigh sadly the gym has become a part of my life now.. I miss pigging out...