Saturday, June 11, 2005

To mah perthies

Heyyyy guyzzzz.. juz wanted to wish ya'll good luck for ya exams. I know some of u start ya first paper todae.. and ALL of you end earlier than i do .. especially u retz.. bloody hell leaving for S'pore on the 16th.. i wouldnt even be halfway done wit my exams. Don't come near me. heh.

Oh n lets not forget the classic "I dont have any exams" case. Miss Bhavna. YOU SUCK!

ITS NOT FAIR! okok.. im digressing. The point of this was to be nice and wish ya'll good luck so yes. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! WE CAN DO IT!! juz a wk or two moreeee :D

To all my poor things taking monetary econs.. how the hell to study for that paper?? I'm totally clueless.. help. K hafta get back to studying now. Two more wks ragiboo n u'll be done. :)

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Anonymous said...

eh begum..
jus thought id let u knoe..tat i finally didn go back and cook..went to my groceries...da stoopid "bimberr" manjan piece of shit convinced me to lunch there...and i caved. so i got home, went on msn, pissed the daylights out of shiva :) chatted wid vish..who sends her louw btw...and guess wad i did after tat?!??! SLEEEEEEEEEPPPP!!!! and u know how i had dance class at likie 530...well guess wad time i got up? 530....
jus thought id let you knoe... :)
i love you too!!!